# Report Slide Overview

The following slide types are available in the report editor:

# Title Slide

  • Contains title and basic information about the report:

Title Slide

# Section Title Slide

  • Contains a headline. Useful for improving the report's structure.

Section Title Slide

# Metric Bar Chart Slide

  • Contains bar charts comparing the current metric values in your project with the values at report baseline:

Bar Chart Slide

# System Quality Overview Slide

  • Contains a table with metric values in your project (metrics from configured threshold profile). It is similar to the Metric Table Widget in the Dashboard Perspective, but fitted on a slide and additionally allowing to display trend delta values (since report baseline).

System Quality Overview Slide

# Finding Detail Slide

  • Contains code snippets of findings in your project:

Finding Details Slide

# Metric Trend Chart Slide

  • Contains a chart with metric(s) trend since reports baseline.

Metric Trend Chart Slide

# Assessment Trend Chart Slide

  • Similar to the Metric Trend Chart Slide, but allows to display assessment charts rather than individual metric charts.

Assessment Trend Chart Slide

# Test Gap Treemap Slide

-Contains the Test Gap Treemap of the project. It allows the selection of different display modes e.g. test gaps for all or changed methods.

Test Gap Treemap Slide

# Task Detail Slide

  • Contains a detailed view of a task from the Tasks Perspective with its respective code snippets.

Task Detail Slide

# Quality Tasks Slide

  • Contains tasks from the Tasks Perspective fitted on a slide. It allows filtering for tasks that have been, e.g., open or closed since baseline as well as filtering by task tag.

Quality Tasks Slide

# Image Slide

  • A flexible slide that allows uploading any image to the report and commenting on it. This slide can be used when a specific use case is not covered by the available slide types.

Image Slide

# Markdown Slide

  • A Text slide with markdown support.

Custom Slide