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To go to the preferences page, click on the user icon in the top-right corner of Teamscale. Then, from the resulting dropdown, click on Preferences.



Color-blind mode

Teamscale provides a "colorblind-mode" as an accessibility feature.

Colorblind Mode Checkbox

This setting adapts some colors in places where normally a color combination which includes red and green would be used, which is hard or even impossible to differentiate for people with color-vision deficiencies.

Enabling this feature changes the color combinations of the following UI elements:

ElementNormal ModeColorblind Mode
Code CityCode City NormalCode City Colorblind
Pie ChartPie Chart NormalPie Chart Colorblind
TreemapTreemap NormalTreemap Colorblind
Metrics TableMetrics Table NormalMetrics Table Colorblind
Trend ChartAssessment Trend Chart NormalAssessment Trend Chart Colorblind
Metric BarsMetric Bars Normal Metric Bars NormalMetric Bars Colorblind Metric Bars Colorblind
Test Gap Trend ChartTest Gap Trend Chart NormalTest Gap Trend Chart Colorblind