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Changelog for Teamscale 5.8

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here

Changed System Requirements

Update from Older Version

  • When updating from 5.8.x, drop-in.
  • When updating from 5.7.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 5.8.13

Download Teamscale v5.8.13 (ZIP)
30th June, 2020


  • A security vulnerability, if exploited, could lead to data leaks
  • Exception in HANA View DependencySynchronizer for table references

Version 5.8.12

Download Teamscale v5.8.12 (ZIP)
2nd June, 2020


  • False positives for "Redundant parentheses" check in Python generator expressions
  • Outdated and deprecated term "blacklist" was still used in some areas in the Findings perspective
  • NullPointerException when using GitHub for Single Sign-On (SSO), if the user's e-mail was not set in their GitHub profile

Version 5.8.11

Download Teamscale v5.8.11 (ZIP)
26th May, 2020


  • Incorrect test-gap percentages in issue list, as partitions for issues were not respected
  • ABAP Code Inspector findings sometimes were not removed even if all SCI findings in a file had been fixed
  • Project permissions for deleted users or groups were not removed
  • False positives in "Variable is never used" check when an out parameter is declared as string in C#
  • Documentation routing was broken if the Teamscale instance base URL was set

Version 5.8.10

Download Teamscale v5.8.10 (ZIP)
19th May, 2020


  • Dynamic loading of tasks was not working correctly
  • PDF-printing of quality reports printed the first page only
  • False positives for "Avoid usage of implicit int" check in C++
  • False positives in "Redundant parentheses" check in Python in case multiline expressions were enclosed by parentheses
  • Projects with Gerrit connectors caused fatal worker errors when voting and commenting were disabled during analysis

Version 5.8.9

Download Teamscale v5.8.9 (ZIP)
12th May, 2020


  • Reports sometimes didn't render when created from a template report
  • Documentation page did not load if Teamscale's base URL was set
  • Wrong finding locations in case of ChecksProcessor errors
  • Test code was not excluded from the test executions treemap in the test details view
  • False positives for "Avoid unused private fields" check in C# in case fields were only used in string interpolation
  • Tasks could not be edited under certain conditions
  • Link to the Activity perspective in the analysis warning was broken

Version 5.8.8

Download Teamscale v5.8.8 (ZIP)
5th May, 2020


  • Unnecessary rollbacks in case non-open Gerrit changes were modified
  • False positives for "Multiple declarations of extern objects/functions" check in C++
  • Clover coverage reports with execution counts larger than 2.147.483.647 could not be processed

Version 5.8.7

Download Teamscale v5.8.7 (ZIP)
28th April, 2020


  • Jira issue integration sometimes failed due to a regression in 5.8.6
  • Eclipse/IntelliJ/NetBeans: Pre-commit analysis did not work when username contained uppercase characters
  • StackOverflowError when building data flow graphs for return statements in lambdas
  • Instance comparison showed 404 error pages in rare cases
  • A hint was added that a copied project with voting enabled will have voting enabled, too
  • False positive in "Non void function should return a value" check for trailing return types in C++
  • AssertionError in "Empty blocks" check when processing macro-generated blocks (e.g., do-while) in C/C++
  • Validation of Git repository using local bare clone did not work
  • Documentation did not load when Teamscale is served through reverse proxy with URL rewriting
  • Objective-C headers were mistakenly analyzed as C/C++ headers
  • A delta of 0% was shown with a leading minus in the metrics table for assessment metrics
  • The Register here button on the login page was too small

Version 5.8.6 latest

Download Teamscale v5.8.6 (ZIP)
21st April, 2020


  • Jira integration caused a lot of Jira notification mails to be sent
  • Type-based architecture analysis for TypeScript was offered in UI although not supported
  • AssertionError in InconsistentCloneChangeAlerter when analyzing Simulink project
  • Voting and commenting failed when branch contains commits with external data
  • Only one exclusion category was saved when editing email notification settings
  • Findings list view only rendered half of the newly fetched findings after scrolling
  • Astree report parser failed when "rulechecks" section contained files
  • Missing step in documentation for setting up Teamscale as systemd service
  • Saving architectures on branches with a slash in their name failed
  • Invalid branch coverage metric values were shown for Python code
  • A red error page was shown when switching project in Activity Details view
  • Issue perspective auto-complete popup unexpectedly auto-selected the first suggestion

Version 5.8.5

Download Teamscale v5.8.5 (ZIP)
14th April, 2020


  • Service log contained many warnings regarding duplicate architecture paths


  • New "Edit Task Status" project permission which only allows modifying a task's status, but not its other details

Version 5.8.4

Download Teamscale v5.8.4 (ZIP)
7th April, 2020


  • High disk space consumption of checked out Git clones
  • False positives in commented out code analysis
  • Missing validation for sub-paths in Git connector
  • Architecture uploads overwrote previous uploads at the same timestamp
  • Users with the role "User Manager" could not be imported
  • Draft-label for report slides were not correctly positioned in Safari
  • Analysis profile was not validated when a reanalysis of a project was triggered
  • Metrics table in Test Executions view did not have a summary row
  • Header files in projects containing Objective C and C/C++ code were always recognized as C/C++ headers
  • Saving admin settings did not provide progress indicator
  • Metrics table widget did not indicate that some metrics might be hidden
  • Parameter modifiers from C++/CLI caused parsing errors in dataflow analysis
  • False positives in commented out code analysis due to punctuation characters in comments
  • Jira Gadget service returned an invalid XML descriptor
  • False positives for "Missing braces for block statements" check in Objective-C when using @autoreleasepool
  • "Remove" buttons for multi-option settings were gray
  • Slide comment icon was vertically offset for long texts
  • Reloading the change treemap in the delta perspective resulted in an error

Version 5.8.3

Download Teamscale v5.8.3 (ZIP)
31st March, 2020


  • Sending test mails via SMTP server failed on Java 11
  • E-mail notifications were no longer sent
  • Incorrect architecture 3rd-party dependencies on local types in ABAP
  • Projects were not reloaded after editing options that did not require reanalysis
  • Inability to modify the configuration of existing quality reports
  • Finding tooltip for Simulink models in the model view was always empty
  • New dashboards were not visible after saving
  • Methods returning tuples in C# sometimes caused a data-flow error
  • False positives in commented out code analysis in some cases due to hyphens
  • False positives in dead-store analysis in C#
  • False positives in "Avoid unused private methods" check
  • Backup imports from version 5.7.x sometimes failed during dashboard migration
  • Compare view sometimes showed "Did not find file" error
  • Analysis progress in the Dashboard perspective was displayed on one long hard-to-read line
  • Right sidebar content was duplicated for Simulink models during navigation in the Metrics perspective


  • Findings tracker now maps findings based on their findingTypeId and external-id property

Version 5.8.2

Download Teamscale v5.8.2 (ZIP)
24th March, 2020


  • Test Gap Treemap was not displayed for parent issues if only the child issues had changes
  • Repository churn page in the Delta perspective's linear history view contained commits from other branches
  • Findings in changed code values were incorrect in some cases
  • Project Roles page did not load due to a JavaScript error
  • Treemap dialog did not close after clicking to open a file or method
  • Added hint indicating that flagging multiple findings as false positives or tolerated might take a while
  • Task user filters were not reset if two or more users were selected
  • StorageException in MergeRequestUpdateTrigger in some rare cases
  • False positives for "Do not use == and !=" check in JavaScript in case of comparison with null
  • Sorting by count did not work in Findings Summary Bar Chart widget
  • Exporting dashboards did not work
  • Loading spinner in Issue Table widget did not disappear
  • Content of findings message column in the change detail view overlapped other columns
  • Task Status and Resolution values were inconsistent


  • Added documentation on Analyzing Test Gaps on a .NET App

Version 5.8.1

Download Teamscale v5.8.1 (ZIP)
17th March, 2020


  • Setting up projects with SVN repositories with file:// URL and path suffix did not work on Windows
  • AssertionError with message "Added revision should reference latest revision" when deleting external uploads
  • The findings dialog launched by right clicking on selected findings in the findings view was not always responsive
  • Go language was deactivated for all editions
  • Some project creation attempts resulted in timeouts
  • Findings churn badges in pull requests were sometimes inconsistent with delta findings churn
  • Teamscale.bat file showed wrong Teamscale version
  • Widget errors in case the project alias was equal to the project id
  • Initial welcome screen was no longer displayed
  • Incorrect handling of #if conditions containing undefined identifiers not enclosed in define() in C/C++
  • Some findings could not be correctly tracked
  • Numeric Metric Value widget displayed wrong trend values for issue metrics
  • Teamscale service installations using systemd did not set the working directory
  • IllegalStateException in "Method and class field have the same name" check

Version 5.8.0

Download Teamscale v5.8.0 (ZIP)
10th March, 2020

Major Features

  • New web-friendly user guide
  • Possibility of uploading external data for revisions not analyzed by Teamscale yet
  • Ability to flag multiple findings as tolerated/false positive
  • Aggregation of changes from a hierarchy of issues
  • Jira Gadget displaying Teamscale information in Jira dashboards
  • New language: Support for Go
  • IEC61131: Support for Bachmann export format

Web UI

  • A warning is now displayed in the code view if externally uploaded findings become outdated due to recent code changes
  • Report presentation can now be started from the current slide
  • Ability to use keyboard shortcuts during report presentation
  • Clone inconsistencies are now highlighted in the compare view
  • Dashboard templates now have project name placeholders in the widget titles

New Checks

  • "Avoid conditional expressions of the form if (true..." check
  • "Method and class field have the same name" check (Java, C#)

Code Coverage

  • New configuration option to display line coverage metrics as absolute values
  • Teamscale now respects LCOV exclusion directives