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This page lists old releases of Teamscale that are no longer supported.

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Release 4.9

Version 4.9.13 - 21st May, 2019 (download)

Updated System Requirements: As of Teamscale 4.9, a Java Runtime Environment with Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy is required. Updating your JRE may be necessary.
Update from 4.9.x: Drop-in
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Code snippet in findings detail view did not expand
    • Eclipse Plugin: IDE lost some keybindings (content assist, copy, paste) after restart
    • Artifactory connector could not handle multiple files in the initial revision
    • Dragging multiple unmatched types into architecture editor created redundant includes

Version 4.9.12 - 7th May, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fetching ABAP source code required long time in certain cases when modifications are included
    • Gerrit comments were sometimes added on wrong lines

Version 4.9.11 - 30th April, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • "No RFC enablement" error occurred in rare cases for ABAP function-group includes
    • StackOverflowError in ContentIndexSynchronizer when parsing TypeScript

Version 4.9.10 - 23rd April, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • IDE Plugins: Empty pre-commit uploads are now allowed and pre-commit results are cleared
    • Progress bar in architecture editor re-arranged the layout during edit operations
    • Backup status showed permanent spinner in case of a failed upload

Version 4.9.9 - 15th April, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Crowd connector option "Retrieve users from the following server" was mistakenly treated as mandatory
    • Long runtime for ABAP code retrieval in case of many deletions
    • Backup import from Teamscale versions older than 4.8 failed with NullPointerException
    • Posting a comment on a task did not work
    • Findings for unused variables were missing when using C#7 "out" variable declarations and pattern matching
    • CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer failed on ABAP code with "region must be contained in list" error
    • C/C++ null pointer analysis false positive on "(c)=foo()" assignment
    • "No RFC enablement" error occurred in rare cases for ABAP function group includes
    • PCLint report parser failed if report contained PCLint crash messages
  • Enhancements
    • Added new expert option to ignore extraction failures in Artifactory connector

Version 4.9.8 - 9th April, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • TGA Trends showed inaccurate data and were missing the full historic trend
    • Assessment bars sorting in metrics perspective was incorrect
    • Coverage data was assigned to unrelated methods due to invalid method move detection
    • Architecture editor was slow for some architectures
    • Button for showing files in project edit view froze the UI in large projects
    • The menu with account credentials in the project edit view sometimes expanded outside the visible area
    • Folders in published Teamscale distribution had 0777 permission
    • JavaScript error in activity details for branches with umlauts
    • False positive for ABAP check 'No write to system fields'
    • Parsing of C files which end with a macro caused assertion errors in multiple analyses
    • Disabled SSL certificate validation was not respected by TFS code and work item connectors

Version 4.9.7 - 2nd April, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • OutOfMemoryError during traversal of complex commit graphs
    • Regex filter for logs did not match substrings
    • Backup import failed silently
    • 404 errors in TfsWorkItemSynchronizer when retrieving TFS work items
    • Scrolling while editing an architecture component name caused the position of the name field to shift
    • Non-existent PHP types were shown as unmatched types in architecture editor
    • Baselines were not show in metric trend dialog
    • GitHub connector did not validate connector options
    • No coverage uploads were shown for architecture paths in the Test Gap Overview widget
    • Admins could not select dashboards shared by other users

Version 4.9.6 - 26th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Many rollbacks occurred during initial analysis
    • Follow-up errors occurred when parsing of code failed
    • Update of external data from project backup was broken
    • NullPointerException when creating a new user
    • Broken project after backup import (SchemaNotFoundException)
    • Unresponsive workers could cause stalled analysis
    • Race condition when editing multiple SAP system connections at the same time
    • Inconsistent user group relationship blocked LDAP synchronizer update
    • Repository churn calculation did not correctly handle rebased commits
    • "No dashboards available" message was displayed, although dashboards were available
    • IntelliJ: "project already disposed" error when switching projects
    • ABAP coverage was exported in incremental export even if coverage for full exports option was disabled
    • Change to "finding creation" option in architecture editor was not saved
    • Java parser could not parse case statements with negative integer literal
    • Branch selector search was too fuzzy
    • Incorrect computation of error statistics
    • Architecture assessment service logged vague error message
    • NullPointerException when updating metric schema in project
    • C# parser could not handle newly introduced local functions in C#-7.0
    • False positives of assertThat check when using Hamcrest
    • Dashboard was displayed even though the dashboard list in the sidebar was empty
    • Uploading Bullseye reports caused assertion errors
    • Widget path could not be edited if the project was deleted
  • Enhancements
    • Added option to filter out Gerrit changes created before a given date

Version 4.9.5 - 19th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Project alias was not correctly resolved in metrics perspective
    • IDE Plugins: Pre-commit analysis was not allowed when the Teamscale project had more than one source code repository configured
    • Metrics Table did now show treemap for issue metrics
    • NullPointerException in ABAPDependencyExtractor
    • "Switch statements should not contain unexpected constructs" findings were incorrectly generated in case of missing default clause
    • False positives for "Switch statements should be well formed" check in the context of C++ return statements in lambdas
    • Assertion error in data flow analysis
    • Parsing problems for Gosu lambdas and statements
    • Microsoft's "for each" C++ syntax was not recognized in dataflow analyses
    • Encoding problem in compare view links in the resource history view
    • Backup import error when multiple uploads existed for the first commit on a branch

Version 4.9.4 - 12th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • JavaScript parsing errors caused StackOverflow errors in ContentIndexSynchronizer
    • False-positives for "value never used" analysis in the context of Java lambdas
    • Misconfiguration in the default logging configuration
    • Findings were collapsed by default in the task detail view
    • Findings treemap ignored time travel options
    • C parser did not recognize structs and arrays as parameter type in some function declarations
  • Enhancements
    • Reduced risk of OutOfMemoryErrors when uploading large external uploads

Version 4.9.3 - 7th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Avoid Log4j 2 error when logging configuration was not explicitly set
    • "Clear" button for baseline did not work under certain circumstances
    • BadRequestException when saving admin notification rules
    • Switching between Gravatar and uploaded image for user avatar did not work
    • User avatar was not cropped
    • Issue table widget ceased to work after renaming a dashboard
    • C++: "Switch statement without default case" check violated C++ Core Guidelines by generating findings for enums and enum classes
    • Simulink: Incorrect rendering for blocks referencing internal Simulink libraries

Version 4.9.2 - 5th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Parsing problem of Objective C methods
    • Handling of encrypted backups is now more robust in case of manual modifications
    • Errors in worker log: "Expecting metric value for edited path" and similar
    • Avoid "Attempted to append to non-started appender" message in logs
    • Problems parsing of C++ enum literals with a type
    • C/C++ parser can now recognize struct/union/enum local variables with declaration
    • JavaScript error when navigating to activity details
    • Selection of issue metric did not work in edit threshold configuration page
    • Naming convention finding for method spanned across the entire method body
    • Error during BitBucket connection (IllegalArgumentException)
    • Incorrect finding location for commented out code analysis
    • False-positive for unrelated member comment check
    • Issue details: Findings' paths were not truncated
    • Eclipse-Plugin: Could not load findings under Windows
    • Eclipse-Plugin: NullPointerException during pre-commit analysis when server ID was incorrect
    • Errors in DataFlowFindingsSynchronizer for certain programming language constructs
    • Findings for Redundant String literals check were not rendered correctly in case of HTML tags in literals
  • Enhancements
    • Issue findings badge correctly signals errors when necessary
    • Better support for Siemens SCL dialect of IEC-61131 structured text
    • Reduced risk of out-of-memory situations when creating support requests with large worker log

Version 4.9.1 - 27th February, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Teamscale crashed when using LevelDB under Windows
    • Startup failed if config directory was not found
    • Improved error handling in case of cryptography-support failure
    • C parser can now recognize arrays of strings and function pointers at top level

Version 4.9.0 - 26th February, 2019 (download)

  • Major Features
    • File-based Review Support
  • Web Interface
    • Code detail view: Show the architecture components the code file belongs to
    • Dashboards: Each user's last viewed dashboard is now remembered
    • Treemaps now support zooming
    • Tasks Perspective: Added a column with Findings summary to the Task List
    • System Perspective: System execution view now shows the date of oldest currently processed commit
    • Changed user search dropdown box to Semantic UI element
  • IDE Integration
    • IntelliJ Plugin: Users can switch between normal and pre-commit findings sources in findings view
    • Netbeans Plugin: Server limits are checked in the "Upload files for pre-commit analysis" dialog
  • Admin
    • Support for OpenCover coverage reports (also supported by coverlet and altcover)
    • Ability to configure separate coverage metrics for different test stages
    • Information about scheduling reasons for critical jobs is now available
    • Improved performance of project reanalysis and deletion for LevelDB storage back-end
  • ABAP
    • Name of SAP Code Inspector variant is now included in exporter log
  • Built-in checks
    • C/C++
      • Check for MISRA rule 8.1: "Types shall be explicitly specified"
      • Check for MISRA rule 8.8: "The static storage class specifier shall be used in all declarations of objects and functions that have internal linkage"
      • Check for MISRA rule 8.10: "An inline function shall be declared with the static storage class"
    • Java
      • Avoid useless operations on BigInteger/BigDecimal objects
    • Java & C#
      • Superfluous toString() calls on objects that are already strings
    • Java, C/C++ & C#
      • Check to detect whitespace anomalies, e.g., file doesn't end on a newline, tabs, trailing whitespace

Release 4.8

Version 4.8.8 - 2nd April, 2019 (download)

Update from 4.8.x: Drop-in, unless stalled analysis error occurs. Then a full re-analysis is required.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • IllegalArgumentException when retrieving metric assessments in some cases

Version 4.8.7 - 19th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Rare crash in SVN Connection in case a branch included in an external was deleted and re-added immediately
    • Slow loading of Metrics and Architecture perspectives when many architectures are present
    • Gerrit voting did not work when adding or removing tolerated or false positive findings
    • Permission check failed when developers navigated to code view

Version 4.8.6 - 12th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Assertion error when parent of external upload is not schedulable
    • Simulink: Clone "Compare" button failed, if block names contain leading/trailing newlines
    • Links to metrics perspective in metrics table didn't support highlighting for custom metric names
    • Javascript SourceMap decoder did not correctly handle segments with only 1 variable-length field

Version 4.8.5 - 5th March, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Coverage update missing in case of changed code file and identical coverage file
    • Unexpected rollbacks in Gerrit connector
    • Error when importing backup from 4.7.x
    • Javascript error in Multi Metric Trend Chart widget
    • Ownership Treemap Widget did not work with architecture paths
    • Parsing error in ABAP parser
    • Assertion error in "Non-void function should return a value" check
    • Compare view sometimes failed to load content
    • Navigating to finding in Code perspective in Firefox did not scroll to finding's line
  • Enhancements
    • Improved findings tracking for empty changes

Version 4.8.4 - 26th February, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Redirect bug in SAML authentication
    • NullPointerException in ExternalArchitectureUploadPersister
    • Commit shown twice in issue details view
    • C++ parser is now able to parse interface classes/structs as well as properties from .NET C++/CLI extensions
    • Could not select system version containing '#' in baseline selection dialog
    • Deprecation check confused annotation and method name
    • Missing ABAP coverage exports for option 'Include code coverage data in incremental exports, regardless of code changes'
    • Missing mail notifications for some commits
    • IndexOutOfBoundsException in CommentAnalysis
  • Enhancements
    • Better performance of metrics perspective in the presence of multiple architectures
    • Gerrit Change Retriever performance improved for large gerrit repositories
    • Better error handling in case code snippet cannot be retrieved in finding details view
    • IEC 61131-3 ST Parser now parses ACTION as method
    • Better error handling and logging for ABAP export from SAP systems

Version 4.8.3 - 19th February, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Stalled analysis with worker log error "no content found for revision"
    • Regex filter for downloading of logs
    • Non-admin users could not change their avatar
    • Non-admin users were unable to edit their profiles or view their groups
    • The Teamscale plug-in now always uses an external browser (Eclipse and NetBeans)
    • Simulink: Rotated switch block icons were not correctly displayed
    • Debug rollbacks are now always executed as quickly as possible
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of architecture analysis
    • IndexBasedArchitectureAnalysis is now run only if necessary

Version 4.8.2 - 12th February, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Show TGA treemaps of child issues even when parent issue has no changes
    • Fixed potential NPE in Scheduler
    • Could not create project permissions if they already existed for project alias
    • Added switch to allow weak SSL ciphers
    • External Uploads and Role Assignment button was not greyed out for projects being deleted
    • JavaDoc analysis did not handle @param tags for generic type parameters correctly
    • NullPointerException in SAP-config migration
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of TestGapSynchronizer

Version 4.8.1 - 5th February, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Improved performance of clone detection
    • Arrow position in architecture editor now matches mouse position
    • Deleted baselines no longer block the UI
    • Disabling SSL verification is now respected by the TFS connector
    • The "Function types shall be in prototype form with named parameters" check is more robust now
    • Fixed false positives of null-pointer analysis on integers which are assigned or compared to 0 (C-like languages)
    • Fixed false positive for "Non-void function should return a value" check (C/C++)
    • Fixed false positive for "Array definition is not valid" check with arrays of structs (C++)
    • Fixed false positive for "Element should only be initialized once" check (C++)
    • Fixed loading of findings detail view (Simulink)

Version 4.8.0 - 29th January, 2019 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Bitbucket Server Pull Request Integration
    • Gitlab Merge Request Integration
    • Simulink Clone Detection
    • Simulink Architecture Analysis
    • Objective-C Support
    • Data Flow Analysis for C/C++
  • Web Interface
    • Tests perspective: the selected partitions are now remembered per project
    • Resolved findings are now shown in Delta and Findings perspectives
    • Issues perspective: Live issue query validation
    • Issues perspective: New aggregated findings view per issue along with an issue-based findings badge
    • Activity perspective: Added explanatory tooltip to activity summary
    • Project perspective: List of projects is now sortable
    • Architecture perspective: Architecture components now show comments as tooltip
    • Treemap links can now be opened in new tab
    • Hovering over the commit in Event- and Worker Log views now shows a readable timestamp
    • Auto-fill commit message and partition in report upload UI
  • IDE Integration
    • Blacklisted findings can now be classified as Toleration or False Positive (Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans)
    • VS plugin: Cleanup status messages in Findings Window
    • NetBeans: Changes to the layout of the Findings view are now persistent (column widths, sort order, etc.)
  • Admin
    • Support for XCode/xccov Coverage format
    • Support for Clover Coverage format
    • SCOV coverage can now directly be fetched from the SAP system
  • Built-in checks
    • C/C++
      • Function types should be in prototype form with named parameters 
      • All declarations of an object or function should use the same names and type qualifiers
      • Check for multiple declarations of the same object/function
    • Java
      • Avoid unnecessary creation of BigInteger/BigDecimal objects
      • Type of exception should not be checked using instanceof
    • Avoid using HTML tags in strings (Java, C#)
    • Avoid marking fields as volatile (Java, C#)
    • Class named like Exception should inherit from Exception or subclass (Java, C#)

Release 4.7

Version 4.7.7 - 19th February, 2019 (download)

Update from 4.7.x: Drop-in (Bitbucket users missing branches: Please contact Teamscale support for specific update instructions)
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • HTTPS access from clients on Windows 7 was not possible
    • StackOverflowError when importing groups with recursive subgroups using LDAP
    • Automatic Backup on Windows File Share did not work

Version 4.7.6 - 29th January, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Avoid "Column Family ID Mismatch" Cassandra error
    • Gracefully handle trailing new lines in partition names
    • Search for file names containing dots finds no results

Version 4.7.5 - 22nd January, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed missing branches in Bitbucket projects
    • Chosen branch was ignored in external report upload form
    • Warning about finding churn is null for notification trigger
    • Fix potential inconsistency for dashboard templates
    • Fix "Declarations should be on separate lines" check
    • Improved error handling for external report upload
    • No email notification was sent if VCS committer name was full name as opposed to user ID
    • TGA treemap shows one large method that leads to error page
    • Added .st as recognized file extension for IEC 61131-3 Structured Text
  • Enhancements
    • In Gerrit comments add [NEW] tag to new findings and signal via Emoji whether a finding is red or yellow
    • Add ability to filter which patchsets are voted on in Gerrit by specifying an include pattern

Version 4.7.4 - 15th January, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Gerrit connector calculated incorrect divs in some cases, leading to errors during content retrieval
    • Error in code perspective after coverage upload
    • Intellij Plugin: Possible NPE in Teamscale Findings View
    • Gerrit comments for clones hid other information
    • ABAP: Missing dependencies in case of host-variable escaping within OpenSQL statements
    • DependencySynchronizer failed in PHP projects
    • White page was displayed if no valid license was available

Version 4.7.3 - 8th January, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Prevented duplicate table creation in Cassandra
    • Comments in multi-line options now use '##' instead of '//' as comment line start/
    • Findings treemap was empty for architecture paths
    • TFS repository logged errors "Parent not in commit tree"
    • Unused parameters were reported for Java default methods
    • False positives for check "Terminate octal and hexadecimal escape sequence"
    • Line length findings were reported for architecture files
    • Dashboard overwrite did not work with templates
    • Fixed extraction of ABAP types in @DATA in SELECT (affects custom checks and architecture)
    • Project chooser in dashboard perspective was enabled despite having no effect

Version 4.7.2 - 18th December, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • IndexOutOfBoundsException in LineCoverageMetricSynchronizer for Python
    • Delta Perspective: Red error page when clicking on TGA treemap for delta without changes
    • Processor 'CodeSearchSynchronizer' failed badly
    • "Could not parse submitted JSON" Error when storing empty fields for int parameters in global settings
    • IntelliJ Findings View: Expand All/Collapse All should look/behave like in other views

Version 4.7.1 - 11th December, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Project creation problems for GitHub connector
    • Intellij Plugin: Better error handling when persisted settings become inconsistent
    • CheckProcessor caused OutOfBoundsException when using check for missing header protection in C++ projects
  • Enhancements
    • New expert option allows specifying partition via regex for reports in repositories

Version 4.7.0 - 5th December, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Navigation overhaul: Sidebar instead of tabs
    • Bitbucket Cloud Integration
    • Differentiate between tolerated findings and false-positives
  • Web Interface
    • Findings Perspective: It is now possible to expand the code segment in the findings detail view
    • Findings Perspective: Findings list view now uses a tabbed layout
    • Findings Perspective: Findings list shows the rationale of blacklisted findings and it is possible to filter them by their rationale
    • Architecture Perspective: Showing "Finding Creation" info of architectures
    • Tests Perspective: Display test-execution-duration in hour, minute and second format
    • Metrics Table Widget: Better trend indication for arrows in metrics table widget
  • Issue Perspective
    • Issue Query: Added macro for baselines e.g., baseline("Release 1")
    • Issue Query: contains operator '~' supports text, as well as regexes
  • Plugins
    • Eclipse plugin now supports Subversive in addition to Subclipse
    • Visual Studio Integration: Clear findings window when last document or solution is closed
  • Admin
    • Performance improvement of TFS connector with parallelized content retrieval
    • Allow C-Style comments in multiline option fields in Repository Connectors
  • Built-in checks
    • Matlab
      • Check to avoid functions with too many arguments
      • Check to avoid interactive function calls in productive code
      • Avoid switch statements without the otherwise condition
      • Avoid conditional expression with the condition being the 0 constant
      • Avoid complex conditional checks
      • Check that the function name is consistent with its file name
      • Avoid calling the 'eval' function
      • Check to avoid calls to interactive functions
      • Function Parameter Count Check
    • C#
      • Check to avoid usage of C# regions
      • Check to avoid using "dynamic" keyword

Release 4.6

Version 4.6.7 - 8th January, 2019 (download)

Update from 4.6.x: Drop-in
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Wrong finding locations when working with text filters
    • Wrong end line for cyclomatic complexity findings

Version 4.6.6 - 11th December, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Error page in method history view for some methods
    • Compare view showed unexpected diff in some cases
    • Architecture view requires edit permission on analysis profile
  • Enhancements
    • Improved scalability and performance of Gerrit Connector for large projects

Version 4.6.5 - 4th December, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Slow code view in Safari
    • Tests perspective showed an error page when a project was in re-analysis
    • JavaScript error in TGA-treemap
    • Method history view did not show full information
    • Intellij plugin: Navigation from finding to file did not work
    • Visual Studio plugin: Pre-commit analysis summary showed incorrect number of new findings
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of taint analysis
    • Increased analysis performance by avoiding useless calls to the repository in initial analysis

Version 4.6.4 - 27th November, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Incorrect handling of jira change issues with identical timestamps
    • Method not found bug for test gap analysis
    • Group permissions didn't apply to all users in that group
    • Python architecture analysis detected false dependencies for
    • Warning that baseline is before first code commit was incorrectly shown in findings perspective

Version 4.6.3 - 20th November, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Projects with aliases could not be edited
    • Intellij plugin: No findings were reported when performing pre-commit
    • Several rollbacks during history analysis for static Git repository
    • Incorrect project alias lookup for javascript error reporting
    • Using Python type 'str' in dict type definition generated findings
    • N/A TGA entries in issue list view were not sorted correctly
    • Initial SVN repository retrieval takes very long time
    • MethodIssueSynchronizer ran for projects without issues leading to performance issues
    • JavaScript error log detail view crashed when clicking on entry
    • False-positives for 'Unused private fields' check (C# parse error)
    • TestGap delta view did not work when using "Now" as end date
    • NPE when requesting dependency of missing file
    • Error message about invalid project when importing backup with external metrics
    • NPE when sharing a dashboard with non-existing group, user or project
    • Usernames were incorrectly displayed in dashboard sharing view
    • C# "Order of class members" check was activated by default
    • Metrics table in Code Perspective disappeared after selecting a non-code metric threshold configuration

Version 4.6.2 - 5th November, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Deleted files were not correctly detected in Eclipse pre-commit
    • Delta view did not reload when changing path
    • Dashboard perspective showed different analysis progress than that of the activity view

Version 4.6.1 - 30th October, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Not all issues were loaded when switching branch selection in Issues tab of Tests perspective
    • False positive for "Don't use ternary operators" check for Java generics
    • Javascript error in architecture editor
    • Commit filter in method history view was not working
    • Performance regression in C/C++ custom checks
    • Findings were created for the #import preprocessor directive
    • Parsing of special annotations as used in the Linux kernel

Version 4.6.0 - 23rd October, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Pre-commit Analysis for Intellij and Netbeans
    • Permission System: Displaying role and permission assignments for users and groups
  • Web Interface
    • Activity Perspective: Redesigned commit filter
    • Welcome page contains a link to the user guide
    • Branch names in file history are clickable
    • Browser Page title shows the name of the project being currently edited
    • Metrics Perspective: Added button to copy current path
    • Findings Perspective: Show findings type ID for findings
    • Tests Perspective: Added toggle in Issues Tab that allows to hide issues without test gap information
    • The Issue Detail View now includes a hierarchy showing all parents and children of the currently viewed issue
    • Architecture editor displays a warning when architecture checks are disabled in analysis profile
    • Projects perspective: Added column with raw timestamp in external-uploads table
    • Project name is displayed in the edit project options page
    • Account credentials: show list of projects that use the credentials
    • Date/Time selector dialog includes a "Now" button
    • Default dashboards are displayed at the top of the dashboard list
  • Widgets
    • Numeric value widget now supports delta for issue metrics
    • New "Issue Table Widget" that shows all issues matching a given query
    • Tooltips for baselines in Metric Table Widget which display the baseline's actual date
  • Issue Perspective
    • New issue query function "currentUser()" that allows to select tickets where author or assignee is current Teamscale user
    • Issue overview lists now show assignee & status
    • Issue table: rows are highlighted during mouse-over
  • Plugins
    • Eclipe Pre-Commit Analysis
      • Selection of the files that are part of the pre-commit analysis
      • If server limits are violated, a dialog is presented that allows modifying the upload
  • Admin
    • Commit notification mail now includes the branch of commit
    • Downloading logs now respects the applied filters
    • Import of individual external finding groups
  • Built-in checks
    • Python
      • Compatibility checks for Python 2 and Python 3
      • Prefer throwing exceptions over sys.exit()
      • Private class members must not be accessed from outside
      • Check for nested function definitions
    • Java
      • Check for direct and implicit calls of equals() or toString() on arrays
      • Check that calls to assertThat(...) should be followed by an assertion specification
    • Check for avoiding string formatting in logging statements (Java and C#)
    • Check for missing authority check in ABAP function modules which are enabled for RFC access

Release 4.5

Version 4.5.9 - 20th November, 2018 (download)

Update from 4.5.x: Drop-in, unless there is missing external data, commits which don't detect changed code, no coverage is shown when using Teamscale's .NET profiler or false positives are encountered for some C code checks. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Delta Perspective crashed and did not display results of delta analysis
    • Line coverage was not displayed in the code view, if the coverage was read from a repository instead of being uploaded
    • Change Treemap in Delta Perspective did not work correctly for architecture paths
    • Some C functions were not correctly parsed
    • Incorrect handling of C preprocessor generated code for certain checks

Version 4.5.8 - 30th October, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Coverage reports were not read from the repository
    • Incorrect scheduling of post revision analysis actions
    • File System connector didn't detect changes within the set directory
    • Incorrect handling of uploading duplicate PDB info for .NET assemblies
    • Support new 1.1 DTD format for JaCoCo 0.8.2
    • Documentation for GitHub App configuration was missing required permissions
    • Incorrect handling of analyzed HTML files in service responses

Version 4.5.7 - 16th October, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Intellij plugin: Connection errors were reported when plugin was disabled
    • Offset between multiple uploads was too large when using "movetolastcommit"
    • Possible data loss due to race condition during data upload
    • Incorrect usage of SAML POST binding
    • False positives for check "compare with self"
    • Performance problem in TestImpactSynchronizer for large commits
    • Meaningless warning about overlapping architecture components
    • Gosu nesting depth bug with lambdas
    • Typo in description of MethodDefinitionInHeaderCheck

Version 4.5.6 - 9th October, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Do not mark workers as unresponsive in single process setup
    • Coverage calculation for special case of JavaScript files
    • Automatic backup did not allow backslashes in local file paths
    • System information not fully shown on certain operating systems
    • Also consider subteams when checking for collaborators in GitHub
    • Auto backup using S3 upload produces invalid error message
    • Improved recovery after cluster reconfiguration (cloud setup)
    • Improve performance of metric table calculation in cloud environment
    • Architecture commits were not shown in e.g., delta commit lists
    • Correct calculation of needed memory for workers
    • False positive when using tabs to separate pre-processor directives from their arguments
    • Array initialization check now correctly handles string literals
    • Invalid cache purge order when users are deleted
    • Parsing of branch names from message with trailing dot now extracts correct branch name
    • Remove confirmation dialog sometimes shown when uploading backup

Version 4.5.5 - 1st October, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Errors in issue detail view for projects with aliases and branches
    • Teamscale incorrectly re-created Gerrit history in some cases, leading to follow-up errors in the ElementHistoryAnalyzer and incorrect changesets
    • Missing validation for Issue ID pattern in Issue Tracker Connector
    • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in C++ array initialization check
    • Branch names with common prefixes led to rollback problems

Version 4.5.4 - 26th September, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Project selector did not work properly in some cases
    • Error during import of analysis profile using Comment type metrics option

Version 4.5.3 - 25th September, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Missing external data due to a race condition between external uploads and multiple code connectors
    • Branch labeler ignored include/exclude patterns, leading to import commits in the middle of the history
    • Auto-selection of issues branches in the Tests perspective did not work in all scenarios
    • LOC metric did not consider content exclusion filters
    • Outdated OSHI library led to errors on System Info page and crashing of the support request generation
    • False positives for "missing throw before exception" check for lambdas and returns
    • Project filtering was not possible in the Test Gap Partition Selector
  • Enhancements
    • Analysis-profile migration from versions older than 4.5.0 to 4.5.x is now faster

Version 4.5.2 - 20th September, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Security: In a very rare condition a user could be logged in as a different user during normal operation. Update highly recommended!
    • Allow auto-backup to non-file locations, e.g., S3
    • Python architecture no longer crashes when a top-level is present

Version 4.5.1 - 18th September, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Dashboard page showed an HTTP-500 error if project for a widget did not exist
    • Affected files table in activity details did not use full width
    • NotificationTrigger hung while sending mails
    • Not all metrics were available when editing threshold profiles
    • Quality indicators without analysis groups lost finding count metrics
    • False positive for 'value compared with itself' check for comparisons of field and parameter
    • Finding delta always returned 0 removed findings in findings churn widget and delta perspective
    • NullPointerException in JiraSynchronizer
    • Incorrect port labels were displayed for Simulink SubSystem blocks
    • Intellij plugin could not save project settings when connection to Teamscale is disabled
    • Method history view crashed when it could not find test uploads in the repository log
    • Cross-annotation was not available for widgets
    • Error page on issue details view for projects with aliases
    • Section comments and @see tags were detected as commented out code in C++

Version 4.5.0 - 11th September, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Ability to deactivate all system connectors for a Teamscale Instance
    • Improved Backup Imports (performance + UI)
  • Web Interface
    • Ability to search for issues with the prefix 'issue:' in the Teamscale search field and being redirected to the IssueDetailView directly
    • Findings from Simulink Model Advisor Reports are now shown as Yellow/Red according to their severity in the report (Warning/Failed)
    • Findings Treemap now shows the affected files (instead of affected LOC) and the percentage of area that is colored
    • Added Cancel Button in Edit Task View
    • Added Edit Button in Analysis Profile Detail View
    • Project Edit view: Filterable list of all files available in a Teamscale project
    • Metric Table Widget: Show metric description when hovering the mouse over metric names
    • When creating a task from a finding, more fields of the task can be edited right away
  • Built-in checks
    • C-Like
      • Check for equal statements inside conditional expressions
    • Java
      • Do not use octal literals check
      • Do not use lowercase l suffix to denote long literals check

Release 4.4

Version 4.4.8 - 1st October, 2018 (download)

Update from 4.4.6 or higher: Drop-in, unless there are commits which don't detect changed code. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.4.5: Drop-in, unless inconsistencies for external upload commits are encountered. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.4.4: Drop-in, unless updating external analysis results fails. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.4.3: Drop-in, unless there are missing external upload findings or import commits in the middle of the commit history. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.4.2: Drop-in, unless GitContentUpdater failures occur or using Architecture analysis for TypeScript projects. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.4.1: Drop-in, unless some findings are not deleted or the analysis is stuck in a rollback loop. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.4.0: Drop-in, unless StorageException errors occur in ExternalAnalysisResultsRetriever. Then a full re-analysis with an old 4.3.x backup import is recommended.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Branch names with common prefixes led to rollback problems
    • Missing external data due to a race condition between external uploads and multiple code connectors

Version 4.4.7 - 20th September, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Security: In a very rare condition a user could be logged in as a different user during normal operation. Update highly recommended!
    • Not all metrics were visible in the metric threshold profile configuration

Version 4.4.6 - 11th September, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Links from treemap in issue details led to an error page
    • Inconsistencies in external upload commits
    • NullPointerException when trying to change project config via Web UI
    • Could not edit external credentials from project edit view
    • Metric Thresholds were no longer shown in Metrics Trend Chart Widgets
    • Metrics from custom Quality Indicators were not available in threshold profiles

Version 4.4.5 - 4th September, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Updating External Analysis Results failed with SchemaNotFoundException
    • NullPointerException in GerritRepositoryConnection
    • Long findings' comments blocked the diff view in Gerrit
    • "Show execution" option in TGA treemap widgets was not correctly migrated

Version 4.4.4 - 31st August, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Importing Backup with "Skip project creation and only update external data" led to ClassNotFoundExceptions and missing external-upload findings
    • NTLM authentication against the TFS failed if HTTP/2 was enabled
    • Gerrit connector crashed in some cases
    • Gerrit Voting setting could not be changed without re-analysis
    • Branches were incorrectly merged if their parents are not matched to the preset branch include patterns, leading to import commits in the middle of the commit history

Version 4.4.3 - 28th August, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Incorrect navigation from generated code comments to Simulink models
    • Automatic account creation failed after creating the first SAP system connection
    • SAP system connectors failed to process incoming changes in rare cases
    • GitContentUpdater failed to parse commits if the branch contained '@'
    • Metrics bar chart showed artificial paths without metric values
    • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TypeScript Architecture Analysis
    • Uncaught validation exceptions when configuring external server credentials

Version 4.4.2 - 16th August, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Navigation from the Dashboard Perspective did not navigate to the project whose dashboard was last selected/viewed
    • IllegalArgumentException when using Metrics Table for non-code metrics
    • Gerrit Repository was not fully synced if workers were distributed on multiple machines
    • Findings were not fully removed in some rare cases
    • Incorrect calculation of Line Coverage
    • Merge Request Delta Findings were correct only if the target branch has not evolved
    • Simulink models were not rendered in the Findings detail view if they were not on the default branch
    • Tests Perspective crashed in some cases with "Request-URI too long" error
    • Incorrect analysis state after rollbacks
    • Tests Perspective didn't load for Simulink projects
    • NotificationTrigger errors despite not configuring any notifications
    • URLs starting with "git@" did not work
    • Activity detail view did not correctly display the files' change type for external upload commits
    • IllegalArgumentException in Array Initialization check
    • GitHub pull request annotation used "default" name/context
    • Project analysis could sometimes get stuck in a Rollback loop
  • Enhancements
    • Editing threshold profiles is now faster
    • Improved the axis-spacing in the Metric Bar Chart layout
    • Configure logging and caches by passing them in an environment variable

Version 4.4.1 - 7th August, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • C# false positive variable was unused when using string interpolation with formatting
    • Copy Simulink location button in Findings Detail View and Model View did not work
    • Delta cache was always reset leading to redundant delta analyses in Delta Perspective
    • Bogus insufficient memory warning in some cases
    • StorageException in ExternalAnalysisResultsRetriever and Persister
    • Unresponsive external uploads view
    • Users with project creation roles could not view default analysis profiles
    • ArrayInitializationCheck crashed with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    • Check "Object reference comparison with itself" crashed with IndexOutOfBoundsException
    • No warning message was displayed when attempting to delete an account that was in use by a project
    • Incorrect layout of Test Gap percentage horizontal bars in Issues list view
    • Intellij plugin: Stack-overflow error when migrating project JSON settings to properties file
    • Intellij plugin: NPE when right-clicking on findings in findings tree view
  • Enhancements
    • Updated the default threshold configuration values for comment completeness

Version 4.4.0 - 1st August, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Analysis of plain-text files is now supported by the 'LINE' language
    • External credentials management view
  • Web Interface
    • Ability to display absolute metric values next to metric-change values in Delta-Metric view, Activity-Detail view and Metrics Change Table Widget
    • Added warning label in case insufficient RAM is configured for the number of workers used
    • Ability to filter baseline dropdown lists by typing text
    • Project Perspective: Consistent ordering of entries in project configuration details for all projects
    • System Perspective: Download and deletion of worker, service and event logs in System perspective is now possible for individual projects
    • Findings Perspective: Treemaps for findings of individual rules
    • Activity Perspective: Ability to filter out blacklist commits
    • Activity Perspective: Architecture change's commit messages now contain the architecture's name
    • Architecture Perspective: Possibility to specify a descriptive change message when saving architectures
    • Metrics Perspective: Ability to limit displayed metrics to those defined in the selected threshold profile
  • Languages and Tools
    • Support for external report upload of Google Closure Compiler errors and warnings in JSON format
  • Admin
    • Configure Teamscale License by passing it in an environment variable
    • Configure by passing them in an environment variable
  • Built-in checks
    • Check for object comparison with itself (Java, C#)
    • Check for object reference comparison with itself (JavaScript)
    • Check for newly created exception which is not thrown (Java, C#)
    • Check for unused and duplicate imports (JavaScript)

Release 4.3

Version 4.3.6 - 31st July, 2018 (download)

Update from 4.3.5: Drop-in.
Update from 4.3.4: Drop-in, unless using Code Coverage for Python or C# projects, or in case of missing issues in projects using the Jira connector. Then, a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.3.3: Drop-in, unless the project has findings that are traced back from code to Simulink models, or using Code Coverage for Python or C# projects, or in case of missing issues in projects using the Jira connector. Then, a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.3.0, 4.3.1 or 4.3.2: Drop-in, unless scheduling or git problems are experienced or the project has findings that are traced back from code to Simulink models or using Code Coverage for Python or C# projects, or in case of missing issues in projects using the Jira connector. Then, a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Suggesting Extract Method refactorings caused AssertionError if meta-statements like #region are present
    • Pre-Commit Analysis in Eclipse/VisualStudio plug-in may initially report 0 findings
    • IntelliJ plugin: Webstorm froze when opening server configurations while the server was unreachable
    • White page was displayed until all the perspective's content was loaded
    • Projects sometimes got stuck in reanalysis state
    • Missing branch information in findings detail view
  • Enhancements
    • Increased efficiency of the Jira connector's query filtering
    • IntelliJ plugin now shortens classpaths for run configs to work on Windows

Version 4.3.5 - 24th July, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Navigating to "My Account" after viewing another user's profile still displayed the other user's info
    • Show play icon instead of pause icon when project analysis is paused
    • Some python statements were overlooked when calculating code coverage
    • Pre-Commit jobs of different users were not executed in parallel
    • Internal error (column family ID mismatch) in Cassandra storage system
    • C# properties covered in tests were not shown as fully covered in the code listing
    • Jira issue connector could miss issue updates in case of communication errors
    • The service for the automated creation of Roslyn finding descriptors had an error when uploading a second Roslyn report
    • Project admins could not edit project anymore after migration to new permission system
    • Could not perform a merge request delta analysis on a sub path
    • Blacklisting during history analysis resulted in an error
    • Repaired multiple broken tooltips
    • External findings and metrics could not be exported in a cloud deployment
    • Test gap assessment in the Tests perspective did not show modified methods
    • Service backend did not send an appropriate error response for critical internal errors
    • Default report mapping for Code Inspector was not set anymore
    • Event Log View did not display all entry logs
  • Enhancements
    • A warning is now shown when editing an old version of an architecture

Version 4.3.4 - 17th July, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Incorrect branch selection for test gaps in Issue details
    • Intellij plugin: NPE when opening IDE when no project or server is configured
    • Scheduler crashed with SchemaNotFoundException
    • Validation in analysis profile edit view led to an error page instead of highlighting incorrect fields
    • Missing reverse link for derived Simulink findings
    • Assessment Pie Chart rating was not centered

Version 4.3.3 - 11th July, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Intellij Plugin: Findings were fetched even when the plugin was disabled from Teamscale menu
    • Project was forgotten when navigating away from Dashboard Perspective
    • User was repeatedly rerouted to the login page when viewing a dashboard
    • Commit history analysis did not reach last commit and entered a rollback loop
    • Scheduler crashed due to a NPE
    • CoberturaReportHandler crashed for very large values of execution counters
    • SVN ChangeRetriever failed on repositories with inconsistent timestamps
    • Test Gap Analysis for unmerged issues was displayed as 'n/a'
    • Rollbacks were triggered to invalid commits
    • AbapGitImporter did not remove non-applicable zip files from the working directory
    • Could not manage baselines for projects with aliases
    • NPE occurred in CodeInspectorResultsAnnotator
    • Findings summary bar chart: Category selection was empty if no findings were available on default branch
  • Enhancements
    • More robust file mapping for report parsers
    • Fixed potential memory leaks in GitRepositoryBase
    • Improved handling of inconsistencies in ExternalAnalysisResultIndex

Version 4.3.2 - 3rd July, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Incorrect rendering of Simulink Reference blocks
    • Navigating to a Reference block from within a Simulink model led to incorrect rendering of the breadcrumbs
    • Error in RepositoryContentUpdaterBase occurred if start revision was before the first code commit
    • GitHub connector could not be initialized
    • External upload changes were included in the "Changed Files View" in the Merge-Request Delta Perspective
    • Clicking on a finding link in Code perspective led to a white page
    • Backup import page did not display an error message if an OutOfMemory error was encountered
    • Dashboards referring to non-existent projects could not be edited
    • Findings links in the "Findings Summary Table" widget navigated to incorrect results
    • Show/Hide all findings links in the Delta Perspective did not work
    • The date field of externally uploaded reports was mislabeled
    • ExternalAnalysisResultsChangeRetriever failed regularly with an AssertionError
  • Enhancements
    • Creation of projects with GitHub connectors is now restricted to users with read access to the repository
    • Faster performance of Architecture Editor while performing edit operations
    • Editing an account URL is now only possible via the admin settings page

Version 4.3.1 - 29th June, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Analysis profile lost all settings in edit dialog
    • Save indicator in architecture editor was not shown
    • Missing "Manage Baselines" button in time picker dialog
    • Incorrect API location url for Github Enterprise
    • Tooltips were missing in activity details findings table

Version 4.3.0 - 26th June, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Merge Request Delta View
    • Github Pull Request Integration
    • Undo/Redo for web-based Architecture Editor
    • Python Architecture Analysis
    • Backup to Amazon S3
  • Merge Request Delta View
    • Show delta between merge-source commit and merge-target commit
    • Preview of effects that executing the merge would have
    • Views show the effects on findings, touched files and commits that would be merged
  • Web Interface
    • New checks are now marked with a 'new' label in the dialog of the analysis profile edit view after Update
    • Test Gap Trend Chart Widget: Displaying execution percentage
    • Tests Perspective: faster issues view
    • External Report Upload: Ability to select a revision or baseline for the upload
    • Jira issues are linked to their parent issues
    • Architecture Perspective: Links to open code of orphans
  • Admin
    • Support for HTTP/2 for faster page loads over HTTPS
    • Session-based upload of multiple external reports in one upload commit
  • Built-in checks
    • Java
      • JavaDocTagCompletenessCheck: checks for incorrect JavaDoc usage
      • PublicClassThreadSafetyCheck: Non-thread-safe fields should not be static

Release 4.2

Version 4.2.8 - 17th July, 2018 (download)

Update from 4.2.3 or higher: Drop-in
Update from 4.2.1 and 4.2.2: Drop-in, unless using TSLint, PCLint or StyleCop analyses, in which case a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 4.2.0: Drop-in, unless spurious architecture finding churn occurs in C# projects or using TSLint, PCLint or StyleCop analyses, in which case a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Architectures couldn't be saved if the project id contained '--'
    • ExternalAnalysisResultsChangeRetriever failed regularly with an AssertionError

Version 4.2.7 - 29th June, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Test perspective displayed incorrect number of test gaps
    • TFS connector did not work if basic authentication was disabled on the server
    • Dashboard with a name containing slashes could not be displayed

Version 4.2.6 - 26th June, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • ABAP Git Import tried to process SAP Code Inspector results even when SAP Code Inspector was disabled
    • Importing SAP Code Inspector results was very slow
    • Metrics table could not show multiple metrics
    • Empty space was shown at top of activity perspective

Version 4.2.5 - 20th June, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Issue detail view sometimes crashed showing only a white page
    • Activity perspective kept jumping to the top of the page during analysis
    • Test Gap TreeMap displayed incorrect data in some edge cases
    • AvoidReassigningParameters Check generated false findings on 'this' references
    • Repository connector validation did not consider branch name transformations
    • IntelliJ plug-in could not be started in IntelliJ 2017.1.5
    • Apply button in IntelliJ plugin's project settings wasn't greyed-out after successfully saving settings
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of TestGapSynchronizer
    • User list view in admin perspective now loads faster

Version 4.2.4 - 12th June, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Issue details view was unresponsive in some cases
    • External analysis icon for findings was missing
    • Non-Code metrics were not displayed in Metrics Table Widget
    • Findings Churn Widget did not display correct data
    • Architecture overview page did not provide time travel option
  • Enhancements
    • Visual Studio Plugin now indicates added and/or modified findings for pre-commit analysis

Version 4.2.3 - 5th June, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • IntelliJ Plug-in sometimes did not create markers in editor
    • Redirect loop in dashboard perspective in case of insufficient permissions
    • Findings from StyleCop, PCLint, and TSLint do not get deleted for deleted/move files
    • Deletion date for deleted files in code view was incorrect
    • GitChangeRetriever produced many irrelevant warnings
    • Compare View crashed in certain cases
    • Error in Method history view: No method found for given region
    • External findings upload crashed when uploading data for a file multiple times
  • Performance
    • Improved page loading performance on Code and Metrics perspective
    • Improved performance of ExternalAnalysisResultsPersister in persisting process artifacts/metrics

Version 4.2.2 - 22nd April, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Backup import crashed with NullPointerException in some rare cases
    • NullPointerException in ABAP check 'Missing check of SY-SUBRC return code after authority check'
    • Clicking on a commit in the activity view activated timetravel
    • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in compare view in rare cases
    • Regex filter sometimes crashed in log views
    • IndexOutOfBoundsException sometimes occurred in CodeSearchIndexSynchronizer
    • Metric Threshold Configuration edit buttons were broken
    • Formatting of commit alerts in activity view was broken
    • Notifications were incorrectly sent for other developer's precommit branches
    • Eclipse Plugin: Precommit analysis did not work in some constellations
    • IntelliJ Plugin: only updated findings when reopening a file
  • Performance
    • Metrics perspective took very long to load on large systems
    • Rollbacks took very long in large projects

Version 4.2.1 - 22nd April, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Metrics table widget crashed for non code metrics when using unsuited threshold profile
    • Paused project disappeared when triggering reanalysis
    • Project was created despite validation errors
    • Spurious added/removed architecture findings in C# projects
    • NullPointerException during backup import
    • IntelliJ freezes if Teamscale connection is not available
    • IntelliJ Plug-in failed with NullPointerException after opening a file
    • IntelliJ Plug-in failed with NullPointerException after start
    • Gerrit connector caused an error when trying to vote on drafts or closed changes

Version 4.2.0 - 14th May, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Redesign of Permission System
    • TypeScript Architecture Analysis
    • System Performance Metrics
  • Permission System
    • An editable role schema which allows setting up predefined sets of permissions
    • Assignment of roles to users, as well as groups
    • More fine grained permissions through customizable project and global roles
    • Creators of new objects (projects, analysis profiles, groups etc.) can control the objects' permission management
  • Test Gap Analysis (TGA)
    • Improved overall performance of Test Gap Analysis
    • Test execution results and derived metrics are integrated in the Tests perspective
    • Popups in Tests perspective now offer trend zooming and jumping to Delta perspective
    • Added coverage source selector to Issue Details View
    • TGA Overview Widget now displays the execution ratio
    • TGA Overview Widget now shows more context about first and last coverage upload
  • Web Interface
    • Widgets' number format can now be configured in the dashboard
    • Single metric trend chart widget now supports stacking
    • Message about a project being in analysis now shows the timestamp currently analyzed
    • Activity perspective: Resolved findings in commits are now highlighted
    • Task details view: commits, change history and discussion now shown as tabs
    • Findings attached to tasks are now sorted by their resolution state
    • Issue queries now support for inState queries with fixed dates
    • URLs contained in issue fields are now clickable in the issue details view
    • Projects now have an editable description which is shown in tooltips
  • External Uploads
    • Support for uploading and exporting external metric descriptions
    • Support for direct upload of SAP Code Inspector reports
    • Automatic creation of finding descriptions from Roslyn report uploads
  • ABAP
    • Update of SAP Code Inspector results with every code change
    • Code Inspector results are fetched directly by Teamscale without external upload
    • Support for SAP Secure Network Communications (SNC) to encrypt RFC connection
    • Code changes for SAP BW objects now contain transport request information
  • Built-in checks
    • ABAP
      • Checks to avoid findings' suppression by pseudo comments, pragmas or SET EXTENDED CHECK OFF
    • Java
      • Check to avoid usage of continue or break with label
      • Check for detecting usages of the SuppressWarnings annotation
      • Check for avoiding ignoring of tests now shows the ignore message

Release 4.1

Version 4.1.5 - 29th May, 2018 (download)

Update from 4.1.3: Drop-in
Update from other 4.1.x: Drop-in, unless branching and branch renaming are activated and there are visible SVN ChangeRetriever errors. Then, a full re-analysis is required.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Jira could not handle umlauts in account credentials
    • Table sorting in Tests perspective was broken
    • TFS dependency jar file contained inconsistently signed dependency

Version 4.1.4 - 8th May, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Content in external analysis uploads table was not fully displayed
    • NullPointerException after restarting Teamscale
    • Password in account credentials could not be changed
    • Eclipse Plug-in: Could not retrieve findings when using Subversion

Version 4.1.3 - 26th April, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Branch renaming sometimes led to incorrect change sets
    • Code perspective did not work in Internet Explorer 10
    • Tooltip in metrics table was not fully displayed in Safari
  • Enhancements
    • File history view did not show Issue IDs per history entry

Version 4.1.2 - 17th April, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Architecture analysis state sometimes got stuck
    • Filtering the Activity view to a single user caused an HTTP error
    • SVN connections did not reuse sockets leading to socket leaks
    • API version check for Teamscale Eclipse Plug-in failed
    • Importing 4.0.2 backup into 4.1.1 did not work in some rare cases
    • Teamscale Eclipse Plug-in did not show findings
    • Cassandra connections sometimes had read failures
    • IssueService did not check for read permissions
    • Method history view comparison selected wrong entries
    • PostRevisionAnalysisTriggers were not removed in case of rollbacks
    • Wrong selection of projects when editing user groups

Version 4.1.1 - 11th April, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Wrong TGA percentage in Test Perspective issue view when using cross-annotation
    • Out of Memory error in CodeChangeSynchronizer
    • Clicking on architectures in Test Perspective wrongly navigated to the Metrics Perspective
    • Wrong metric values for some files on architecture path
    • Eclipse Plugin did not work with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) anymore
    • Blacklisting multiple findings did not work on non-default branch
    • Wrong architecture dependencies for PHP's require_once
    • Performance Statistics Services failed with NullPointerException
    • NumberFormatException in Array Initialization Check
    • IndexOutOfBoundsException in Catch of Generic Exception Check
    • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Include Filename Delimiter Check
    • Comment completeness analysis was slow for large C++ projects
    • Layout of quality indicator configuration was broken
    • Some web UI tooltips blocked input elements in project configuration
    • Delete icon in cross-annotation parameter in TGA treemap was missing
  • Enhancements
    • Improved Treemap performance for projects using architectures

Version 4.1.0 - 5th April, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0 Identity Provider
    • Kotlin language support
    • Visual Studio Pre-commit Analysis support
  • MC/DC Coverage
    • New MC/DC coverage metric showing the percentage of covered code
    • Uploading and parsing of MC/DC coverage from CTC++ report
    • Integration of annotated MC/DC coverage information in code view
  • External Findings
    • Ability to export/import external findings descriptions and findings groups
    • UI for creation of external finding descriptions
  • Web Interface
    • Admin perspective: Clearer and better categorization of options/settings
    • Test perspective: Show summary of test gaps for an issue query
    • Test perspective: Allow selecting projects for cross-annotation
    • Code perspective: Line coverage is annotated for files without coverage
    • Code perspective: Collapsible Metrics table in sidebar
    • Findings perspective: Ability to exclude findings via regex
    • Metric bar charts: Option to display numeric value in metric bar charts
    • Improved UI for system execution
    • Option to unset default dashboard
  • Built-in checks
    • Catch of Non-Generic exception check (Java, C#)
    • Custom Exception Definition (Java, C#, VB)
    • Throw of Non-Generic exception check (Java, C#, VB)
    • Catch of Generic exception check (Java, C#, VB)
    • Throw of Generic exception check (C#, VB)
    • C/C++ (Checks for MISRA Coding Conventions)
      • Missing braces for block statements in compound body check
      • Goto Other Blocks or Backwards Check
      • Line Splicing in Comments Check
      • Nested Comments Check
      • Do Not Include "setjmp.h" Check
      • Do Not Include "signal.h" Check
      • Forbidden Conversion Functions Check
      • Forbidden Memory Management Functions Check
      • Forbidden Program Support Utilities Check
      • Forbidden Search Sort Functions Check
      • Forbidden Standard IO Functions Check
      • Forbidden Time and Date Functions Check
      • Forbidden Type Generic Math Functions Check
      • Lowercase Literal Suffix Check
      • Octal Constant Check
      • Array Initialization Check
      • Forbidden Sequences in Include Check
      • Include Directives Should Not Be Preceded By Code Check
      • Include File name Delimiter Check
      • Macro Argument With Directives Check
      • Preprocessor Directive End Check
      • Preprocessor Directive Line Start Check
      • Switch Must Have Default Check
      • Switch Clause Is Terminated By Break Statement Check
      • Switch Clause Number Check
      • Switch Clauses Are In Switch Statement Body Check
      • Switch Statement Demands Default Label Well Placed Check
      • Switch Statement Is Well Formed Check
      • All Exit Paths Return Value Check
      • Encapsulated Assembler Check
      • Flexible Array Member Check
      • SizeOf With Side Effects Check
      • Terminated Escape Sequences Check

Release 4.0

Version 4.0.5 - 28th March, 2018 (download)

Update from other 4.0.x: Drop-in, unless using Gerrit repository connectors or using SCOV for ABAP projects. Then, a full re-analysis is required.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • ABAP test execution information was potentially incomplete
    • Gerrit voting crashed on deleted files
    • Git submodules with paths spaning multiple directories were not recognized
    • Trend charts in MetricsTableWidget did not display the correct history

Version 4.0.4 - 20th March, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Project sorting in project chooser wasn't case-insensitive
    • Layout glitch of partition selector in Tests perspective
    • Could not change the selected issue metric in Tests perspective using Safari
    • Execution popup trend in Tests perspective reversed the colors' correct order
  • Improvements
    • External upload commits can be hidden in the resource history

Version 4.0.3 - 7th March, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Gerrit connector could not handle duplicate change-ids
    • Could not create projects with multiple Gerrit connectors
    • Gerrit connector did not fetch all refs
    • Mapping of commits of Gerrit branches was incorrect
    • Gerrit line comments were off by one
    • Could not add constraints in the architecture editor
    • Backup import failed for large systems
    • Errors "Region must be contained in list" in CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer
    • Git connector description was outdated
  • Improvements
    • Performance of Pre-Commit service

Version 4.0.2 - 27th February, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • TestInfoRegionUpdater threw IndexOutOfBoundsException
    • Broken branch and time picker in path selector for widgets
    • GitRepositoryConnection crashed if submodules support was active but no submodules were present
    • C++ architecture analysis showed orphans "cpp-header:"
    • Wrong data shown in issue treemap
    • Error when changing account credentials: Access to storage system failed: Schema is missing from storage system
    • InvalidPathException in Git Submodule analysis
    • Blacklisting required project lead permissions
    • Changing the path reset all coverage sources in the Test Gap Treemap widget
    • Switching to another dashboard changed the already selected branch
    • NPE in ServicePermissions when checking read access for a non-existing project
  • Improvements
    • More information in Pre-Commit Popup in Eclipse

Version 4.0.1 - 20th February, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • ElementHistoryUpdater crashed for huge deltas in larger projects
    • Empty block check missed some Javascript empty blocks

Version 4.0.0 - 13th February, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Pre-commit analysis which allows realtime analysis in the IDE
  • Web Interface
    • Activity Perspective: Show timestamps for first and last commit of each repository
    • Multiline project configuration field
  • Blacklisting
    • Metrics and widgets exclude blacklisted findings
    • Blacklisted findings merge upon branch merge
  • ABAP
    • Analysis of ABAP Enhancements
    • Improved ABAP refactoring detection in the following cases:
      • Changing parameter modifiers in method definitions
      • Omitting or adding parameter modifiers in method calls
      • Omitting or adding parameter name in method calls that only have one parameter
  • Custom checks
    • Order of access modifier check (C/C++, C#, Java)
    • OScript: Avoid dynamic check
    • Simulink: Naming convention checks
    • Java
      • Instances of Optional should not be compared to null
      • Enhanced 'Names must not only differ in casing' check
      • Avoid reassigning parameter value
    • C/C++
      • Each variable should be declared on a separate line
      • Avoid top level anonymous namespaces
      • Declarations should be a part of a namespace
      • Destructors should be declared 'noexcept'
      • Only constructor with one parameter should be explicit
      • Own header should be included first
      • Friend declarations should be private
      • No global 'using'
      • Methods should not be defined in a header file
      • Namespaces should not be imported as a whole
      • No C-Style casts
      • Do not declare anything in restricted namespaces
  • Admin
    • Ability to share Dashboards with projects
    • Ability to cancel or pause analyses for a project
    • Updated to latest TSLint version (5.9.1)
    • Service to calculate total number of relevant Test Gaps
    • Allow import of external data via repository connectors
    • Support for Istanbul JSON format and upload of coverage reports
    • Support rule set annotations for checks

Release 3.9

Version 3.9.6 - 7th March, 2018 (download)

Update from 3.9.x: Drop-in.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Delta perspective not working for architecture paths of components with third-party types
    • Metrics Table Widget's trend charts and treemaps did not respect chosen branch
    • Gerrit connector did not vote during rollbacks

Version 3.9.5 - 20th February, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Architecture uploads could get lost if uploaded for the same timestamp
    • Git connection crashed during cleanup if error occurred

Version 3.9.4 - 13th February, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Could not import dashboard from Teamscale 3.6
    • Error in Gerrit connector: request entity too large
    • Compare view does not show code when diff cannot be computed
    • Crash of Visual Studio Extension if "Miscellaneous Files" are open in Solution
    • Improve error message when Git connector with submodule support is run on folder without .gitmodules file

Version 3.9.3 - 6th February, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Teamscale systemd service was missing a working directory, which led to all data being lost on restarting the service
    • Test perspective: tga-table service was slow (especially for architectures)
    • Markdown Breaks Navigation for Code Inspector Findings
    • Execution information was wrong on Tests perspective
    • Cannot set/alter alias without reanalysis
    • ExternalAnalysisResultsUpdater was very slow on huge systems
    • Incomplete entries were always filtered from MetricHotspotService
    • Rollback failed in case unadjusted commits are present
    • Unable to edit groups with many members

Version 3.9.2 - 25th January, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • No dependencies shown in architecture editor for C++ projects
    • Issue perspective was slow
    • Artifactory validation failed
    • Opening architecture editor took very long
    • Misleading trend indicator in metrics table for neutral metrics
    • Tests Perspective: Choosing between Open and Closed tickets did not work
  • Enhancements
    • Misc improvements for Gosu checks

Version 3.9.1 - 16th January, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Tests Perspective: Issue based Test Gap percentage was wrong
    • Metrics and Tests perspective: Popups showed ugly scrollbars
    • Git connector to local bare repository was broken for some path names (Windows)
    • False positives for C# Timers in C# unused variables check
    • False positive in "No Write Access to SAP Standard Tables" Check
    • Artifactory connector did not support CommitHookService call
    • systemd startup unit did not set working directory
    • did not ignore comment lines in

Version 3.9.0 - 9th January, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • New Tests Perspective to inspect test execution information and test gaps
  • Web Interface
    • Activity Perspective: No automatic reload in case there's no connection
    • Architecture Perspective
      • Link to architecture specification from finding details of architecture findings
      • Informative page shown when no architecture exists
      • Conformance status of architectures is now shown in the overview
    • Issue Perspective: Number of available issues is now displayed
    • Delta Perspective: Ability to exclude upload commits
    • Dashboard Widgets
      • Metric selection dialog for assessment trend chart uses radio buttons
      • Configuration dialog can be exited by pressing Escape
  • ABAP
    • Detection of hidden ABAP source code
    • Analysis of SAP standard code modifications
    • Analysis of enhancement point implementations
    • SCOV Upload: New Flag to Specify All Counters are Deltas
    • Automatically create account credentials for ABAP System Connections
  • Custom checks
    • Avoid equality check with boolean literal (C/C++, C#, Java)
    • Gosu custom checks
      • Naming conventions
      • Order of class members
      • Avoid the Java Date class
      • Use Gosu comparison operators instead of Java "equals" check
    • Avoid public variables check
  • Admin
    • New systemd unit file for the Teamscale Linux service
    • Test coverage metric now configured by default
    • More placeholders available for backup file names, e.g., port number

Release 3.8

Version 3.8.6 - 13th February, 2018 (download)

Update from 3.8.1 or a later 3.8.x: Drop-in.
Update from 3.8.0: Full re-analysis via backup required
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Could not configure IntelliJ for projects with alias
    • Error importing backup with dashboards from 3.6

Version 3.8.5 - 6th February, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Method history view: Service crashed with "No Method found for given region"
    • Nesting was not calculated correctly for PHP code with 'else if' constructs
    • Changing project alias prompted to reanalyze
    • SVN connector missed some branches
    • SVN connector gets stuck in inconsistent state
    • SVN Connector created incorrect history when merges are done on a subfolder level
    • NullPointerException in SVNChangeRetriever
    • CommitTree did not always return up-to-date information
    • External upload session ID was not found due to failing default branch name resolution
    • 3rd party dependencies not extracted anymore for file-based architectures
    • NullPointerException in BullsEyeReportHandler
    • Metric Bar Chart did not show percentage metrics as such
    • Label widget did not render lists correctly
    • TGA Treemap always includes all files (if no issue is selected)
    • Assessment Pie Chart showed wrong percentage trend
    • Can't add group to user
    • Jira authentication failed for certain authentication schemes
    • Rendering error in Jira Custom Field selection with active filter
    • Project edit was ignored
    • Editing account in project perspective led to red error page
    • TypeScript naming conventions: false positive finding in angular service directive
    • QG3 findings were not reported in rare cases
    • Mail notifications were not sent

Version 3.8.4 - 19th December, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Architecture findings were not updated after updating dependencies
    • Externally uploaded data was not fully integrated
    • Dashboards were not viewable on IE
    • Select/Deselect all projects did not work on Admin Backup page

Version 3.8.3 - 12th December, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • TGA trend charts incorrectly displayed a flat line
    • Incomplete parameters for CloneChunkIndexSynchronizer trigger led to an error in configuring cloning exclude path patterns
    • JS error handling did not display stack traces
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of architecture assessment service, leading to faster opening and editing of architectures
    • Log messages in AbapSynchronizeTriggers now indicate which connection failed

Version 3.8.2 - 6th December, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Inability to upload C++ coverage from manual tests due to invalid lines
    • TFS connector extracted branches that were not included in the project config
    • Visual Studio plugin did not work with 3.8.0
    • IssueId Dialog did not fully display the text
    • Popup was not shown in the Numeric metric value widget
    • Assessment trend chart did not display the assessment in percentage format

Version 3.8.1 - 30th November, 2017 (download)

  • Critical Fixes
    • Missing migration for .NET Version index, causing corrupted data
  • Fixes
    • Dashboard migration failed in rare cases
    • Method history view did not work for architecture paths
    • .NET Method mapping calculation was incorrect in rare cases
    • NullPointerException was thrown when importing backup in some instances
    • InternetExplorerCompatCheck was outdated
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of data taint analysis
    • Support for Git over SSH has been added

Version 3.8.0 - 21st November, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Support Coverage/TGA for PL/SQL
    • Major performance improvements
    • Improved descriptions for many checks
  • Web Interface
    • Improved activity perspective design
    • Show indicator whether project is in history analysis or rollback analysis
    • Show file name in browser page title when viewing code
    • Issue queries: Ability to show affected files treemap for each query
    • Test gap analysis: Added method history view
    • Architecture editor: Sort matched types in the component's property view
  • Analysis
    • Add option to exclude files based on size
    • SAP ABAP system connector no longer requests coverage on full exports
    • PL/SQL check: Warn if default exception handler is missing
  • Admin Features
    • More feedback after importing a backup
      • List new checks that could be activated in imported analysis profiles
      • Display errors and statistics after import
    • Support user groups from TFS/VSTS
    • Add option to track enhanced storage access statistics
    • External Tools
    • Support direct upload of C# compiler warnings

Release 3.7

Version 3.7.6 - 29th November, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.7.x: Drop-in, unless external analysis data was uploaded for a time before the first commit. Then a full re-analysis of the affected projects is recommended to get consistent data.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Fix: Edit project options dialog did not crashed when opened
    • Fix: Metrics table widget did not work for non-default branches
    • Fix: External analysis result import crashed in an unlikely edge case
  • Enhancements
    • Slight performance improvement for the data taint analysis

Version 3.7.5 - 28th November, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Activity details no longer showed full commit message
    • Fix: External analysis results were not loaded correctly in case they were uploaded before the first code commit was analyzed
    • Fix: Artifactory branch extraction was too strict
    • Fix: Usage treemap crashed
    • Fix: Simulink models could not be opened
  • Enhancements
    • Improve gerrit branch handling for some corner cases
    • Improve performance of architecture analysis on very large systems

Version 3.7.4 - 16th November, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Multiple PostRevisionAnalysisTriggers were added if multiple connectors were active in one project
    • Fix: External analysis results could lead to huge amounts of rollbacks in certain cases
    • Fix: Cobol used incorrect C-Like normalization
    • Fix: Artifactory connector failed in case multiple branches with the same revision existed
    • Fix: Some coverage edge cases in BullsEye coverage reports were missing
  • Enhancements
    • CTC SKIP literals are now supported

Version 3.7.3 - 6th November, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: IE11: Could not add any connectors to projects
    • Fix: Users with project admin rights could not edit projects
    • Fix: TGA Treemap in Delta perspective did not show tooltips
    • Fix: Cobol parser failed for some constructs
    • Fix: VS Coverage upload failed if more than one module was present
    • Fix: SVN connection threw NullPointer in rare cases
  • Enhancements
    • Delta perspective loaded long, now much faster
    • Gerrit can now vote based on red findings, but comment red + yellow findings

Version 3.7.2 - 20th October, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: NPE in Dashboard widget migration during backup import
    • Fix: Analysis profile did not show the configured values for the options
    • Fix: Generated Heatfiler reports did not have correct prefixes, extensions or directory paths
    • Fix: AssertionErrors in MethodTaintGraphSynchronizer
    • Fix: Analysis of architecture files with taint analysis failed
    • Fix: Activity perspective did not display new commits
    • Fix: Security problem in admin perspective

Version 3.7.1 - 12th October, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: WebUI crashed on Internet Explorer 11
    • Fix: Worker log type filter crashed
    • Fix: Cobol parser produced incorrect results for some constructs
    • Fix: Re-enabled old parts of the log filtering REST API for compatibility
    • Fix: Links between Simulink models and code broken in some cases

Version 3.7.0 - 10th October, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • UI for easily uploading external reports via the Web UI
    • Ability to upload externally computed architecture dependencies
    • Improved Clone Management
      • Activity perspective: ability to view/focus on inconsistent clone alerts
      • Findings perspective: ability to navigate from Clone to Sibling finding
  • Web Interface
    • Code perspective: Code Outline View displaying an outline of the opened structured file
    • Architecture Editor:
      • Displaying include/exclude patterns on architecture components
      • Violations now allow easy navigation to the corresponding finding
    • Dashboards: Link from Commit Chart Widget to User-Filtered Activity
    • Improved numerical sorting of branch names
    • Project configuration: Hide dependent options unless required by the configuration
  • Analysis
    • Comment Completeness Analysis for AngularJS and TypeScript
    • Naming convention checks are possible for PHP code
  • Admin Features
    • Filter Worker/Service/Event-Logs via time range
    • A Dockerfile for Teamscale is now contained in the distribution
    • Automatic guessing of the instance URL
    • External Tools
    • Support for the Astrée RuleChecker report format
    • Jira: Jira issues can now be filtered by project in the Issue Perspective
    • Gerrit: Automatic voting on empty commits which are not analysed by Teamscale
  • Export Services
    • Issue Perspective: Trend can now be exported as CSV
    • TGA CSV Export now includes class name in a separate column (with link to the file in Teamscale)
    • Taint Analysis Findings CSV Export now includes the finding rule names and ids

Release 3.6

Version 3.6.2 - 10th October, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.6.x: Drop-in.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Fix: Clone detection caused uploading of Gerrit review to fail, if a clone sibling was outside of patchset
    • Fix: IndexOutOfBoundsException in GerritAnalysisResultUploader
    • Fix: Metrics perspective mapped wrong metrics to path names
    • Fix: NPE in SvnChangeRetriever
    • Fix: Missing findings for Comment Completeness for JavaScript methods

Version 3.6.1 - 25th September, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Path chooser in threshold configurations was broken
    • Fix: When Simulink blocks are placed on negative coordinates, the content was cut off
    • Fix: Support for OScript *.os files was missing
    • Fix: Error in GitChangeRetriever: Had multiple parents from same branch
    • Fix: TFSWorkItemSynchronizer stalled Teamscale: Illegal character entity: expansion character
    • Fix: Safari: Test gap treemap on Delta Perspective: Switches could not be switched off
    • Fix: Cobol Parser problems
    • Fix: ProjectBranchesService crashed on branch names with numbers larger than integer.max
    • Fix: Bug in TFSRepositoryConnection
    • Fix: Bugfixes and improvements for Gerrit integration

Version 3.6.0 - 29th August, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • TGA Treemap in the Delta perspective
    • Python comment completeness now part of the regular comment completeness analysis
    • Support for IBM RTC/Jazz issue tracker including history analysis
    • Big analysis performance improvements
      • Content synchronization
      • Comment analysis
      • Clone detection
      • Code ownership synchronization
      • Architecture reference synchronization
      • Faster HEAD data access
      • Faster compression/decompression for the store backend
      • Faster scheduling of long external upload histories
  • UI Features
    • Use consistent branch filtering dropdowns everywhere
    • Dashboards: show widget's type when editing it
    • Dashboards: option to hide unchanged code in the Test Gap treemap widget
    • Activity perspective: improved display of findings churn for merges
    • Architecture editor: allow case insensitive regexes
    • User profile: improved access key format for easier copying
  • New Languages/External Tools
    • Cobol
    • Full support for TFS issue history analysis
    • Support new compiler warnings format from Visual Studio Team Services
    • Support .NET coverage reports merged by Visual Studio's codecoverage.exe
    • Enable direct upload of SpCop/FxCop reports
    • Enable direct upload JUnit/NUnit/XUnit reports as non-code data
  • Admin Features
    • Log regex filter now also matches the commit
    • Warn when importing a backup with inconsistent project and folder names
    • Added services for monitoring instance health with external tools such as Nagios
  • Checks
    • Java
      • Useless calls to the super constructor

Release 3.5

Version 3.5.6 - 25th August, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.5.x: Drop-in. However, if any of the following cases apply, then a full re-analysis is recommended:
  • CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer threw IndexOutOfBoundsException on Javascript code
  • (from 3.5.3 only) In case the scheduler failed with "Start commit must be before end commit" the store must be removed and Teamscale needs to be setup again from scratch/backup. Please contact if you require assistance!
  • TFS connector was creating problems
  • ABAP parser errors are present
  • Python line coverage is used
  • CS project modules could not be analysed
  • Parsing problems with AngularJS code exist
  • Many errors occurred in GOSU or C#
  • Worker is stuck in deleting project (requires complete trashing of the storage)
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Fix: NullPointerException was thrown when uploading external findings in rare cases after a Teamscale restart
    • Fix: Activity perspective hung in "Loading more entries" state in rare cases

Version 3.5.5 - 22nd August, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Attaching findings to tasks using the web ui did not work
    • Fix: Rare IndexOutOfBoundsException in CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer on JS code
    • Fix: Parsing BullsEye reports resulted in errors in rare cases
    • Fix: ExternalAnalysisResultsRepairer could crash with an NPE

Version 3.5.4 - 16th August, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Critical regression fix (introduced with 3.5.3): Scheduler stopped after error: "Start commit must be before end commit"
    • Fix: Filtering findings by architecture path did not work correctly in findings perspective in some case
    • Fix: Could not add metric to metric threshold profile using IE11
    • Fix: Metric threshold configuration UI behaved incorrectly when changing the base profile
    • Fix: Findings were not displayed correctly in Simulink stateflow models
    • Fix: Python line coverage was not calculated correctly for multiple cases
    • Fix: The TFS connection did not handle all TFS errors correctly
    • Fix: ABAP infotypes parsed incorrectly
    • Fix: ABAP usage analysis reported wrong results in some cases
    • Fix: Usage treemap crashed in rare cases
  • Enhancements
    • Enhancement: Made scheduler more robust against errors in single projects
    • Enhancement: Added additional backup import options to improve admin backup import workflow

Version 3.5.3 - 7th August, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: AngularJS methods were not detected correctly and let to false positives
    • Fix: SVN connector validated although the connection was invalid in rare cases
    • Fix: ProjectModuleIndexSynchronizer crashed with NumberFormatException in rare cases
    • Fix: ABAP parser did not parse some cases correctly
    • Fix: Architecture findings got lost in very rare cases due to duplicate IDs
    • Fix: Architecture perspective had minor layouting issues on small resolutions
    • Fix: Architecture editor was very slow due to performance regressions
    • Fix: Issue query autocomplete did not work correctly sometimes
    • Fix: Gerrit connector crashed on some border cases
  • Enhancements
    • Enhancement: Gerrit connector can now be set to vote only on red findings
    • Enhancement: Gerrit connector now marks blacklisted comments as such in Gerrit
    • Enhancement: External uploads are now taken into consideration for merges

Version 3.5.2 - 1st August, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Local file git repository connectors using path suffixes could not be validated
    • Fix: C# architecture analysis created false positives in rare cases
    • Fix: Architecture analysis spammed the log with useless warnings
    • Fix: GOSU extension methods were not correctly recognized by the parser

Version 3.5.1 - 25th July, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Critical fix: Scheduler crashed when deleting project
    • Fix: Clone detection for GOSU was missing normalization
    • Fix: SVN connector could not be validated in certain authentication scenarios
    • Fix: Simulink unconnected port check did not ignore top-level library blocks
    • Fix: Could not edit project using Internet Explorer
    • Fix: PyLint report parser failed for multi-line messages
    • Fix: Some ABAP blocks could not be covered by test coverage

Version 3.5.0 - 19th July, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • TGA Support for JavaScript/TypeScript
    • UI design improvement: Semantic UI
    • Branch-aware findings tracking
    • Artifactory Connector
  • UI Features
    • Explicitly mark content-excluded files in the metrics perspective
    • TGA treemaps are shown for issues in the issue perspective
    • Single metric trend chart has the option to use different axes per configured path
    • TGA-widgets have deselect-all option for coverage sources
    • Decluttered Activity Perspective displaying the most relevant information
  • New Languages/External Tools
    • Integration of OScript in Teamscale
    • Architecture analysis for SAP HANA views
    • Direct FindBugs upload
    • Report-based pylint upload
  • Admin Features
    • Extension of the event log to include non-service events
    • Inclusion of teamscale.log file in support request
  • Custom Checks
    • HANA SQLScript
      • Input parameter proper prefix check
      • Joins on calculated attributes check
      • Naming of scripted calculation views check
      • Avoid usage of Column Engine check
      • Variable proper prefix check
  • Visual Studio 2017 Support
    • Auto-prefix mapping: improved project setup by automatically resolving path prefixes if possible

Release 3.4

Version 3.4.10 - 1st August, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.4.x: Drop-in. However, if any of the following cases apply, then a full re-analysis is recommended:
  • Many false positives are present due to the structs error
  • Problems with Jira issue queries exist
  • There are missing merge commits
  • There are missing methods in TGA
  • SVN Connector throws an IllegalStateException
  • Multiple identical commits exist
  • Failures occurred in the CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer
  • Missing fields in Jira issues
  • Test Gap Analysis is actively used for Python projects
  • Errors occurred in the Git or TFS change retrievers
  • There are missing commits in SVN projects
  • Too many parent commits exist for a single commit
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Fix: Users without Project Admin permissions could not view the metrics trend using the metrics table widget
    • Fix: Structs were not properly detected as types for empty block checks in C++
    • Fix: Bullseye coverage parser only parsed a single report even if uploading multiple ones at once

Version 3.4.9 - 25th July, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Jira issue queries sometimes returned incorrect results
    • Fix: Metrics trend chart sometimes crashed when using metric threshold profiles
    • Fix: Editing threshold profiles could lead to inconsistent data causing widgets to fail

Version 3.4.8 - 18th July, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Teamscale did not detect merge commits in rare cases
    • Fix: CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer missed lots of methods
    • Fix: Scheduler was sometimes very slow on very big projects
    • Fix: InState Queries were not evaluated correctly, if changes appeared between evaluation points

Version 3.4.7 - 11th July, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Goto, labels and case fallthroughs were not handled correctly for CTC coverage
    • Fix: SVN connector threw IllegalStateException in rare cases
    • Fix: Crucible connector could not be validated when using basic authentication
    • Fix: Cursor hovering used wrong offset on some treemaps
  • Enhancements
    • Add support for the "Fix Version(s)" and "Components" fields for Jira issue queries
    • The Gerrit connector can now leave line comments for findings with each vote

Version 3.4.6 - 6th July, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Comments from the Gerrit connector pushed to Gerrit did not contain the commit message

Version 3.4.5 - 4th July, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Very large files were not properly handled by the git connection
    • Fix: 'Number of Days in Future' setting for trend charts that use threshold profiles was ignored
    • Fix: CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer crashed with OutOfMemoryException for very long histories
    • Fix: CommitChartWidget displayed incorrectly sorted results

Version 3.4.4 - 30th June, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer errors due to missing region content
    • Fix: Issues in multiple parent branches
    • Fix: Duplicate identical commits
    • Fix: PDB upload failed with a service error
    • Fix: Simulink library did not support Reset port
    • Fix: NullPointerException when adding a user to a group
    • Fix: Code view errors in Internet Explorer
    • Fix: Removed outdated Admin Guide link

Version 3.4.3 - 28th June, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer and FindingsTracker crashed repeatedly
    • Fix: TGA widget with issue ID did not work
    • Fix: Updated wrong description for Git connector
    • Fix: Jira did not import certain fields
    • Fix: Bug in SVNRepositoryConnection

Version 3.4.2 - 27th June, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: TGA for Python: methods were incorrectly reported as tested
    • Fix: Could not connect to Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) with new default JVM arguments
    • Fix: Error in change retriever: Did not find scheduled revision for commit (Git and TFS)
    • Fix: Finding Links in Task View were not shown for all branches but master
    • Fix: Missing commits in SVN project when part of repository path was renamed

Version 3.4.1 - 13th June, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: SVN connector did not validate deleted paths
    • Fix: Teamscale instance would hang and queued jobs would not be scheduled
    • Fix: Single commit had too many parent commits in some cases

Version 3.4.0 - 6th June, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Branch aware test gap analysis
    • Gerrit has been added as new connector
    • Special UI to highlight and explain dataflow findings
  • New Languages/External Tools
    • Support for Clang dataflow findings
    • BullseyeCoverage test coverage for C++
  • Simulink
    • Display test coverage on Simulink models
    • Added links from generated source code to simulink model (and vice versa)
    • Findings in the underlying code are now visible as part of the simulink model
  • UI Features
    • Display a name for the current Teamscale instance on every page
    • Number format in Metrics perspective is now switchable between shortened and full format
    • Findings can now be exported to a csv file
    • Improved drag and drop behaviour on threshold profile creation page
    • Better keyboard support during project creation
  • Admin Features
    • Event Log and system usage information is now included in the support request
    • Postpone analysis of late external uploads to a specific time window
    • The Teamscale Admin Guide has been merged into the Teamscale User Guide

Release 3.3

Version 3.3.5 - 31st May, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.3.x: Drop-in, unless Test Gap Analysis is actively used and the project contains over 500 files or problems with the Git or TFS connection occurred. To fix the missing methods or problems with the retrievers, a reanalysis of the affected projects is necessary.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Edit button for custom fields in Jira connector did not work
    • Crucible reviews were not displayed
    • ABAP Exporter parsed dates incorrectly
    • Updated RocksDB to the newest version to re-enable Windows support

Version 3.3.4 - 24th May, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Git connector calculated incorrect changesets in rare cases
    • were not read correctly if the path to teamscale contains a space
    • MetricsTrendChart behaved incorrectly for some configurations of threshold profiles

Version 3.3.3 - 17th May, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Project selector showed incorrect project as selected in some cases
    • Comment completeness for TypeScript: could not select methods that are public and inside an exported type
    • TFS ChangeRetriever threw "AssertionError: Cannot resolve parent commit" in rare cases
    • GitChangeRetriever connection could get stuck forever, due to unlimited connection timeout
    • GitContentUpdater threw NullPointerException for path containing a degree symbol

Version 3.3.2 - 10th May, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Projects could get stuck in reanalyse state when triggering multiple reanalyses simultaneously
    • Could not open architecture link in architecture perspective using Internet Explorer 11
    • Lots of methods were missing in the TGA method index
    • Python check "do not shadow built-ins" threw NullPointerException in rare cases
    • Analysis profile import from 3.2.x to 3.3.x was broken when custom external findings were used
    • MetricsTrendChart did not honour time range set in the threshold configuration
    • RocksDB startup was slow for big instances

Version 3.3.1 - 3rd May, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Service error when using metrics trend chart
    • Trend indicators in metric widgets do not work with branching
    • License expiration did not show expiration date
    • Analysis crashed in multiple git corner cases
    • RocksDB storage system crashed after some time

Version 3.3.0 - 26th April, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Simulink visualization improvements
    • Linking of Simulink findings from generated code to the simulink model
    • RocksDB storage backend support (beta)
  • New Languages/External Tools
    • GOSU language support
    • CppCheck tool support
    • Custom Roslyn analyzer findings upload support
  • UI Features
    • Task Summary Pie Chart widget
    • Markdown syntax support for the Label widget
    • Allow dashboard ownership transfer
    • Jira custom field configuration helper dialog
    • Ability to edit accounts in the project configuration
    • Added date picker to start/end revision selection field
  • Admin Features
    • Added Critical Event Log
    • More flexible metric threshold configuration for assessment metrics
  • Custom Checks
    • Java
      • Check correct method modifier ordering

Release 3.2

Version 3.2.7 - 10th May, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.2.x: Drop-in, unless stackoverflow errors occurred. In that case, a full re-analysis via backup is required.
Update from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Git analysis crashed in multiple corner cases

Version 3.2.6 - 26th April, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Changing VM args in does not have an effect
    • NPE in CodeOwnershipSynchronizer
    • Branch coverage calculated incorrectly for empty constructors in C++
    • External uploads now sorted by time of upload in upload view
    • Errors in SCOV usage data upload
    • Crucible connector creates metrics for wrong file paths

Version 3.2.5 - 19th April, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Enabling action menu in trend widgets broke the edit dashboard button
    • Instance import did not work for multiple projects at a time
    • HTML rendering of finding's detail description was broken
    • Python redundant parenthesis check created false positives when return type hints were used
    • Rare stackoverflow error occurred for projects with very long history
    • In C# project .csproj files were not correctly parsed if variables were used in them

Version 3.2.4 - 12th April, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Findings Churn Widget did not respect selected branch
    • Backup grew large when using external ABAP test coverage upload
    • False-positive in Python check "Do not shadow built-ins"

Version 3.2.3 - 5th April, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Very long histories led to stackoverflow errors in multiple places
    • Findings perspective ignored branch selection
    • "Add findings to task" link in findings perspective didn't work
    • Findings summary widget did not respect chosen branch
    • Incorrect trend delta shown in numeric value widget tooltip
    • Metrics perspective sorting crashed if N/A entries were present
    • TFS repository connector ran into an endless loop in case no branches were detected
    • NotificationTrigger threw error for ignored issue reader branches
    • Instance import didn't work when importing from Teamscale 3.2.1
    • CTC test coverage skip pragma worked incorrectly for nested pragmas
    • AbapMethodMappingSynchronizer could not parse architecture paths
  • Improvements
    • SVN Connector did not exclude branches/ and tags/ folders in un-branched mode as in older releases
    • Clang and PC-lint reports can now be uploaded using the external-reports service
    • Testgap treemap CSV export now contains method region information for ABAP
    • Greatly improved "Avoid unused private fields" check performance

Version 3.2.2 - 29th March, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Multiple incompatibilities with older Firefox and Internet Explorer versions
    • Group name field was cleared when editing group
    • Improve labeling of special ABAP methods in Test Gap Treemap and CSV export
    • Crucible connector could get into an inconsistent state in rare cases
    • Start revision was not always correctly considered when analyzing a git repository
    • Swift parser ran into an endless loop in some cases

Version 3.2.1 - 22nd March, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Could not view analysis profiles during deletion of a project
    • GIT start revision was not considered when excluding some branches
    • Uploaded architectures were always imported to default branch
    • Architecture metrics table did not have a summary row
    • Metrics perspective crashed in IE 11
    • Finding lines were not shown in findings table in code details if one finding message was too long
    • Possible NPE in CodeOwnershipSynchronizer
    • NotificationTrigger threw UnsupportedOperationException and NullPointerException

Version 3.2.0 - 16th March, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Code perspective redesigned into Metrics perspective
    • Git submodule support
    • Issue metrics and issue query view
    • Code Ownership Treemap
  • New Languages/External Tools
    • Swift language support
    • Flexelint for C++
  • UI Features
    • New widget: Folder Distribution Pie Chart
    • Single Metric Trend Chart widget now supports metric thresholds
    • Greatly improve configuration of metric thresholds
    • Download architecture as SVG
    • Button to easily copy commit id in Activity perspective
    • Drilldown to the metrics perspective from the Metrics Table and Metrics Bar Chart widgets
    • Ability to reference Teamscale tasks from the commits
    • Markdown support
  • Admin Features
    • Change setting and restart Teamscale from the web UI
    • Automatically import backup data from a running Teamscale instance via the web UI
    • Show the projects using any given profile from the Analysis Profiles view
  • Custom Checks
    • ABAP Security
      • Avoid usage of CLIENT SPECIFIED
      • Dangerous cross client database access
      • Avoid hard-coded passwords
      • Avoid hard-coded usernames
      • Control flow depending on system variables
      • Usage of system variables
      • Missing authority check for call transaction
      • Missing authority check in report
    • Java
      • Testcase naming checks
    • C#
      • Switch must have default case
      • Avoid partial classes
    • Python
      • Do not compare None using operators
      • Do not shadow built-ins
      • Eclose doc strings in triple quotes
      • Avoid redundant parenthesis
    • PL/SQL
      • Avoid 'SELECT *'
      • Number of SQL Columns
      • Prefer JOIN over Get_ function
      • Unclosed cursor

Release 3.1

Version 3.1.5 - 9th March 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Delta calculation for external findings and architecture uploads did not work correctly in some cases, causing unnecessarily large backups and findings tracker runtimes

Version 3.1.4 - 8th March 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Architecture uploads could lead to race conditions in rare cases, resulting in inconsistent upload stores

Version 3.1.3 - 22nd February 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • SVN would crash in case a branch was deleted (if svn:externals were not being used, but branch analysis was enabled)
    • RepositoryLogFileService was very slow on big systems (affects loading code in the UI)
    • Branch coverage was incorrectly calculated in some edge-cases

Version 3.1.2 - 15th February 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Critical: Re-analyzing more than one project at the same time could lead to an inconsistent database state
    • Could not edit analysis groups in the analysis profile edit mode
    • Problem when editing users with uppercase usernames in some cases
    • SVN connector would crash in case a branch was deleted (if branch analysis was enabled)
    • Metrics Bar Chart broke when metric thresholds were enabled
    • ABAP include calculation crashed with NullPointerException in edge cases.
    • Comment analysis crashed with AssertionError in rare cases analyzing C++ code
    • CloneSynchronizer crashed with IndexOutOfBoundsException in rare cases analyzing C++ code
    • Branch coverage incorrectly calculated in rare cases
    • Possible NPE when synchronizing LDAP users in rare cases

Version 3.1.1 - 8th February 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Some border cases in SVN connector were not properly handled when using branches with externals
    • Architecture upload crashed in some rare cases
  • Eclipse Plugin - Fixes
    • Missing EGit install made plugin unusable

Version 3.1.0 - 1st February 2017 (download)

    • Major New Features
    • Simulink support
    • Visual Basic .NET
    • UI for managing external findings and metrics descriptions
    • UI for managing external uploads
    • Rename branches/authors on connector level
    • Basic ABAP security checks
    • Official Plugin for IntelliJ
    • Simulink Support
    • Render Stateflow Models
    • Advanced rendering of Simulink blocks
    • Navigation along block references
    • Basic metrics and findings for Simulink blocks
    • General Analysis
    • Support Doxygen syntax for C++ doc comments
    • Architecture analysis performance improvements
    • Check for missing test annotations
    • Check for number of method parameters
    • ABAP security checks
    • UI Improvements
    • Analysis Profile: set severity color of all findings in an analysis group at once
    • Architecture perspective usability improvements
    • Show Teamscale license location in system information view
    • Some project settings can now be changed without requiring a full re-analysis
    • External Tools
    • Coverage and FXCop support for VB.NET
    • JaCoCo coverage support for Groovy
    • dotCover coverage support
    • C# compiler warnings und FxCop findings can now be uploaded in the Roslyn format

Release 3.0

Version 3.0.0 - 21st December 2016 (download)

    • Major New Features
    • Branch Support for Git, TFS and SVN
    • SVN externals support
    • Combined Git connectors into a single connector "Git"
    • New supported Languages: SQL Script, PHP, Xtend, Groovy, OpenCL, Rust
    • Support for Atlassian Crowd for group/user management
    • Improved analysis performance
    • Dashboard Widgets
    • Metric Bar Chart widget
    • IFrame widget
    • Link support in label widget
    • Team evolution widget
    • Single Metric Trend Chart widget
    • Dashboard export as static HTML
    • Metrics Table support for threshold profiles improved
    • Architecture Analysis
    • Save and delete architectures directly from Web UI
    • Option to disable findings for violations and orphans
    • Support for PHP and Matlab
    • General Analysis
    • Branch Coverage for C++
    • Cyclomatic Complexity metric
    • Number of red/yellow findings metric
    • Many new checks for ABAP, C#, C++, Java and Javascript
    • Usage Analysis for ABAP
    • TestGap Analysis
    • Major performance, stability, and usability improvements
    • TestGap Overview widget
    • Metric Thresholds Profiles
    • Improved UI
    • Time-dependent metric limits
    • Sub-path per metric support
    • UI Improvements
    • Autocomplete for user/group imports in the admin perspective
    • Many scalability and usability improvements
    • External Tools
    • Allow markdown in metric/finding/non-code content
    • Improved UI support for external metrics/findings
    • TSLint Support
    • Eclipse Plugin
    • Branch support (including auto detection for git and svn)
    • Display code coverage from Teamscale server in the editor
    • Visual Studio Plugin
    • Branch support

Version 3.0.1 - 13th January 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Selector ignored branch in Activity view
    • Rollbacks sometimes led to inconsistent repository connector state
    • Service load recording sometimes crashed on startup
    • Typescript lambdas were incorrectly parsed
    • Backup import led to corrupt store if a group was specifically named "BUILD"
    • Commit alert table sorting crashed in Activity Details view
    • False error reported by ElementHistoryUpdater: Obtained X after X
  • Stability
    • Make repository connector more robust in case of connection problems

Version 3.0.2 - 20th January 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Architecture component mapping could not be edited and layout was broken
    • Selection of threshold configuration in project was broken
    • Parent commit could not be resolved in TFS connector

Version 3.0.3 - 30th January 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Potential stackoverflow if very many uploads were made
    • Unordered architecture uploads caused storage exceptions
    • TFS branch detection potentially failed in case the branch was not beneath the base path

Release 2.0

Version 2.0.0 - 26th February 2016 (download)

  • Languages and Tools
    • Analysis of Xtend language
    • Analysis of HANA view XML files
    • Importer for CTC coverage reports
    • More analyses for Magik code
    • More analyses for Matlab code
  • Analyses
    • Aggregation of metrics along architecture specifications
    • Test gap analysis for detecting untested changes
    • Definition of metric thresholds
    • Custom check SDK on Github
    • Support for branch coverage
  • Web UI
    • Centralized project and time chooser
    • Widget for display of metrics against metric thresholds
    • Widgets for test gap analysis
    • New metric bar chart widget
    • More convenient project configuration
    • Browser notification for new commits
  • Administration
    • Services for registering external metrics and findings at run-time
    • Batch deletion of users

Version 2.0.1 - 16th March 2016 (download)

  • Performance improvement for GIT connector
  • Performance improvement for findings perspective and findings summary widget
  • Bug fixes for test coverage upload
  • Bug fixes for test gap analysis

Version 2.0.2 - 26th April 2016 (download)

  • Bug fixes for special cases of GIT and TFS connector
  • Handling of DN changes in LDAP
  • Improvements for test gap analysis

Version 2.0.3 - 25th May 2016 (download)

  • Bug fixes for architecture metrics
  • Fixes for problems with baselines in the UI
  • Improvements for change detection

Version 2.0.4 - 7th June 2016 (download)

  • Bug fixes for architecture metrics
  • Fixes for problems with baselines in the UI
  • Bug fixes for architecture analysis

Version 2.0.5 - 11th July 2016 (download)

  • Bug fix for filtering findings in changed code
  • Fix for a problem using the TFS connector with a proxy server
  • Correction of a problem in the ABAP import
  • Bug fixes for widget parameter dialogs
  • Fix for an issue in the notification mechanism
  • Bug fix for a problem with using external metrics
  • Correction for a problem with the Jacoco coverage upload
  • Reduction of false-positives for Java code anomaly checks ("This must not be compared with null", "Unused field", "Field could be made final")
  • Fix for a bug in the comment analysis
  • Upload of external analysis results for old code versions now possible
  • Support for deleting uploaded analysis results
  • Exclusion of non-testable files in TGA treemaps

Version 2.0.6 - 5th August 2016 (download)

  • Fix rare error in re-analysis that could lead to the loss of the project
  • Reduce false-positives for "Field could be made Final" check in Java interfaces
  • Fix false-positives for "Exception must be called by reference" check in managed C++
  • Correct rare error in the git connection recovery code
  • Python multiline-comments are no longer counted as SLOC
  • Add option to disable startTLS in the mail configuration

Release 1.6

Version 1.6.0 - 9th October 2015 (download)

  • Languages and Tools
    • Better support for JavaScript (TypeScript, AngularJS, Closure)
    • C# 6.0 support
    • Preprocessor for C++
    • Remote Git Connector (no local clone necessary anymore)
    • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 support
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 support
    • PC-Lint and ESLint are now incrementally executed by Teamscale
    • LCOV Coverage format support
  • Architecture Analysis
    • Use Visual Studio project dependencies for an improved architecture analysis
    • Architecture findings now show the exact line
    • Many usability improvements for the web-based architecture editor
  • Backend
    • Improvement of the analysis performance
    • Possibility to upload arbitrary findings
    • Many new checks
  • Web UI
    • Added usage statistics: service calls/minute and number of active users
    • Reanalysing projects is now possible with one click
    • More detailed findings information in e-mail notifications
    • Batch creation of users
  • Tasks
    • Paging for task-list
    • E-Mail notifications for changes and comments on tasks
    • Blacklisted findings are shown as such in tasks

Version 1.6.1 - 17th December 2015 (download)

  • Improvements for dependency analysis in C#
  • Extended configuration options for C/C++ and PC-Lint
  • Increased robustness of LDAP integration
  • Bug fixes for reading Git branches

Version 1.6.2 - 1st February 2016 (download)

  • Improvements for dependency analysis in C#
  • Performance improvements of C++ analysis
  • Bug fixes for incremental PC-Lint integration

Release 1.5

Version 1.5.0 - 08th July 2015 (download)

  • Web-based Architecture Editor
  • Dataflow Analysis for detecting potential null dereferences and dead stores in C# code
  • Enhanced custom check framework
  • Improved C++ preprocessor handling
  • Extract method refactoring recommendations for structure findings
  • New languages: Fortran, IEC 61131/3
  • Support for ESLint
  • Architecture analysis for JavaScript with Google Closure
  • Comment completeness analysis for JavaScript and C++
  • Performance improvements in analysis back-end and service layer
  • Automatic configuration of project mappings in Eclipse
  • Support for Eclipse ABAP Development Tools (ADT)
  • Alerts on inconsistent modifications to clones
  • Email Notifications
  • Tagging mechanism for tasks
  • Editing of project configurations
  • Support for custom StyleCop configurations
  • FXCop rule ID shown as finding property
  • Backup import/export via local file system of server

Version 1.5.1 - 21st August 2015 (download)

  • Fixed memory leak in kiosk mode of dashboards
  • Improved ABAP connection and tracking for ABAP Code Inspector
  • Reduced size of Teamscale backups in some cases
  • Fixes for parsing lambda expressions in C#

Release 1.4

Version 1.4.0 - 13th March 2015 (download)

  • New languages: Ada and PL/SQL
  • New Custom Check Framework
  • New integrated support assistant
  • Active Directory: Support for hierarchical groups
  • C/C++: Architecture Analysis
  • Integrated HTTPS support
  • Visual Studio Plugin: Multiple bug fixes and improvements
  • ABAP: Open file in ADT from Teamscale Web UI
  • Import/Export of Dashboard Templates
  • Teamscale now ships with a set of default templates, which can also be used to create a first dashboard on project create
  • Added hooks for repository polling via URL instead of time interval
  • Many usability enhancements

Version 1.4.1 - 15th May 2015 (download)

An Update is highly recommended. A full re-analysis of all projects is required.

  • Fixed critical bug sometimes resulting in inconsistent data after server reboots
  • Fixed bugs in dashboard sharing
  • Fixed C# architecture analysis corner-cases
  • 18 minor fixes

Release 1.3

Version 1.3 - 10th October 2014

  • New language: Python
  • Python: Pylint Integration
  • ABAP: Code Inspector Integration
  • Type-Based Architecture Analysis
  • Task Support
  • TFS WorkItem Issue Integration
  • Consistent Time Travel for all Perspectives
  • Dashboards
    • Baseline Support for many widgets
    • Metric Distribution Widget
  • Visual Studio Plugin: Improved findings position handling