# System Requirements

This section describes the system requirements both for the server on which the analyses are executed as well as on the users' side.

# System Requirements for Analysis Server

The Teamscale server can be installed on both Linux and Windows machines and has the following minimum requirements:

Operating SystemLinux or Windows with Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019
JavaJava Runtime Environment (e.g., Oracle Server JRE or OpenJDK), Version 8 or later, 64-bit with Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy
This is the default for Oracle Java 8 Update 161 or later, and recent OpenJDK versions. (Learn more)
RAM4 GB minimum
CPU2 GHz, 2 or more cores recommended
Disk Space Installation: 250 MB, Data: at least 10 GB recommended, SSD recommended
Web Browser (Users)Internet Explorer version 11 or later,
Firefox (latest version),
Chrome (latest version)

Note: The disk space requirements for data highly depend on

  • the amount of source code of the analyzed software
  • the time range of the history being analyzed
  • the commit behavior (frequency and number of committed files) within the time range analyzed

Sizing Sample

As an example, a system of about 500kLOC and a history of 1.5 years requires about 1GB of disk space.

# System Requirements for IDE Plugins

Here are the requirements for Teamscale users who want to use one of the Teamscale IDE plugins:

EclipseEclipse SDK 4.4.2 Luna SR2 or later, running with Java 8 or later
Visual Studio Windows Vista or later,
.NET Framework 4.5 or later,
Visual Studio Version 2010 or later
IntelliJ2016.3 or later
NetBeans8.1 or later