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How to Connect Teamscale to RTC/Jazz

Teamscale integrates with IBM RTC/Jazz using the standard username and password from the Jazz account.

General Option Reference

This guide only covers the options specific to the Jazz issue tracker. A general overview of connector options is available here.

Setup of the Jazz Connector

  1. In Teamscale, go to Project Configuration > Projects perspective and edit or create a project.

  2. Click on the Issue Tracker button and choose IBM RTC/Jazz as your Issue Tracker.

  3. Add a new account by clicking on the blue icon. Create Account Button

    Fill out the following fields:

    • URI: URL to the repository with the desired issues.
    • Username: Your Jazz username.
    • Password: The password for your Jazz account.

    Screenshot of the Jazz Account Creation Mask

    • Click Save.
  4. Click Save Project and wait for the finished reanalysis.

  5. The issues can be found under Activity > Issues.