# Teamscale Integration for Eclipse

Before installing the Teamscale Integration for Eclipse, make sure its system requirements are met.

# Download & Installation

The Eclipse plug-in for Teamscale is available in the Eclipse Marketplace. The page also states the currently supported versions of Eclipse. To install the plug-in, drag the Install button on the marketplace page to your running Eclipse workspace. Then simply follow the instructions of the installation wizard and restart Eclipse when prompted.

Alternatively and in case the marketplace cannot be used, e.g., due to restricted Internet connectivity, the update site is available as an archive.

Eclipse Update Site
Install using Help > Install New Software

# Connecting to Teamscale

After installing the plug-in, you can configure a Teamscale server via the following steps:

  1. Open the Eclipse preferences dialog, navigate to the Teamscale settings (WindowPreferences...Teamscale) and click on Add
  2. Enter a descriptive name and the URL of the Teamscale server
  3. Enter your Username and IDE Access Key

Eclipse Server Settings

  1. Test the connection by clicking on Validate.
  2. Close the dialog by pressing OK.

# Enabling the Plugin for Eclipse Project(s)

To connect an Eclipse project to Teamscale and obtain quality data such as findings, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the project properties by right-clicking on the project and selecting Properties.
  2. On the left side, switch to the Teamscale entry.
  3. Click on Enable Teamscale for this project and select the appropriate server.
  4. Click on Automatically configure Teamscale which will automatically identify the correct mapping to the code in Teamscale.

Teamscale Project Properties in Eclipse

After connecting a project to Teamscale you can enable the display of findings in the menu bar via TeamscaleLoad findings for open files.

# Pre-commit Analysis

The Eclipse plug-in can be used to analyze the changes prior to committing them to the repository. This functionality is called »pre-commit analysis«. Only the changed files since the last commit that is present on the Teamscale server are uploaded and analyzed. The delta is currently limited to a maximum of 10 local commits. To compute the delta Teamscale connects to the version control system configured for the projects. The pre-commit analysis is not available, if no or more than one version control system is configured for the projects in the Eclipse Workspace belonging to the same Teamscale-Project. Pre-commit analysis is triggered by selecting TeamscaleUpload data for pre-commit analysis from the Eclipse main menu or via the shortcut »Ctrl+9«.

The findings delta is reported back after a few seconds via a popup as shown in this screenshot:

Pre-commit Analysis Findings Delta

Details of the delta are provided via the links in the popup. Note that some limits exist for the precommit analysis in order to protect the Teamscale server from being overloaded. More information is available here .