# How to Connect Teamscale to SCM-Manager

Teamscale integrates with SCM-Manager using SCM-Manager's Teamscale Plugin.

Minimum Required Version

The minimum required SCM-Manager version for the integration to work is 2.0.0.

# Prerequisites for SCM-Manager Integration

Prerequisites for the configuration are:

  • Teamscale license with SCM-Manager support enabled.
  • Teamscale installation that can be reached from the SCM-Manager instance you want to connect to.
  • SCM-Manager instance with the following plugins installed:
    • Continuous Integration
    • Review
    • Teamscale
  • Technical user added to the SCM-Manager repository you want to connect to with TEAMSCALE permission role.

# Project Configuration Steps

To connect a project to code from an SCM-Manager repository, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the Teamscale instance base URL is configured correctly.

  2. Select the SCM-Manager connector during project creation.

  3. Select or create an account for the SCM-Manager instance. The account's fields should be filled out as follows:

    • URI: The base URL of the SCM-Manager instance without the path context (e.g., https://my-scm-instance.com).

    • Username: The technical user's username.

    • Password: The technical user' password.

  4. Complete project creation as usual, by providing the full name of the repository including the slash (e.g., scmadmin/my-repo).

As the first step in project creation after completing the required fields, Teamscale will set the instance URL in SCM-Manager's Teamscale plugin. After this, Teamscale will automatically be informed about events in the project, such as pushes to the repository and changes to any pull requests.