# Changelog for Teamscale 7.1

Release Announcement

Check out the list of features and improvements for Teamscale 7.1.

REST XML Interface Removed (since Teamscale 7.0)

As of Teamscale 7.0, its REST XML interface (deprecated since Teamscale v6.0) has finally been removed. This affects only the legacy REST API; the new, versioned API is not affected. You have hence two options:

  • The preferred long-term solution is to migrate to the new, versioned REST API, i.e., to use REST endpoints like …/api/v7.0.0/….
  • A temporary solution is to keep using the legacy REST API but always send an Accept: application/json request header and accept JSON rather than XML responses. Note, however, that the legacy REST API will be deprecated and subsequently removed, too.
Changed Voting Behaviour for Bitbucket Server Integration (since Teamscale 6.7)

As of Teamscale 6.7, the Enable Voting option in the Bitbucket Server connector will only add the findings badge to the pull request description. Please enable the Enable pull request review option, if you want Teamscale to also review pull requests.

Changed Permissions when Using Docker Image (since Teamscale 6.3)

As of Teamscale 6.3, Teamscale is no longer executed as the root user in the Docker container, but as user teamscale (UID=1000). Please make sure to either allow this user to access the mounted directories and files or add a user mapping to your docker-compose file, e.g. user: technical-user, which refers to a user whose permissions should be mapped to teamscale.

Java 11 Required (since Teamscale 6.2)

As of Teamscale 6.2, running the Teamscale server requires a Java Runtime Environment, Version 11 or later.

Changed Resolving of Configuration Files (since Teamscale 6.0)
  • As of Teamscale 6.0, all configuration files are loaded using the same logic. In particular configuration files in the process working directory take precedence over ones in the Teamscale installation.
  • Relative paths specified in configuration files will always be resolved to the working directory. The working directory usually equals the installation directory unless explicitly changed.
  • Custom check JAR files can be deployed in a directory relative to the working directory and installation directory.
  • Searching for a Teamscale configuration file teamscale-config.properties in the installation root directory. Use the file teamscale.properties in one of the config directories.
  • Searching for a license in the installation root directory, or a directory specified by the Java system property teamscale.license.path is no longer supported. Use the environment variable TEAMSCALE_CONFIG to specify a separate configuration directory or pass the license using the TS_LICENSE environment variable if you cannot place the license in one of the config directories.
  • The administrative service to read and write configuration files via the Web API (config-files) has been removed.
Re-Analysis when Upgrading
  • When updating from 7.1.x, drop-in.
  • When updating from 7.0.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

# Version 7.1.5 latest

Download Teamscale v7.1.5 (ZIP)
20th July, 2021

# Fixes

  • Intellij Plugin: NullPointerException occurred when the store of server states was empty
  • Teamscale incorrectly analyzed the history of some SVN merges leading to endless content retriever crashes in very rare cases
  • Dashboards shared on project-level could not be accessed
  • TFS/Azure DevOps user-to-group assignments got lost after automatic group synchronization when internal IDs of groups changed
  • ESLintFindingsSynchronizer encountered errors for methods without an explicit return type
  • Architecture analysis was slow for PHP projects
  • GerritAnalysisResultUploadTrigger failed with different NullPointerExceptions when computing affected specification items
  • False positives for "Exception stacktrace is lost" check in case of string interpolation in C#
  • Task URLs in task notification mails were incorrect
  • NullPointerException in Simulink models with Demux blocks
  • Test coverage from Clover reports was assigned to wrong files in case multiple files in a project had the same name
  • Migration of TokenElementService caused NullPointerException in Teamscale Integration Plugin for Visual Studio
  • When Commit Granularity was enabled, files which were deleted on a feature branch were not always removed in a target branch after merge

# Version 7.1.4

Download Teamscale v7.1.4 (ZIP)
13th July, 2021

# Fixes

  • Intellij plug-in: ClassNotFoundException occurred at startup in IDE EAP version 2012.2
  • Some PyLint findings were missing in case they were imported via a backup from an older Teamscale version
  • False positives for "Each variable should be declared in a separate statement" check in TypeScript
  • False positives for "Declarations should be a part of a namespace" check in C++ for the main function
  • External credentials could not be created for connectors with SSH protocol
  • Project creation and update was slow when many projects with voting connectors existed on the instance
  • Findings with single token locations were sometimes filtered in the IDEs
  • Scheduler logged "Critical error during project discovery" errors

# Version 7.1.2

Download Teamscale v7.1.2 (ZIP)
29th June, 2021

# Fixes

  • The order of commits in the Merge Requests view was reversed
  • The list of projects configured with a particular analysis profile incorrectly displayed all available projects upon page update (or page refresh)
  • The treemap & trend dialog in the Test Gaps perspective didn't work in some cases
  • Navigating to the details of a merge request which no longer exists on the instance led to a JavaScript error instead of displaying a helpful message
  • NullPointerException in CppDefUseHeuristic when parsing C++ parameters
  • Certain Git structures could lead to missing file additions or deletions when using analysis granularity
  • False positives for "Array initialization" check when using designated array initializations in C++
  • False positives for "String interpolation argument number" check in Java
  • False positives for "Assignment of variable to itself" check in Swift
  • Querying custom fields for emptiness did not work in Spec Items view
  • GTest function names were not recognized correctly or handled consistently between test framework detection and impacted requirements
  • UI glitches in Verification Matrix
  • Adding a new spec item/issue metric was not reflected in the path picker directly
  • Potential execution errors during project configuration changes due to internal race condition.
  • Sometimes random services took way longer than usual to create a response
  • Debug rollback log always showed zero rolled back commits

# Improvements

  • Improved logging in PolarionSynchronizer for unresolved custom fields

# Version 7.1.1

Download Teamscale v7.1.1 (ZIP)
22nd June, 2021

# Fixes

  • Recreation of deleted repository connectors in project configuration led to incomplete analysis
  • Validation of a single project sometimes took longer than necessary for instances with many projects
  • Fatal error was encountered when Teamscale was forced to stop while processing external analysis results
  • Findings were removed from merge requests in some circumstances, e.g., when a finding was marked as excluded
  • Top-level files were not rendered as links in Architecture Editor view's Mapping list
  • The new C++ Hexadecimal Floating-Point literals were not correctly handled
  • The Changed Files view on Delta perspective showed an empty page after computing delta
  • False positives for "C# Naming Convention" check
  • Could not export a Metric Threshold Configuration due to wrong URL encoding
  • CSV export option was mistakenly shown in the TGA trend widget's action menu
  • Errors reported while importing Analysis Profiles for Simulink Model Advisor
  • Ratio metric deltas were not shown as percentage in System Quality Overview slide
  • Visual Studio Plugin: Pre-commit processing could not handle configuration files that were linked into a Visual Studio project
  • IntelliJ Plugin: NullpointerException during Pre-Commit when using SVN externals in a project

# Version 7.1.0

Download Teamscale v7.1.0 (ZIP)
15th June, 2021

# Major Features

  • New Test Reference Count and Coverage metrics for Spec Items
  • Improved Merge Requests page

# Merge Request Integration

  • Feedback is now provided in Gitlab as to why a finding-related discussion was resolved

# Web UI

  • Method history view is now reachable from the code view
  • Method history view now shows the tests executing the method
  • Compare view now provides an option to show line coverage

# Analysis & Tools

  • C# refactoring detection now includes type refactorings from and to var
  • Support for Lauterbach Trace32 coverage report

# Administration

  • New Artifactory option allowing filtering of archives per revision based on simple name