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Changelog for Teamscale 5.2

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here

Changed System Requirements

  • As of Teamscale 4.9, a Java Runtime Environment with Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy is required. Updating your JRE may be necessary.

Update from Older Version

When updating from 5.1.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 5.2.13

Download Teamscale v5.2.13 (ZIP)
1st October, 2019


  • Finding badges in pull/merge requests were not working for Docker deployments


  • Option to disable ABAP Dictionary export

Version 5.2.12

Download Teamscale v5.2.12 (ZIP)
24th September, 2019


  • Some projects created with Teamscale 5.2.0-5.2.5 failed with a CheckException after a drop-in update to version 5.2.6 or newer
  • Branch preview for GitHub connector did not work due to incorrect validation
  • GitHub event headers were not processed properly

Version 5.2.11

Download Teamscale v5.2.11 (ZIP)
17th September, 2019


  • Support request ZIPs created by Teamscale could not be extracted by the default Mac archive utility

Version 5.2.10

Download Teamscale v5.2.10 (ZIP)
10th September, 2019


  • Findings badge was not correctly rendered in the description of Bitbucket pull requests

Version 5.2.9

Download Teamscale v5.2.9 (ZIP)
3rd September, 2019


  • Path chooser in the delta perspective did not work with certain branch settings
  • False positives for "Missing type specification" check if an array field is used in a struct
  • NullPointerException in Jira Synchronizer

Version 5.2.8

Download Teamscale v5.2.8 (ZIP)
27th August, 2019


  • TGA execution information was not fully transferred to branches after merge
  • Download button was not shown for multiple TGA treemap widgets
  • Unused-parameter analysis didn't consider C/C++ preprocessor directive assignments
  • False positives for "Methods should not be defined in header" check
  • False positives for "Missing type specification" check
  • False positives for "Case has to be terminated unconditionally" for nested switch statement
  • False positives for include directives preceded by extern "C" blocks
  • False-positives for "Empty Block" check when block's entire contents are removed by C/C++ preprocessor
  • Reset button in commit filter in delta perspective did not work
  • Finding churn badge did not render correctly on low resolution screens
  • JaCoCo reports for Gosu language could not be uploaded
  • Microsoft's C++/CLI generics syntax was not supported leading to parse errors
  • OutOfMemoryError for connections to very large Git repositories
  • External findings were not properly removed when importing reports from a repository
  • IntelliJ Plugin: Double-clicking a finding in the Findings or Pre-Commit Results views did not open the finding in an editor

Version 5.2.7

Download Teamscale v5.2.7 (ZIP)
20th August, 2019


  • False positives during null-pointer dereference analysis when using GCC's __builtin_expect
  • ABAP Code Inspector failed for unsupported object types
  • Backup uploads were rejected if ZIP file was larger than 2 GB
  • IntelliJ Plugin: "Fetch Findings from Teamscale Server" was disabled by default

Version 5.2.6

Download Teamscale v5.2.6 (ZIP)
13th August, 2019


  • Git connector assigned commits to the wrong branch when a new branch was created without introducing an new commit
  • ABAP Code Inspector findings for existing files were not processed correctly
  • IntelliJ Plug-in: Finding highlights were not displayed in editor gutter on IntelliJ 2019.1 and later
  • Files metric in metrics table was inconsistent w.r.t architectures
  • Display of Simulink models when accessed via architecture paths did not work
  • Auto-completion in issue query input field was too aggressive
  • Issue query syntax help was opened on query submission
  • Link for moved file in issue details page had invalid timestamp
  • Coverage was not integrated when uploaded for branch with empty fork commit
  • False positive in "Non-empty switch clauses have to be terminated unconditionally" check
  • IDE Plug-ins: Multiple local prefixes could not map to the same Teamscale prefix
  • IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions in "Consistent Storage Class Modifiers" check
  • False positive for "Multiple statements in single line" check when line starts with comma


  • Pre-commit and maintenance jobs are now scheduled with higher priority
  • Multiple maintenance jobs can now run in parallel
  • Checks concerning default labels in switch statements were consolidated

Version 5.2.5

Download Teamscale v5.2.5 (ZIP)
6th August, 2019


  • C/C++ preprocessor could run into endless loop for recursive macro call
  • Edit-button for custom issue fields tracker fields caused a page reload in Firefox
  • Changes to bending points in architecture editor didn't mark it as dirty
  • Eclipse Plug-in: Fetching baselines from Teamscale server didn't work
  • Execution status showed outdated worker entries
  • False positive for Null Pointer Dereference analysis if std::abort() was used in C++
  • Changed shortcut for "Upload Projects for Pre-Commit Analysis" in IntelliJ plug-in to Alt+Shift+P to avoid key binding conflicts
  • Display of treemaps didn't work for all types of external uploads

Version 5.2.4

Download Teamscale v5.2.4 (ZIP)
30th July, 2019


  • Votes from different projects connected to the same GitHub repository were not correctly published as different check runs
  • Typo (superfluous bracket) in clone alert finding
  • C/C++: case termination check did not consider "std::abort" as termination statement
  • Context menu on component dependency in architecture editor did not work when dependency was selected
  • Findings could not be deleted from tasks
  • Error when displaying messages in non-IDEA IDEs, e.g., PHPStorm or Rider
  • NullPointerException when importing generic findings
  • False positives for "Implicit call to toString() on array" check
  • Navigation from issues metrics table broken
  • Parsing of JaCoCo coverage reports failed for Kotlin inner classes


  • Better performance of dataflow analysis

Version 5.2.3

Download Teamscale v5.2.3 (ZIP)
23rd July, 2019


  • Group filter could not be cleared in the activity perspective
  • Code search could not find macro declarations
  • Query syntax button in the issues perspective had an empty title
  • Root URL did not redirect to URL prefix
  • Backup export was not possible for backups larger than 4GB


  • Improved performance of scans in branched stores

Version 5.2.2

Download Teamscale v5.2.2 (ZIP)
16th July, 2019


  • ZIP files generated under Windows were imported incorrectly in rare cases
  • Endless loop in C/C++ preprocessing of self-referential macros
  • Baseline REST API rejected with 405 (Method Not Allowed) to PUT
  • Execution Status showed no executed jobs even though jobs were processed
  • "New architecture" button in time travel mode did not open editor
  • Open issue dialog did not work for aliased projects
  • Multiple findings for the same Simulink code location are mistaken as the same finding
  • Navigation from a removed finding to its sibling showed invalid resource
  • Findings treemap's color picker and shading toggle were broken
  • "Import architecture" did not work

Version 5.2.1

Download Teamscale v5.2.1 (ZIP)
9th July, 2019


  • GitHub connector could not create projects for repositories on Enterprise instances
  • SAP: Finding retrieval for central ATC systems did not work
  • External upload triggers were sometimes slow when using delayed upload processing and caused "could not find session ID" errors

Version 5.2.0

Download Teamscale v5.2.0 (ZIP)
2nd July, 2010

Major Features

  • GitHub Integration: Teamscale app now supports GitHub Check Runs

Integration with Repository Hosting Platforms

  • Support for multiple repositories in one project for GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket connectors
  • BitBucket and Gitlab: Display findings churn in the description of pull requests
  • Option to wait for external uploads before reporting status to GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket or Gerrit

Web Interface

  • Architecture editor: Information about the creation/modification of an architecture is now displayed


  • System information view: Storage information is now displayed in GB and %