# Changelog for Teamscale 8.9

Added parameter support for abapLint checks as of version 8.9

Analysis profiles which specify an abapLint configuration file need to be manually migrated. This can be done by importing the abapLint configuration file via the Analysis Profiles view. The import will create a Teamscale analysis profile with the settings from the imported abapLint configuration file.

Action Required: Updated default CORS configuration as of version 8.9

The default configuration was changed to not allow any CORS requests. If you are using the Azure DevOps Integration (opens new window) or integrate Teamscale dashboards within other websites (e.g. Jira), you have to manually change the CORS configuration. Please refer to Configuring CORS Settings for more information.

Removed support for Istanbul and CQSE JS Profiler as of version 8.8

The support for Istanbul and CQSE JS Profiler were removed from Teamscale as of version 8.8. You can use the new Teamscale Javascript Profiler (opens new window) instead.

Removed feature in the Eclipse Plugin: "Show Test Coverage"

The 'Show Test Coverage' feature was removed for the Eclipse Plugin as of version 8.7.

Clang Tidy: Updated to Version 15 as of version 8.6

Non-docker installation using the Clang Tidy integration must update their Clang Tidy installation to version 15.

Removed feature: "Desktop Notification"

The 'Desktop Notification' feature was removed from Teamscale as of version 8.6.

Re-Analysis when Upgrading
  • When updating from 8.9.x, drop-in.
  • When updating from 8.8.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

# Version 8.9.0 latest

Bug Fixes
  • 8.9.0 contains all fixes from previous versions released on and before May 30th, 2023
  • For brevity, only new features are included in the changelog
Download Teamscale v8.9.0 (ZIP)
May 30th, 2023

# Web UI

  • Worker Logs view: Input delta size is now shown in the table
  • System perspective now keeps the current filter parameters upon refresh
  • Check Explorer can differentiate between internal and external tools
  • Delta view: Added toggle for flagged findings
  • Spec Items Findings view: New specification item query selector to filter findings
  • Test Selection view now allows selecting stored queries
  • Worker Logs view: ERROR and WARN labels are easier to see, message table is sortable and links are used for the input deltas
  • Test Selection view: UI/UX improvements
  • Additional check whether projects should be reanalyzed when saving analysis profiles
  • Commits in the Commit Chart widget now show the commit message on hover and link to the respective commit
  • Issue subject is also shown in the Open Issue dialog suggestions
  • Visual categorization of dashboard widgets

# New Checks

  • "Missing VDM view type annotation" check for ABAP
  • "Use object-oriented ABAP instead of procedural programming (functions, forms)" check for ABAP
  • "Replace magic numbers with named constants" check for ABAP
  • "Division by zero" check for Objective-C and Swift

# New Cloud-Readiness Checks

  • "Hard Coded IP Address (in Config File)" check
  • "Hard Coded Path (in Config File)" check
  • "Hard Coded UNC Path (in Config File)" check

# IDE Integrations

  • Renamed the command-line client for developers from teamscale-cli to teamscale-dev
  • teamscale-dev: Open-in-browser now supports multiple files/directories
  • Visual Studio plugin now uses TOML configuration format .teamscale.toml (opens new window) (requires at least .NET 461)
  • Eclipse plugin: "Open in Web Browser" now opens on selected line if executed within an editor
  • Eclipse plugin: Findings and files in the pre-commit results view can now be opened in the editor or web browser via double-click

# Administration

  • External accounts now also support s3+http(s)
  • Findings are stored more efficiently, reducing the overall on-disk database size
  • New expert option for Git connectors to fetch additional Git references as tags (the retrieved tags can be used for time-traveling)
  • Warning if user limit of the license is exceeded
  • S3 URLs are now accepted for backups
  • Overview table in Project Configuration Details view now contains the initial analysis duration
  • Improved documentation on monitoring and how to address CCP comments
  • Improved parallel analysis of commits
  • Code snippet analysis is now available for all users