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Installing as Zip Distribution

Production Usage

For production use, we recommend to run Teamscale with Docker or as a system service. Please refer to the installation instructions for Docker, Linux Service or Windows Service for further details.

In order to further configure Teamscale for your host environment, consult the Administration of a Teamscale Installation reference.


A prerequisite for starting Teamscale is that the Java is installed on the system. Either point the environment variable JAVA_HOME to an existing Java installation or put the Java executable on the execution PATH.

Downloading Teamscale

You can download Teamscale's latest version from here:

Download Teamscale v9.8.5 (ZIP)
July 16th, 2024

Running Teamscale

  1. Unzip Teamscale into a directory of your choice.

  2. Place the license file teamscale.license in the config directory.

  3. Run Teamscale

    • On Windows: Run the file teamscale.bat by double clicking it.
    • On Linux & macOS: Run the file by executing ./
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080 in your web browser:

    Teamscale's Login Screen

  5. Log in