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How to Connect Teamscale to Azure DevOps TFVC with Branch Support

The following example shows how to configure an Azure DevOps TFVC repository connector.

General Option Reference

This guide only covers the options specific for the Azure DevOps TFVC repository connector. A general overview of connector options is available here.

Our sample TFVC project is called TFS Example which contains a folder called Code with all branches and has the following folder/branch structure:

Example folder structure on TFS server with branches

For our example we would like to have all branches from the Branches folder except for the branch HackFix, the release branches from the Release folder and the Main branch included. Furthermore, only code located in the src directory should be included in the analysis. The connector configuration parameter values are listed here:

Config Parameter Values for the TFS Example

Path suffix$TFS Example/Code
Branch path suffixsrc
Branch lookup paths., Releases, Branches
Included branchesMain
Excluded branchesBranches/HackFix
Default branch nameMain

The Branch lookup paths must include the root directory containing the Main branch via the folder represented by ..

Case-Sensitive Default Branch

Note that the Default branch name value is case-sensitive and leads to an extra empty branch if it doesn't match an existing branch.