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How to Connect Teamscale to Azure DevOps Work Items

General Option Reference

This guide only covers the options specific to the Azure DevOps work items. A general overview of connector options is available here.

Setup of the Azure DevOps Connector

  1. Visit the Azure Marketplace and go to the Teamscale plugin page.

  2. Choose your organization and click Install.
    Install Plugin

    • Click Proceed to Organization and select your project.
  3. After successful installation, the Teamscale plugin will show up in the project settings under Extensions.
    Teamscale Plugin successfully installed

    • Click on the Teamscale extension and fill out the form according to this guide for the plugin and save.
  4. Create a Personal Access Token for the project, if you don't already have one.

    • Go to User Settings and select Personal Access Token.
      Create Personal Access Token
    • Set the scopes for this token:
      • Work Items: Read, write, & manage
      • Code: Read
    • Click Create.

Store the Token immediately

Store the newly generated token in a safe place, because it will not be accessible anymore once the page is closed.

  1. In Teamscale, go to Project Configuration > Projects. Edit or create a project. Click on the Issue Tracker button and choose Azure DevOps Boards as your Issue Tracker.

    • Add a new account by clicking on the blue icon. Create Account Button
    • Fill out the following fields:
    • URI: URL of the projects' server
    • Password: The Access Token that was created in the previous section. Screenshot of the Azure DevOps Account Creation Mask
    • Click Save.
  2. Fill out the following fields in the connector settings:

    • Projects: Target project from the previous section

    • Areas: Full path to the areas with the relevant work items

      Set project and Issue

  3. Click Save Project and wait for the finished reanalysis.

  4. The work items can be found under Activity > Issues.