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Coverage Profilers View

A coverage profiler is a tool that collects coverage for a System under Test. This view allows storing configuration options for a coverage profiler such as the Teamscale JaCoCo Agent. Each configuration is referred to by its ID. This allows you to update the configuration in Teamscale without having to have access to the machine the profiler is running on. Additionally, you can get an overview over the currently running profilers.

Coverage Profilers View

Running Profilers

This table lists all currently running profilers that support reporting their status to Teamscale (currently only the Teamscale JaCoCo Agent).

HostnameThe hostname of the machine the profiler is running on.
PIDThe process ID of the process the profiler is attached to.
Configuration ID The ID of the profiler configuration the profiler was started with. You can click on the link to see the exact configuration options. You will also see a warning there when the profiler's effective configuration differs from the current settings in Teamscale. This means that the profiler was not restarted yet to pick up the changed settings from Teamscale.
StartedThe time at which the process was started.
Last Heartbeat The profiler sends a heartbeat every 60 seconds to signal that it is still running. This column shows when the last heartbeat reached Teamscale.
Status One of:
  • Online The profiler has sent a heartbeat no longer than 90 seconds ago
  • Offline The profiler has not sent a heartbeat for more than 90 seconds, but did not explicitly report that it was shut down
  • Shutdown The profiler has explicitly reported that it was shut down

Profilers that are Offline or Shutdown are cleaned up every hour, but are kept for at least one hour.

Profiler Configurations

Here all existing profiler configurations are listed. Only profiler configurations that the user has at least Viewer permissions for are shown.

The New profiler configuration allows creating a new configuration. The dropdown item Create for a JVM (Java, Kotlin, ...) project opens a dialog that helps you create a profiler configuration for the Teamscale JaCoCo Agent based on an existing Teamscale project. These actions are available for each profiler configuration:

Opens the edit view for the profiler configuration
Copies the profiler configuration
Lets you configure access rights for this profiler configuration
Deletes the profiler configuration