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Changelog for Teamscale 5.4

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here

Changed System Requirements

  • As of Teamscale 5.3, running the Teamscale server on Windows requires the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio to be installed.
  • As of Teamscale 4.9, a Java Runtime Environment with Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy is required. Updating your JRE may be necessary.

Update from Older Version

When updating from 5.3.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 5.4.11

Download Teamscale v5.4.11 (ZIP)
14th January, 2020 - 231 MB


  • Instance comparison did not work against Teamscale 5.3.x or older

Version 5.4.10

Download Teamscale v5.4.10 (ZIP)
3rd December, 2019 - 231 MB


  • Re-analysis was required after changing project configuration options that don't require re-analysis

Version 5.4.9

Download Teamscale v5.4.9 (ZIP)
26th November, 2019 - 231 MB


  • Improved error handling and more meaningful error messages for Jira responses
  • Changes to project configurations with validation errors were not persisted on forced save
  • Currently-selected project in the project chooser was not pre-selected when creating a dashboard from template

Version 5.4.8

Download Teamscale v5.4.8 (ZIP)
19th November, 2019 - 231 MB


  • False positives for "The variable may contain a null value and is dereferenced" check in case of string.IsNullOrWhitespace calls in C#
  • Dashboards could not be edited on low-resolution screens
  • Upload Commit details dialog for large reports was unresponsive
  • Activity details view did not show issue links

Version 5.4.7

Download Teamscale v5.4.7 (ZIP)
12th November, 2019 - 231 MB


  • False positives for "Do not shadow built-ins" check in Python
  • IntelliJ & NetBeans Plugin: Pre-commit findings could not be opened in web browser from Findings window
  • Instance comparison service failed to create remote snapshot (Bad Request error)
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException in 'Switch statement without default case' check
  • Source files downloaded from Teamscale had a hyphen rather than a dot as file-extension separator

Version 5.4.6

Download Teamscale v5.4.6 (ZIP)
5th November, 2019 - 231 MB


  • External upload commits were mistakenly shown as changes in the change treemap of the delta perspective
  • False positives for "Comments have to be consistent and complete" check in MATLAB
  • Clone detection did not detect identical clones if they contained numeric literals of different types
  • Entering an invalid regex in the architecture editor resulted in an unrecoverable error
  • IDE Plugins failed to load findings from Teamscale 5.4.x servers
  • Externally uploaded findings were assigned to the wrong files in case of name clashes
  • Vague error message when attempting to create a project with multiple issue connectors

Version 5.4.5

Download Teamscale v5.4.5 (ZIP)
29th October, 2019 - 231 MB


  • Multi-version file system connector did not work
  • Parsing of C++ statements starting with operator keyword failed
  • False positives for "Unused variable or parameter" check in C# due to failed parsing of constructors implemented as single lambdas
  • Parsing of if inside of case failed for IEC61331
  • global keyword was not recognized in generics declarations of C# parameter lists, leading to parsing errors in C# expression-bodied members
  • AngularJS components that create new instances were parsed incorrectly
  • False positives for "Multiple declarations of extern objects/functions" check in case of external declarations in different namespaces
  • False positives for "Includes shall only be preceded by preprocessor statements or comments" check in C/C++
  • Using RocksDB sometimes caused Teamscale to get stuck
  • Leading underscores in architecture names were moved to the end in architecture overview page
  • CTC parser could not handle "linedir" probe type
  • Comparison of users in instance comparison was case-sensitive
  • Artifactory completely blocked project if one ZIP file was missing or unreadable

Version 5.4.4

Download Teamscale v5.4.4 (ZIP)
22nd October, 2019 - 231 MB


  • Faster processing of coverage uploads
  • Instance Comparison Findings are grouped by category


  • IllegalArgumentException during cleanup after job execution due to a missing temp directory
  • OutOfMemoryError when test execution data was repeatedly merged
  • Projects sometimes got stuck after the initial import was done
  • Time travel was active in activity details view leading to JS errors
  • Some rare language constructs in C# and C++ caused errors in dataflow analysis
  • TGA Trend always showed the executed methods for the whole system even when sub-paths were selected

Version 5.4.3

Download Teamscale v5.4.3 (ZIP)
15th October, 2019 - 231 MB


  • Projects could get stuck after a rollback and not continue analysis
  • Backup import failed with message "Size of request part 'backup' exceeds maximum allowed size"
  • Misleading disk space warning when using symlinks
  • Project alias could not be removed from configuration in case of validation errors
  • Slashes in partition and branch names in external uploads view caused errors
  • Finding message overlapped the location column in the findings table in the commit details view
  • "Consistent Storage Class Modifiers" check crashed with IndexOutOfBoundsException in rare cases
  • Users could not be deleted if the user limit was exceeded
  • Selection of projects for update without reanalysis after analysis profile change was off by one
  • Uploaded external metrics were not validated leading to ClassCastException in some cases
  • Pausing the analysis for a single project paused all projects
  • Limiting the displayed metrics in the metrics perspective to a threshold profile did not work

Version 5.4.2

Download Teamscale v5.4.2 (ZIP)
8th October, 2019 - 233 MB


  • Eclipse/IntelliJ/NetBeans plugins had problems connecting to Teamscale server using wildcard TLS certificates
  • Finding location links in the issue details view navigated to outdated code locations
  • Line-number links for architecture findings in the finding details view did not work
  • Naming convention check failed for anonymous structs
  • HTTP 500 error when trying to load js-libs with invalid cache entries
  • False positives for "Expecting an exit statement at end of switch cases" check for certain nested switch statements
  • False positives for "Assignment to wider essential type" check
  • False positives for "Non-void function should return a value" check in the context of function pointers
  • False positives for "The variable may contain a null value and is dereferenced" check in case of multiplication after array dereference

Version 5.4.1

Download Teamscale v5.4.1 (ZIP)
1st October, 2019 - 233 MB


  • New parameter to skip project validation on create/update
  • Instance comparison now includes worker and parse logs
  • The IntelliJ plug-in now supports Subversion (requires IntelliJ 2019.1 or newer)
  • Zipped Eclipse/IntelliJ/NetBeans plug-in repositories are now available for offline installation


  • In collapse mode, sidebar submenus were not shown
  • Clarified the description of the View permission for user scope
  • Navigation was broken when branch name or path contained special characters
  • Navigation from metrics perspective to issue perspective led to "File not found" error
  • RepositoryException in TFS Connector due to case mismatches
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException in 'Redundant parentheses' check for Python
  • In the IntelliJ and Netbeans plug-ins, automatically created mappings incorrectly started with a slash

Version 5.4.0

Download Teamscale v5.4.0 (ZIP)
24th September, 2019 - 233 MB

Major Features

  • Code regions can now be selected in code files
  • Delta Perspective: Findings flagged as tolerated or false positives are now clearly marked
  • Configurable branch lookup paths for SVN connector
  • Significantly improved the scheduler; resulting in much improved performance, scalability, and robustness of the analysis

Web UI

  • Metrics Hotspot Table Widget: Default sorting according to the score
  • Tasks Perspective: Tags of tasks are now shown in the task list
  • Delta Perspective: Consistent messages across the different views in case of no changes
  • Activity Perspective: Direct link from commit details to impacted tests
  • Timetravel is now possible with short git revisions

Security Improvements

  • Stacktraces are no longer exposed to the end-user
  • Cookies are now secure (when https is enabled) and CSP and XSS preventing headers were added
  • Versions of JS libraries are no longer exposed to the clients
  • Session timeout is now configurable
  • File system connectors can no longer access the complete filesystem (white-listing option)

New Checks

  • Configurable unwanted methods check (C/C++)

IDE Integrations

  • IntelliJ Plug-in: Pre-Commit Results view now has Expand/Collapse All buttons
  • IntelliJ Plug-in: Teamscale plug-in is automatically enabled


  • New global permission for creation of support requests
  • Adjustable issue patterns for CSV based issue connector
  • Admin Perspective: Editable global role assignments
  • Default file name excludes for ABAP Test code in the project configuration