# How to Enable Additional Debug Logging

Teamscale can be configured to print detailed debug log messages for specific parts of the application. This can be helpful to better comprehend Teamscale's behavior.

Available since 4.8

Teamscale changed the log configuration format with version 4.8. This article only considers the new format. If you are currently using Teamscale 4.7.x or earlier, please consider updating first.

In this example, we want to enable debug logging for all classes inside the com.teamscale.core.authenticate.ldap package.

Inside the config folder of your Teamscale directory, you will find the configuration file log4j2.yaml with the default configuration and the following commented-out example:

  #    File:
  #      name: LdapLog
  #      fileName: logs/ldap.log

#    Logger:
#      name: com.teamscale.core.authenticate.ldap
#      level: info
#      additivity: true # when set to false, root logger will not receive events already logged here
#      AppenderRef:
#        ref: LdapLog

In order to enable debug logging in our sample scenario, you will need to enable the commented-out sections and set the level to debug.

If you like (or were asked to) increase the log level for a different package, you may put that package's name into the name property of the additional logger.

Of course you can also add several new loggers for different packages at the same time.