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Changelog for Teamscale 5.7

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Check our Release Newsletter for Teamscale 5.7.

Changed System Requirements

Update from Older Version

When updating from 5.6.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 5.7.12

Download Teamscale v5.7.12 (ZIP)
28th April, 2020


  • False positives for "Multiple statements in same line" check in Gosu.
  • Findings were created when declaration statements initialized variables with trivial default values (null, 0, etc.).

Version 5.7.11

Download Teamscale v5.7.11 (ZIP)
14th April, 2020


  • Maintenance and "All Projects" log pages did not load
  • NullPointerException during instance comparison

Version 5.7.10

Download Teamscale v5.7.10 (ZIP)
7th April, 2020


  • if constexpr statements caused a parsing error in C++
  • Image slides in reports imported from older versions did not render the images
  • Commits were not analyzed in projects with the Azure DevOps Git connector
  • Repeated error message on submitting an empty input in the "Navigate to issue" dialog

Version 5.7.9

Download Teamscale v5.7.9 (ZIP)
31st March, 2020


  • Reporting presentation view on Safari was distorted
  • Error message was incorrectly displayed when external credentials validation failed
  • Code lines with findings were slightly indented
  • Wrong violation entity was shown for some naming convention findings
  • False positives in dead-store analysis in C# 8.0 due to interpolated verbatim strings
  • Links to commits in system logs did not work for aliased projects
  • Misleading icon was shown for failed issue queries


  • Gerrit comments are tagged as auto-generated in order to be displayed as such

Version 5.7.8

Download Teamscale v5.7.8 (ZIP)
24th March, 2020


  • JiraSynchronizer failed if the Jira project was deleted
  • Teamscale's pull request comments were not updated in Bitbucket if they had replies
  • False positives for "Redundant parentheses" check in Python
  • IntelliJ: "Edit Mapping" button was unresponsive when editing an auto-created mapping
  • False positives for method length findings in ABAP in rare cases
  • Task discussion history was not visible to users who did not have view rights on all users participating in the discussion
  • Finding message and location overlapped in change detail view
  • Number of removed findings shown in delta perspective did not respect finding filters
  • Dead-store analysis did not generate findings if variable declaration and initial assignment were done in the same line
  • Double dots in report paths were not correctly resolved
  • ArtifactoryChangeRetriever caused rollbacks if Zip file download failed
  • Incremental backups sometimes contained inconsistent Git labeling information leading to rollbacks
  • Metric trend percentage values in Assessment Pie Chart widget were incorrect
  • PDF-printed reports contained blank pages under certain circumstances
  • Hitting any key in presentation mode in the Reports perspective made a system sound on Safari
  • Infinite loading bar when trying to display an unknown commit in Activity perspective
  • IntelliJ plug-in findings window was not updated after pre-commit upload

Version 5.7.7

Download Teamscale v5.7.7 (ZIP)
17th March, 2020


  • Incorrect parsing of local functions using lambda notation in C#
  • GitHub connector caused high load on GitHub server due to inefficient resolution of clone URL
  • Dashboard list service crashed in rare cases due to an invalid database entry
  • False positives for "Redundant parentheses" check in Python in case of tuple packing or unpacking
  • Jira users were not fetched correctly in Teamscale due to a recent change in Jira Cloud's API
  • False positives for "Calling equals()/toString() on array" check in Java
  • Selecting folders was not working in the findings view if the list of findings was filtered
  • Using declaration for local variables in C# causes false positives in dead-store analysis.
  • Using Gerrit with NoteDB backend caused long update times
  • < and > were not correctly displayed in findings messages


  • Improved performance when processing coverage reports

Version 5.7.6

Download Teamscale v5.7.6 (ZIP)
10th March, 2020


  • Memory leak in native Clang-based parser
  • Commits deleting/moving architectures were very slowly processed
  • ProjectCreationService failed silently without logging any errors
  • External reports uploaded via connectors were not processed if they contained file locations with invalid lines
  • "Expecting metric value for edited path" error in StructuringAnalysis
  • NumberFormatException when parsing OpenCover reports containing conditional entries
  • Edit, Duplicate and Delete buttons did not work in External Content Widget
  • False positives for "Assignment of a variable to itself" check in C#
  • Invalid diff was shown for broken clones
  • FxCop findings for generic types were not imported
  • Branch coverage information in LCOV and GCO reports were not processed

Version 5.7.5

Download Teamscale v5.7.5 (ZIP)
3rd March, 2020


  • Many rollbacks with SVN connectors
  • NullPointerException in ToggleFetchPreCommitResultsAction in the IntelliJ plug-in
  • False positives for "Do not shadow built-ins" check in Python when class and static methods with built-in functions had the same name
  • Auto-generated sibling findings in Simulink were not resolved when their corresponding original findings were resolved
  • Event log download did not work
  • False positives for "Unused variable" check in C# in case of string interpolation
  • Misleading error message when starting Teamscale on a LevelDB storage that was already being used by another Teamscale instance
  • Many rollbacks during initial analysis caused by merging of external uploads
  • File review button was always shown in grey color
  • Avatars were not displayed in Firefox 62.0
  • FxCop findings were not correctly imported
  • Review finding creation/resolution mistakenly required permission for external uploads
  • Red error page when using TGA treemap in branch merge delta analysis in some cases

Version 5.7.4

Download Teamscale v5.7.4 (ZIP)
25th February, 2020


  • OutOfMemoryError while processing multiple testwise coverage reports
  • Using declaration in C# caused false positives in dead-store analysis
  • Project selection in dashboards was lost when switching perspectives
  • User with 'User Manager' role could not create users
  • Sibling findings were not generated and linked correctly
  • Branch previewing failed for Artifactory servers with non-default Public Context Path
  • TsLintFindingsSynchronizer could block forever when TSLint process did not terminate
  • NullPointerException when uploading JaCoCo reports containing runtime-generated classes
  • FxCop findings were missing if they referred to same same whole file and their message were identical except for some numeric part
  • Task filter got lost when changing Teamscale perspective
  • Eclipse plug-in did not show deleted files for pre-commit analysis

Version 5.7.3

Download Teamscale v5.7.3 (ZIP)
18th February, 2020


  • Red error page was shown in activity perspective when scrolling down during rollback
  • Misleading errors were logged when new commits were pushed to a Bitbucket pull request while Teamscale was already trying to comment on it
  • Scroll position was lost when navigating away from the code view and back again
  • NullPointerException during Instance Comparison
  • LockFailedException in GerritChangeRetriever
  • Pagination in tasks perspective did not work properly
  • Some Simulink model links could not be loaded
  • "Parent not in commit tree" error in TFS connector
  • "Active users by project" chart in the System Information page was always empty
  • Slide list in Reports perspective sometimes had a horizontal scrollbar
  • False positives for "Parameter is never used" check in Java for methods with @Override annotation

Version 5.7.2

Download Teamscale v5.7.2 (ZIP)
11th February, 2020


  • Pre-Commit analysis did not work in Visual Studio plug-in
  • Coverage was not integrated when uploaded for branch with empty fork commit
  • False positives for "Unused variable" check when using string concatenation in switch/case statements
  • Export "All projects" checkbox on Backup view rendered with large left margin
  • Option "Hide Y axes" in Single Metric Trend Chart had no effect
  • Merge request voting was not working in some configurations with multiple connectors

Version 5.7.1

Download Teamscale v5.7.1 (ZIP)
4th February, 2020


  • Warning about outdated coverage information in code view showed inconsistent timestamps for last upload
  • System Information page did not show build hash and timestamp


  • Merge-request-based delta analysis now shows a Test Gap Treemap

Version 5.7.0

Download Teamscale v5.7.0 (ZIP)
28th January, 2020

Major Features

  • Line comments in GitLab Voting Connector

Integration in Repository Hosting Platforms

  • Findings badge has been added to the GitHub integration


  • The system-quality-overview-slide can now be manually overridden
  • Java fields with common testing annotations are no longer suggested as 'final' candidates
  • Wizard to set up a test coverage profiler for Java and Kotlin