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Changelog for Teamscale 5.6

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here

Changed System Requirements

Update from Older Version

When updating from 5.5.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 5.6.8

Download Teamscale v5.6.8 (ZIP)
25th February, 2020


  • Simulink model compare service returned 400 Bad Request error

Version 5.6.7

Download Teamscale v5.6.7 (ZIP)
18th February, 2020


  • False positives for "Multiple statements in same line" check in Kotlin
  • Importing users or groups without the server settings being configured caused NullPointerException in Javascript
  • Switching projects in the Search perspective did not retain the search query
  • IllegalArgumentException prevented tooltip rendering in the IntelliJ plug-in
  • Fly-out navigation menu was sometimes not visible when the sidebar was collapsed
  • IntelliJ plug-in was incompatible with early access previews of IntelliJ 20.1
  • "Navigate to Issue" dialog did not display pre-selected aliased projects
  • Custom checks were searched for under the JVM working directory instead of TEAMSCALE_HOME

Version 5.6.6

Download Teamscale v5.6.6 (ZIP)
11th February, 2020


  • Validation errors when using CppCheck rules in analysis profile
  • Java streams were not supported by "Null pointer dereference" check
  • Task change history was not rendered correctly
  • Clone Compare view did not show finding markers
  • Worker Log export in support request was incomplete
  • Authentication picked Wrong certificate from SAML meta-data if non-signing certificate came first
  • ClassCastException when an SSH Private Key ID was accidentally configured for a Git repository using HTTP(S)
  • SvnChangeRetriever unnecessarily crawled tags folder
  • Reports created from another report didn't render correctly in View-mode
  • Eclipse/IntelliJ/NetBeans plugins did not show files for pre-commit against Teamscale server 5.4 or older
  • Misleading warnings in ExternalAnalysisResultsPersister: Missing value for file
  • Project chooser showed "(true)"-suffix for projects with same name

Version 5.6.5

Download Teamscale v5.6.5 (ZIP)
4th February, 2020


  • Buttons for flagging findings were shown when user had no permission to do so
  • Percentages for assessment deltas were incorrect in dashboard widgets and the report system overview slide
  • False positives in "Reassigned value of the method parameter check" check when a field's name was equal to a method name
  • Download link to C++ Redistributable contained in error message was invalid


  • When navigating from code to Simulink model the target block is now highlighted
  • Links to Simulink models that could not be resolved are now explicitly marked

Version 5.6.4

Download Teamscale v5.6.4 (ZIP)
28th January, 2020


  • ExternalAnalysisResultsUpdater was mistakenly logging errors about invalid line numbers
  • Scroll position was lost when navigating away from code view and back again
  • False positives for "Non-void function should return a value" check in C++ when a method definition uses trailing return type syntax


  • File-system connector restrictions now checked on validation
  • The names of referenced blocks for Simulink opaque libraries are now displayed

Version 5.6.3

Download Teamscale v5.6.3 (ZIP)
21st January, 2020


  • Error page in issue details had overflowing text and was not scrollable
  • "Project does not exist" error was shown when navigating from Test Gap Treemap for aliased project
  • Duplicate comments were sometimes added to Bitbucket's pull requests
  • Red error page was shown instead of field validation error during project creation
  • External upload with errors could not be deleted
  • Coverage sources in TGA widget options were always fetched from default branch
  • False positives for "Unused imports" check for Javadoc references
  • Voting on Bitbucket pull requests did not work


  • Cppcheck rules were updated to the latest version
  • Improved error message for validation errors in analysis profiles

Version 5.6.2

Download Teamscale v5.6.2 (ZIP)
14th January, 2020


  • Git clones could grow very large without explicit garbage collection
  • Auto-complete for Issue Metrics query proposed user names instead of user IDs
  • TGA Treemap showed misleading message about missing coverage uploads in case of no relevant code changes
  • No sibling information was shown for removed clone findings
  • Treemap was not displayed in the issue trend and treemap dialogs
  • False positives in "Incorrect JavaDoc tags" check when using @throws with fully-qualified exception names
  • False positives for "Empty blocks" check on empty Java annotations which do not require comments
  • "Analyzing first commit" message showed the project's ID instead of its display name
  • The findings summary bar chart was not sorted properly by count

Version 5.6.1

Download Teamscale v5.6.1 (ZIP)
7th January, 2020


  • Clang crashed due to missing JNI exception handling
  • Pasting images to the image slide repeatedly caused slowdown
  • Links in the Method History View to compare different method versions did not work
  • Trend text in the Findings Churn Widget was not displayed
  • Report did not open after creation via dialog
  • Report slide settings were not saved on rapid changes
  • Legend was not shown for trend charts in a report if only one metric was selected


  • New storage back-end based on H2's MVStore

Version 5.6.0

Download Teamscale v5.6.0 (ZIP)
17th December, 2019

Major Features

  • Azure DevOps Integration: New Git Voting Connector
  • Live preview of repository's files
  • Support for synchronization of finding exclusions between projects

Bitbucket Integration

  • Position of the findings badge in the pull request is now configurable.
  • Voting as a build status is now configurable

Web UI

  • Right sidebar is now collapsible
  • Projects perspective: Displaying which project is about to re-analyze after saving a project configuration
  • Method History view now indicates the currently selected baseline
  • Repository identifier is now shown in the initial "Teamscale Import" commit
  • Projects list view indicates which voting options have been enabled for each project if applicable

IDE Integration

  • Visual Studio Plug-in now supports pre-commit analysis for multiple files


  • Users view now supports paging and search
  • Commit entries in the log tables are now clickable
  • Execution view: Sorting of the "active workers" table