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Changelog for Teamscale 8.8

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here.

Teamscale Integration for IntelliJ now requires the corresponding server to be at least Teamscale 8.3

If you cannot upgrade the server, please use version 8.3.x of the Teamscale Integration for IntelliJ.
Older versions are available from the Jetbrains Plugin Marketplace

Clang Tidy: Updated to Version 15

Non-docker installation using the Clang Tidy integration must update their Clang Tidy installation to version 15.

Removed support for Istanbul and CQSE JS Profiler

The support for Istanbul and CQSE JS Profiler were removed from Teamscale as of version 8.8. You can use the new Teamscale Javascript Profiler instead.

Removed feature in the Eclipse Plugin: "Show Test Coverage"

The 'Show Test Coverage' feature was removed for the Eclipse Plugin as of version 8.7.

Removed feature: "Desktop Notification"

The 'Desktop Notification' feature was removed from Teamscale as of version 8.6.

Re-Analysis when Upgrading
  • When updating from 8.8.x, drop-in.
  • When updating from 8.7.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 8.8.17

Download Teamscale v8.8.17 (ZIP)
August 16th, 2023


  • Treemap annotations were not rendered on Test Gap Treemap slides if they would have overflown
  • Applying a change to a slide then switching to another slide sometimes jumped back to the previous slide

Version 8.8.16

Download Teamscale v8.8.16 (ZIP)
August 8th, 2023


  • For some commits, the number of findings in the Commit Details view was incorrectly shown as zero

Version 8.8.15

Security Improvements

This version contains security improvements. If possible, please update to at least this version.

Download Teamscale v8.8.15 (ZIP)
August 1st, 2023


  • App-based GitHub issue connector failed validation
  • Toleration and false positive flagging was lost for Simulink findings on backup import
  • Security: "Referrer-Policy" disclosed server name to external services
  • Pre-Commit was not possible if the current branch was unknown to Teamscale
  • Hiding the 'Tasks' column in the table on the Findings perspective did not work

Version 8.8.14

Download Teamscale v8.8.14 (ZIP)
July 25th, 2023


  • Group Edit view showed role assignment of current user instead of selected group

Version 8.8.13

Download Teamscale v8.8.13 (ZIP)
July 18th, 2023


  • ABAP method names were not correctly parsed in some cases
  • Requirements Tracing: Horizontal scrollbar was only available by scrolling to the bottom of the page in the Verification Matrix view
  • Findings badge was not rendered correctly in Bitbucket pull requests
  • Bitbucket webhook events scheduled merge request updates for wrong projects

Version 8.8.12

Download Teamscale v8.8.12 (ZIP)
July 11th, 2023


  • Pre-commit data was shown when using Instance Comparison
  • Add to Jira issues option could not be configured separately for each Jira issue connector in the project
  • Backup import from other instance failed with OutOfMemoryError
  • Eclipse plugin: ABAP CDS objects were not supported


  • Better logging for StackOverFlowError while creating a TFS connection

Version 8.8.11

Download Teamscale v8.8.11 (ZIP)
July 4th, 2023


  • Users with an e-mail as the username could not be added to groups
  • Activity view showed no commits in some cases
  • Incorrect types in Simulink type analysis for some cases where types from subsystem outports were not propagated upwards
  • False positives for "Comments should not contain nested comments" check for trailing slashes in a comment for Objective-C++
  • False positives for "Methods should not be defined in a header file" check for C++
  • Branch transformations sometimes led the default branch to be excluded from the analysis resulting in an error


  • Introduced "Import Only Items Changed After" option for issue/requirements connectors to limit the import of old items
  • Improved instance comparison performance for test gap analysis
  • ABAP Metadata files are now included per default in ABAP connectors

Version 8.8.10

Download Teamscale v8.8.10 (ZIP)
June 27th, 2023


  • ClassCastException with custom field types in PolarionSynchronizer
  • SpecItemIndexCleanupTrigger did not clear the specification items correctly
  • ConcurrentModificationException in TestHistorySynchronizer
  • Dashboards perspective was broken if users had deleted dashboards marked as favorite
  • Voting connectors did not include submodules configured with SSH URLs
  • Static methods in Objective-C were not parsed correctly
  • GitHub validation for public repositories reported no errors if the access token was not valid
  • Importing backups with external uploads twice could trigger rollbacks also on the second backup import


  • Improved performance of loading metrics

Version 8.8.9

Download Teamscale v8.8.9 (ZIP)
June 20th, 2023


  • Parsing error for C/C++ code when using pragma directives between if, else-if and else statements
  • False positives for "Missing interface comment" check in Kotlin when using @field annotations
  • False positives for "Unreachable code after exit statement" check in JavaScript/TypeScript when using get and set methods
  • External reports uploaded to SVN revisions were stuck in Queued state when analysis was still in progress
  • ABAP metadata files were visible in the UI
  • Activity > Commits view: Findings churn of merge commits excluded the findings introduced by the merge commit

Version 8.8.8

Download Teamscale v8.8.8 (ZIP)
June 13th, 2023


  • Analysis Profile with PowerShellScriptAnalyzer activated could not be saved
  • PowerShellScriptAnalyzer verify step failed due to wrong Powershell version in Teamscale docker image
  • NullPointerException in CppDependencyExtractor
  • Some tolerated ESLint findings got lost after project import and reanalysis
  • Referencing stored issue queries that use the baseline function threw parsing errors
  • Teamscale ran out of heap memory due to huge amounts of processed external uploads marked for deletion
  • External uploads in an external storage backend were kept during a project copy
  • Check Explorer: Missing checks and misplaced options
  • When creating reports from templates, project names and dates were not automatically adjusted

Version 8.8.7

Download Teamscale v8.8.7 (ZIP)
June 6th, 2023


  • Bullseye Coverage Reports: Some probe event types were not fully supported
  • Delta analysis results for a group were accessible to users without corresponding permissions
  • Macro expansions on report slides for C, Objective-C and Objective-C++ did not work correctly
  • Overflow in the Issue Details view for issue fields that contain long strings (such as URLs)
  • File Size assessment metric was not available in the selection dialog for the Metrics Change Table widget
  • NullPointerException in CodeChangeIndexSynchronizer when processing line-based text files
  • Analysis granularity was enabled after saving a project configuration without modifications in some cases


  • Improved logging for response to webhooks for unknown repositories

Version 8.8.6

Security Improvements

This version contains security improvements. If possible, please update to at least this version.

Download Teamscale v8.8.6 (ZIP)
May 30th, 2023


  • Firefox: Backup import started for a previously selected backup when changing the input file
  • Bullseye Coverage Reports: Parsing failed if files in the report were missing in project
  • "Avoid using certain text snippets" check created findings with incorrect locations
  • Snippet analysis did not work when base URL was set incorrectly
  • Selected (architecture) path was not included in the link from the Delta to the Findings perspective
  • CppcheckRunner failed with error "Content not allowed in prolog"
  • Related tokens of C/C++ macros were not highlighted as a group in the Code view
  • Git tags could not be selected as start and end dates for reports
  • "Unwanted method calls" check could not detect function calls with namespace prefixes for C/C++
  • Merge requests could not be annotated if the instance base url was invalid
  • Azure DevOps line comments sometimes did not show the whole code line
  • Links to the compare view from older Teamscale instances did not work if URL prefix was configured
  • Security: Existing sessions were not invalidated after password change
  • Project Edit view: When configuring a Jira connector, the edit button for the custom fields did not work
  • Report Title Slides: Custom images were incorrectly deleted as part of regular database maintenance
  • Requirement links in the Code view were not hoverable


  • Performance: Speed-up for the retrieval of issue hierarchies while rendering the Issue Details view

Version 8.8.5

Security Improvements

This version contains security improvements. If possible, please update to at least this version.

Download Teamscale v8.8.5 (ZIP)
May 23rd, 2023


  • Java sealed classes were not parsed correctly
  • Intellij plugin: NullPointerException in Teamscale87IdeServiceClient when performing pre-commit for a Teamscale project that did not exist or was still analyzing the first commit
  • Filtering by guideline in the Findings perspective did not adjust the number of findings in the Categories tab
  • Inconsistent clone changes did not trigger clone alerts in some cases
  • Specification item details view did not show code references
  • Findings in the commit details view were not shown for commits with coverage information
  • Security: Authenticated Teamscale administrators, under certain circumstances, were able to execute code on Teamscale’s host system CWE-78

Version 8.8.4

Download Teamscale v8.8.4 (ZIP)
May 16th, 2023


  • False positives in the comment completeness analysis for C# internal delegates
  • PL/SQL scanner did not support spool configurations with referenced variables and set configurations with string literals
  • Bullseye Coverage Reports: Parsing coverage reports failed for files with goto statements
  • Baselines view was sometimes not shown in left sidebar
  • False positives for "Unused variable or parameter" check for C# tuple assignments
  • JiraIssueSynchronizer failed with the error "Unable to determine old object" after a rollback
  • Git clone failed if the HEAD of the remote repository pointed to a non-existing reference
  • Bullet points in markdown lists were not shown in the check explorer and finding details
  • Links to the compare view from older Teamscale instances no longer worked
  • Files opened via an architecture did not show any findings in the code view
  • PolarionSynchronizer blocked workers if concurrency limit was applied
  • Events in C# were not parsed correctly
  • Commit filter did not correctly aggregate user filter and group filter


  • Web UI no longer requires internet connection

Version 8.8.3

Security Improvements

This version contains security improvements. If possible, please update to at least this version.

Download Teamscale v8.8.3 (ZIP)
May 9th, 2023


  • Backup import failed when analysis profile was using the deprecated JS Profiler tool
  • Uploading MSTest reports failed when duration was not given with sub-second precision
  • Projects with an ID including a . could no longer be exported
  • Code section was rendered too small in the Finding Detail view on wide screens
  • Unnecessary warning about outdated external findings when using code reviews
  • False positives in "Avoid usage of implicit int" check for C/C++
  • Instance comparison was too strict which resulted in falsely detected differences
  • Data flow analysis for C broke on K&R-style function definitions
  • NullPointerException when using requirement connectors and tolerated specification item findings
  • Missing markers of ABAP dataflow findings in Findings view
  • Search did not support architecture paths
  • Dashboard view scrolled to top of the page after editing a widget
  • Project and path were not updated immediately after change in the Preferences view
  • Sidebar expand/collapse affected all browser tabs
  • Server responses containing session cookies could be cached server-side under rare circumstances
  • Non-coverable lines were marked as coverable in Objective-C
  • Searching for files with a file path did not yield any results
  • Error in C/C++ dataflow analysis, when using conditionals nested directly in switch case and defaults without braces
  • Removed unnecessary filter options in the Method History and Resource History views


  • Improved handling critically low disk space to prevent database corruption
  • Improved description for "Hard-coded password" check
  • Improved description for "Avoid unused private methods" check
  • Improved description for "Non-ASCII characters" check
  • Improved performance of Simulink Analysis
  • Reduced redundant warning logs in Simulink projects

Version 8.8.2

Download Teamscale v8.8.2 (ZIP)
May 2nd, 2023


  • False positives for "Multiple statements in same line" check in Swift when using implicit member expressions
  • False positives for "Unreachable code after exit statement" check in C# when using yield return statements
  • Swift enum case was not parsed correctly if enum was specified in a single code line
  • Yellow colored text used for metric values in the Metrics perspective was hard to read
  • Overflow in Impacted tests table in Issues view when using very long test names


  • Documented database compaction behavior

Version 8.8.1

Security Improvements

This version contains security improvements. If possible, please update to at least this version.

Download Teamscale v8.8.1 (ZIP)
April 26th, 2023


  • Endless loop in "Missing virtual destructor" check for recursive inheritance hierarchy in C/C++
  • Test Selection view did not show horizontal scrollbar for available tests
  • teamscale-cli: "Could not find service" error when using fetch-findings
  • Some service requests failed if HTTPS with HSTS was enabled
  • Objective-C statements that start with a C++ keyword (e.g. final) were parsed incorrectly
  • IntelliJ plugin: Refresh button in the Findings view did not work
  • Syntax coloring of filtered text did not work correctly for LINE language
  • GitLab line comments were sometimes not resolved
  • teamscale-cli: IllegalArgumentException when using pre-commit --only-uncommitted-changes without changed files
  • Error "Expected an identifier after type null" in C# dataflow analysis
  • Eclipse plugin: Changing branches was not possible
  • Simulink: ClassCastException in signal analysis when models referenced each other recursively
  • Impacted tests sometimes included tests which did no longer exist
  • Updated SnakeYaml (CVE-2022-1471)
  • Test executions were sometimes merged incorrectly if there were no uploads on feature branches


  • Architecture analysis: Improved performance of C/C++ dependency computation
  • Documented necessary permissions for Polarion connection

Version 8.8.0

Bug Fixes
  • 8.8.0 contains all fixes from previous versions released on and before April 18th, 2023
  • For brevity, only new features are included in the changelog
Download Teamscale v8.8.0 (ZIP)
April 18th, 2023

Web UI

  • "2 years ago" option can now be selected in the relative dates dropdown
  • Reports: New option to hide percentage badges on Test Gap Treemap slides
  • Users view: Added "Delete user(s)" button
  • Users view: Number of filtered users is now displayed as well
  • "Non-Code Metrics" were renamed to "Custom Artifacts Metrics" to better reflect the concept
  • "Copy Simulink Location" button was removed
  • Query Language: New binary operator in query for checking containment in sub queries
  • Siblings tab in the Findings now includes an inline code comparison view and new single sibling actions
  • Teamscale version is now shown in the Documentation navigation bar
  • Column width in Findings view is now adjustable
  • Test Selection view now has enhanced performance for large test suites
  • Path breadcrumbs in Metrics > Architecture view now omit the -src- separator, and instead clearly separate the architecture and code path
  • Admin > Users now also displays the number of filtered users
  • Review treemaps now show the date and time when the file was set to Review Done
  • Code review now offers a link to a compare view of the current file version with the version of the last review


  • Analysis Profiles now record edit history
  • Added PowerShell as supported language
  • Added PowerShell Script Analyzer as integrated analysis tool

New Checks

  • "Duplicate Set Elements" check for C#
  • "Suboptimal usage of boolean assertions with comparison expressions" check for Objective-C and Objective-C++ to detect suboptimal usage of XCTAssert

IDE Integrations

  • IntelliJ plugin: Multiple selected files can be opened at the same time in the browser
  • teamscale-cli: Added fetch-findings subcommand
  • teamscale-cli: Server credentials can now be passed using --user and --accesskey (in addition to --server) or via environment variable
  • teamscale-cli: Tool version is logged if trace or debug logging is enabled


  • Worker log warnings appear when analysis jobs take too long
  • Improved storage efficiency of the preprocessor-expansions index, the branching layer and storing metrics, reducing the overall database size on disk
  • New service to generate worker concurrency distribution statistics
  • New service to download dependency graphs
  • Result page of Instance Comparison view can now show an overview of differences
  • Automatic renewal of SAML SP certificates is now supported
  • Compact Coverage Converter CLI now supports more coverage formats (Clover, Cobertura, Gcov) and can create testwise coverage reports from multiple coverage files