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Patch Releases for Teamscale 9.6

Version 9.6.4

Download Teamscale v9.6.4 (ZIP)
April 16th, 2024
sha256: dbe5fdf582cc0d348aa8207deeb3b6fa9f07a25798627075f15cd2e42efcb424


  • Table headers in System Quality Overview slide were misaligned
  • In the System Quality Overview slide the warning "This value has been manually changed" was incorrectly shown in some cases
  • Saving settings and importing backups sometimes took longer if configured SAP systems were unreachable
  • False positives for "Unauthorized Access Control Object" check for ABAP CDS
  • Opening the "Edit Jira Issue update configuration..." dialog was not possible after backup import if TGA annotations were enabled
  • Teamscale did not correctly consider the Enable Voting for Findings option when voting on Bitbucket Server pull requests
  • Merge Requests: Test gap treemap was vertically cropped on wide screens
  • Code search did not work for ABAP projects
  • Analysis Profiles: Clicking "Show undecided checks" did not reset the selected analysis group
  • Wrong branch name was shown in the parameter list of the Commit Details widget
  • False positives in naming convention check for static member variables in C++
  • Eclipse plugin: Configured Teamscale server was lost in some cases
  • Eclipse plugin: Pre-commit analysis did not update findings if Findings view was closed
  • Eclipse plugin: Highlight color of findings could not be changed via General > Appearance > Text Editors > Annotations
  • Macro expansion in Snippet Analysis did not work for Objective-C/C++
  • False positives for "Unused variable or parameter" check for discard variables with multiple underscores in C#
  • IntelliJ plugin: In case of multiple findings per line, hovering the editor gutter only showed one finding in the tooltip
  • Triggers were sometimes scheduled while their read stores were still written by predecessor commit triggers
  • OutOfMemoryError in AnalysisReportPersister (also see the note regarding the new cache in the update notices)
  • Commit entries in the Merge Requests detail view showed wrong state while loading


  • Added plugin for vim and NeoVim
  • Added documentation for usage of teamscale-dev with XCode
  • Improved check description for "Document usage of parallel stream" check

Version 9.6.3

Download Teamscale v9.6.3 (ZIP)
April 9th, 2024
sha256: 24773a6dec886d45d2d60c32f87125e27ade8006b762d00ae2b9ea715684048e


  • False positives for "Multiple statements in same line" check in Kotlin
  • NullPointerException while processing Cobertura reports without condition-coverage attribute
  • Binary literals in JavaScript were incorrectly parsed leading to false positive findings
  • NullPointerException during automatic ABAP archive pruning
  • Settings > Github Integration tab: "Show Repositories this App has Access to" button failed to retrieve the repositories in case of suspended app installations
  • False positives for "No Compatible Declaration" check for main functions for C/C++
  • Speedb database did not clean up files on compaction run
  • Architecture view: Action buttons were overflowing their boundaries in Safari
  • False positives for "Unused parameter" check in C/C++ when using maybe_unused annotation after variables
  • False positives for "Null pointer dereference" check in C/C++ when using parentheses around identifier
  • High memory consumption of null pointer analysis for large functions
  • Issue TGA: "All partitions" did not include new partitions in some cases
  • NullPointerException in Simulink output data type extraction
  • Test Execution Report Parsing: Parsing failed with NullPointerException in some cases


  • Added documentation regarding Qt Creator integration
  • Eclipse plug-in: Better loading times for findings markers in the presence of third-party plug-ins like ADT
  • Updated findings description for "Empty Blocks" check in C/C++
  • Better documentation for "Avoid using dynamics" check in OScript

Version 9.6.2

Download Teamscale v9.6.2 (ZIP)
April 2nd, 2024
sha256: a69f41d5231b0294e66af86feba1fddaf070484c265e7d1295dde683fb213c6e


  • False positives for "Multiple statements in single line" check in Kotlin
  • NullPointerException when executing "Unauthorized Access Control Object" check
  • Backup import failed if shadow mode was set via admin-settings.json
  • No validation errors occurred when selecting a non-existent default UI branch that has been transformed using branch transformation
  • Instance Comparison view rendered markdown characters
  • JiraIssueUpdatePostAnalysisTrigger failed with the error "No method with region (...) found" in some cases when multiple commits were pushed at the same time
  • Wrong authenticator was shown when editing a user
  • Jira Issue Connector: Default value of "Import only Items Changed After" imported more items than expected for large Jira projects
  • NumberFormatException when executing SwiftLint
  • Dashboard: Metric Scatter Plot widget failed to render when colors were defined in RGB format
  • Voting on Azure DevOps pull requests failed with ServiceCallException


  • Analysis Profiles: Improved description of "Apply for future commits" expert option
  • Reports: Improved error message when slide cannot be edited due to missing metrics

Version 9.6.1

Download Teamscale v9.6.1 (ZIP)
March 26th, 2024
sha256: 55e14ae090c2760d46a532f1f53450b372fbc5fe7cc3a78124ddf27c6b13e631


  • Backup import failed with ServiceCallException when importing projects using Bitbucket Cloud
  • OutOfMemoryError during architecture analysis
  • Metrics > Files view was cluttered due to the Abap metadata
  • Validation error was shown in Delta Parameters view, even after fixing the parameters
  • Deletion of automatically created S3 storage backend connector was possible in the Project Edit view
  • Dashboard: Commit chart user links were incorrect
  • Documentation: Links were not working due to a "Content Security Policy" error
  • Uploading very large reports could lead to OutOfMemoryError
  • Deleted Gitlab merge requests were not deleted in Teamscale
  • Backup import failed due to unknown internal project ID
  • Trend charts for test gaps and executions included trivial getters and setters
  • False negatives for "Multiple statements in same line" check for case blocks followed by break statements
  • Architecture Editor: Components loaded infinitely when moved for the first time

Version 9.6.0

Bug Fixes
  • 9.6.0 contains all fixes from previous versions released on and before March 19th, 2024
  • For brevity, only new features are included in the changelog
Download Teamscale v9.6.0 (ZIP)
March 19th, 2024
sha256: a442df81e8f907370c6331d5a748cf2a816f1ac37a40df672f0bdd2ec30a1a28