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Changelog for Teamscale 5.9

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here

Changed System Requirements

Update from Older Version

  • When updating from 5.9.x, drop-in.
  • When updating from 5.9.8 or earlier, update to at least 5.9.12.
  • When updating from 5.8.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 5.9.15

Download Teamscale v5.9.15 (ZIP)
28th July, 2020


  • AssertionError in ExternalAnalysisResultsChangeRetriever due to race condition when uploading external results
  • A lot of time spent on many workers during periodic job scheduling

Version 5.9.14

Download Teamscale v5.9.14 (ZIP)
22nd July, 2020


  • Debug service /force-rollback sometimes failed
  • Legacy service for .NET trace uploads did not use the correct partition
  • False positives for "Non-void function should return a value" check in C++
  • Wrong data was shown in the Project Configuration perspective in case a project's alias was the same as another project's ID.
  • Search service threw IndexOutOfBoundsException in some cases
  • Legacy badge services did not work with Azure Devops Extension

Version 5.9.13

Download Teamscale v5.9.13 (ZIP)
14th July, 2020


  • False positives for "Redundant parentheses" check in Python
  • Location of ternary operator findings was sometimes incorrect


  • Artifactory connector now logs a warning if no files matching the name or path search patterns were found

Version 5.9.12

Download Teamscale v5.9.12 (ZIP)
9th July, 2020


  • Architectures with constraints could not be loaded
  • Linking to the Test Gaps perspective with a preselected issue metric did not work

Version 5.9.11


  • Do not upgrade to this version from 5.9.8 or earlier, upgrade to 5.9.12 or later instead
Download Teamscale v5.9.11 (ZIP)
7th July, 2020


  • GitLabMergeRequestAnnotationTrigger produced errors due to missing regions
  • GitChangeRetriever got stuck in Git garbage collection
  • Merge request finding churns showed findings that had already been removed on the target branch
  • AnalysisReportPersister failed with the message "Status object missing but should have been created before!"
  • Issue finding summaries in Jira and issue details in Teamscale did not ignore tolerated / false-positive findings
  • Architectures in invalid states could still be saved
  • Empty files were being downloaded when viewing the changelogs from Teamscale's built-in Documentation
  • AzureDevOps cross-repository pull requests have not been ignored

Version 5.9.10


  • Do not upgrade to this version from 5.9.8 or earlier, upgrade to 5.9.12 or later instead
Download Teamscale v5.9.10 (ZIP)
30th June, 2020


  • Model Advisor reports could not be parsed
  • C++ header files were not considered as dependencies when referred to using Windows paths (with backslashes)
  • C++ type extraction during architecture analysis always treated paths in a case-insensitive manner
  • Python dependencies were incorrect if an file was added after initial analysis
  • False positives in "Unused Private Method Check" when using final variables in Java
  • Project configurations with validation errors were not saved when choosing to Save Anyway
  • Intellij Plugin: Warnings for invalid mapping configurations were not shown


  • The element churn service (element-churn endpoint) is now public API

Version 5.9.9


  • Do not upgrade to this version from 5.9.8 or earlier, upgrade to 5.9.12 or later instead
Download Teamscale v5.9.9 (ZIP)
23rd June, 2020


  • Teamscale Bitbucket Cloud app could not be installed in some cases
  • System Execution view did not display the project name and commit for running triggers
  • Deletion of reports uploaded via repository connectors was ignored
  • False positives for "Empty blocks" check in C++
  • TFS connector failed with "Adding node that is already added" error in very rare cases
  • False positives in comment completeness analysis in Python caused by single-quote and double-quote docstrings
  • Users with "User Manager" role were unable to view imported users or groups
  • Order of architecture constraints was not preserved upon save
  • TGA treemap widget displayed wrong error message for an invalid path

Version 5.9.8

Download Teamscale v5.9.8 (ZIP)
16th June, 2020


  • Locally checked out Git clone grew to enormous size
  • False positives for "Don't hide exception stack trace" check when using nested catch blocks
  • It was possible to configure multiple projects to vote on the same repository
  • Adding multiple architecture constraints was inconvenient if the list of constraints was very long


  • Test execution-count metrics now default to "higher is better"

Version 5.9.7

Download Teamscale v5.9.7 (ZIP)
9th June, 2020


  • ArchitectureUploadStateCleanupTrigger caused unnecessary rollbacks
  • External uploads with Accept: text/plain headers were rejected by the legacy report upload services
  • False positives for "Test class naming convention" check in Java
  • False positives for "Every line starting with # has to be a valid preprocessing directive" check in C++ in case of #warning preprocessor directives

Version 5.9.6

Download Teamscale v5.9.6 (ZIP)
2nd June, 2020


  • Python coverage was sometimes incorrectly applied to too many statements
  • NullPointerException in GitChangeRetriever in certain cases
  • Incorrect test-gap percentages were displayed in issue list
  • Importing large numbers of users and groups was slow
  • Jira Integration: Duplicated entries in the Teamscale Info table in Jira issues
  • PHP parsing errors in case of single line comments ending with ?>
  • False positives for "Avoid unused private fields" check in Java when fields were annotated with certain Java annotations (e.g. @Inject, @Mock, etc.)
  • False positives for "Throw of generic exception" check in Java
  • "Incomplete metric entry" errors were logged in the Service Log when using branch coverage metrics


Version 5.9.5

Download Teamscale v5.9.5 (ZIP)
26th May, 2020


  • Some projects were stuck in state "rollback analysis" after deletion of external uploads
  • Findings that were deleted and re-added after a baseline were reported as new
  • TGA treemaps were not clickable after a link has been opened
  • Selecting multiple but not all coverage sources yielded no coverage at all
  • Testwise coverage report could not contain paths with prefixes not known to Teamscale
  • Objective-C header files were sometimes considered to be C/C++ code
  • Artifactory connector died when failing to extract a revision
  • DataBindingException when using Atlassian Crowd Server configuration and running on Java 11+
  • Dashboard analysis progress showed undefined for aliased projects
  • Rule browser mistakenly required permission to edit analysis profiles
  • Path selection dialog did not render long paths well
  • Deep links to the documentation always redirected to the documentation's start page
  • Documentation on "Testwise Coverage" linked to wrong page

Version 5.9.4

Download Teamscale v5.9.4 (ZIP)
19th May, 2020


  • Slide's input options could not be edited after exiting presentation mode
  • Visual Studio plug-in did not correctly display timeout errors
  • Changing the project's credentials was not possible after force-deleting the configured credentials
  • Downloading Test Gap information and Issue Trend data as CSV files did not work
  • Eclipse plug-in: Offline installation was not possible under certain circumstances
  • Viewing the history trend and treemap for the "Line Coverage" metric in the Tests perspective did not work
  • The total number of tasks was not displayed in the task list view's header
  • False positives for "Multiple statements in same line" check in TypeScript
  • False positives for "Destructor should be declared noexcept" check in C++
  • False positives for "Switch statements should not contain unexpected constructs" check in C++
  • False positives for "Interface comment missing" check in Python in case of lambdas as default parameters
  • False positive "Interface comment missing" findings were generated for local classes in Java

Version 5.9.3

Download Teamscale v5.9.3 (ZIP)
12th May, 2020


  • Visual Studio plug-in caused IDE start-up errors
  • Full text search in Teamscale documentation was broken
  • Malformed ZIP files in Artifactory sometimes caused unnecessary rollbacks
  • Importing testwise coverage reports via repository connectors was not working
  • False positive nesting depth findings in Python in case of lambda arrays
  • Incorrect calculation of metric distribution delta in Metric Distribution Pie Chart widget
  • Eclipse plug-in: The current branch was incorrectly displayed as master, when Fetching findings from Pre-Commit was enabled
  • Architectures with slashes / in their names could not be deleted
  • Architecture uploads without an explicit format failed with a NullPointerException
  • Jira connector validation failed for projects whose key and project name were equal
  • Parsing errors in IEC-61131 code


  • Improved performance when processing custom check results
  • New configuration option in "Empty blocks" check allowing empty constructors

Version 5.9.2

Download Teamscale v5.9.2 (ZIP)
5th May, 2020


  • Backup import via Web UI did not work
  • DeleteExternalAnalysisPartitionTrigger sometimes got stuck
  • Python architecture analysis detected incorrect dependencies if a built-in module was shadowed
  • False positives for "Unused private method" check in C# when the only call was within a constructor
  • "Avoid special characters in' annotation parameters" check did not consider fields
  • Certain preprocessor directives could result in poor performance of checks
  • External-credentials account selection dropdown did not follow UI conventions
  • A validation failure for external credentials prevented saving credentials even if they later validated successfully
  • Dashboards edit view showed empty Filter Options and Summary sections
  • Baseline rating did not apply to file review rating if older manual ratings existed
  • Spurious bars were shown in the Findings Summary Bar Chart widget
  • Editing Findings Summary Bar Chart widget required read permission on analysis profile
  • External report upload in UI ignored all but the first file in case multiple reports were uploaded


  • Teamscale documentation now supports full-text search
  • Database for temporary storage systems is configurable (default switched to LevelDB)

Version 5.9.1

Download Teamscale v5.9.1 (ZIP)
28th April, 2020


  • Legacy add-non-code-metrics project service was mistakenly removed
  • SAML login caused 404 Not Found HTTP error for index.html
  • StackOverflowError in DataFlowFindingsSynchronizer
  • Improved error message when uploading JavaScript source maps without having the CQSE JavaScript Profiler enabled
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException for "Calling equals()/toString() on array" check in Java
  • Dashboard Sharing view did not open when list contained any dashboards from a deleted user
  • False positive for "Multiple declarations in statement" check in TypeScript
  • Event log view mistakenly showed columns for warnings and errors that always had 0 entries
  • Fixed some cases of wrong findings in changed code in findings badges


  • Jira projects can now be specified by Jira project key or project name

Version 5.9.0

Download Teamscale v5.9.0 (ZIP)
21st April, 2020

Major Features

  • New metrics in the Test Execution table
  • Ability to focus on components in the architecture view

Merge Request Integration

  • Aggregation of structure findings on method level before commenting
  • Aggregation of findings of the same type before commenting

Web UI

  • Line Coverage metric is now shown in the Test perspective
  • Report slide titles now support markdown
  • "Interface comment missing" findings now indicate which entity (e.g. class, method, etc) is missing the comment
  • Ability to copy the IDs of multiple findings in the Findings perspective
  • Metrics perspective now supports permalinks

New Checks

  • "Ensure method pairs are called" check (Java)
  • "Arithmetic operation on text literal" check (ABAP)


  • Analysis profile option to extend code search to include all tokens
  • Analysis profile option to allow only simple ternary operators
  • New option to automatically create Teamscale users after successful SAML login
  • Branch names can now contain . in Multi-version filesystem connector
  • "Preserve empty commits" option is now enabled by default in repository connectors
  • Ability to include/exclude fields marked with specific annotations from the "Unused private field" check