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Changelog for Teamscale 6.4

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here


Check out the Release Newsletter for Teamscale 6.4.

Changed permissions when running Teamscale in Docker

  • As of Teamscale 6.3, Teamscale is no longer executed as the root user in the Docker container, but as user teamscale (UID=1000). Please make sure to either allow this user to access the mounted directories and files or add a user mapping to your docker-compose file, e.g. user: technical-user, which refers to a user whose permissions should be mapped to teamscale.

Versions older than 4.0.0 are no longer supported

  • As of Teamscale 6.3, importing data from versions earlier than 4.0.0 is no longer supported

Changed System Requirements

  • As of Teamscale 6.2, running the Teamscale server requires a Java Runtime Environment, Version 11 or later.

Deprecated REST XML Interface

  • As of Teamscale 6.0, Teamscale's REST XML interface has been deprecated. Accordingly, any existing scripts should be migrated to the new public API.

Changed loading of configuration files and locating relative paths

  • As of Teamscale 6.0, all configuration files are loaded using the same logic. In particular configuration files in the process working directory take precedence over ones in the Teamscale installation.
  • Relative paths specified in configuration files will always be resolved to the working directory. The working directory usually equals the installation directory unless explicitly changed.
  • Custom check JAR files can be deployed in a directory relative to the working directory and installation directory.
  • Searching for a Teamscale configuration file in the installation root directory. Use the file in one of the config directories.
  • Searching for a license in the installation root directory or a directory specified by the Java system property teamscale.license.path is no longer supported. Use the environment variable TEAMSCALE_CONFIG to specify a separate configuration directory or pass the license using the TS_LICENSE environment variable if you cannot place the license in one of the config directories.
  • The administrative service to read and write configuration files via the Web API (config-files) has been removed.

Update from Older Version

  • When updating from 6.4.x, drop-in.
  • When updating from 6.3.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 6.4.10

Download Teamscale v6.4.10 (ZIP)
26th January, 2021


  • State of collapse buttons of the left and right sidebars was inconsistent in some cases
  • False positives for "Non-void function should return a value" check in C++
  • False positives for "Top-level class name" check in C++ when class names were preceded by namespaces
  • "Methods should not have arrays as arguments" check generated findings for main functions in C++
  • Right mouse click on a finding in the findings table did not open the context menu in IE 11


  • New option in "Do not declare anything in restricted namespaces" check to add allowed class template specializations (e.g. std::hash)

Version 6.4.9

Download Teamscale v6.4.9 (ZIP)
19th January, 2021


  • False positives for "Null pointer dereference" check in Java
  • PatternSyntaxException in "Own header should be included first" check if the file name contained regex symbols
  • Adding a code snippet to a task failed if a branch had been manually selected for the snippet
  • When updating an assessment, the architecture editor lost all matched types for a component if the component had the same name as the architecture
  • CMocka testsuites were ignored when uploading JUnit reports to Teamscale
  • Importing of identical external metric descriptions failed with an exception
  • IntelliJ plug-in: NullPointerException during IDE start up after update to IntelliJ 2020.3.1

Version 6.4.8

Download Teamscale v6.4.8 (ZIP)
12th January, 2021


  • The difference to baseline link in the Findings Detail view was never shown
  • The Issues metric page provided no way to add a new issue metric
  • Nesting Depth Assessment metric was incorrectly calculated in the presence of nested lambdas
  • FindingsTracker had very long run times
  • Lines with C++ macros were omitted in Line Coverage metric calculation

Version 6.4.7

Download Teamscale v6.4.7 (ZIP)
5th January, 2021


  • The Architecture Editor sometimes showed assessments even when showing them was disabled
  • The Architecture Editor did retrieve assessments multiple times for a single change of the model
  • Policy visibility in the Architecture Editor was not correct after setting a component to public
  • NullPointerException in Task Detail slide if the task contained a finding that was removed by file deletion
  • The layout of code snippets on the Task Detail slide was broken when using long titles
  • Users could not edit their own dashboards in some cases

Version 6.4.6

Download Teamscale v6.4.6 (ZIP)
29th December, 2020


  • The percentage values in the Test Gap Trend Chart widget sometimes did not add up to one hundred percent
  • Collapsing a component in the architecture editor created new policies instead of combining existing ones whenever possible
  • When expanding a collapsed component in the architecture editor, the policies were sometimes shown in the wrong position
  • Errors in some dashboard widgets due to missing metrics from the threshold profile

Version 6.4.5

Download Teamscale v6.4.5 (ZIP)
22nd December, 2020


  • Communication with Bitbucket servers failed if self-signed SSL certificates were used
  • Blacklisting too many findings for the same file caused Teamscale to allocate all system resources
  • Reimporting old reports sometimes led to a broken report editor
  • When creating reports from a template the owner property was not correctly set
  • Dashboards could not be deleted if they contained invalid JSON
  • The content of Issue Table widgets was rendered outside the bounds of its container
  • Legend in the Assessment Pie Chart widget was showing redundant 0 values
  • Searching for a type in the architecture editor did not correctly highlight collapsed components
  • Using the remove and control keys in the architecture editor's comment field affected the architecture components
  • Architecture editor did not remember the filter settings
  • OpenCover and Clover were not offered as available test coverage tools in the analysis profile configuration
  • SVN merges were not correctly recognized in rare cases, leading to stalled analysis progress
  • Merge Requests page showed a link to reconfigure the project even if the user did not have project edit permissions
  • Method length analysis for JavaScript code sometimes failed with a NullPointerException
  • Misaligned metric values in the Summary table in the right sidebar when viewing the code of a file
  • Misleading error message in case of an invalid default branch in a git-based repository connector
  • Artifactory connector sometimes incorrectly analyzed revisions that were older than the configured start revision


  • Improved performance in the report editor for reports with many slides

Version 6.4.4

Download Teamscale v6.4.4 (ZIP)
15th December, 2020


  • Re-importing unprocessed external upload sessions led to multiple rollbacks
  • Test coverage was not merged correctly in some cases
  • Test coverage which has been merged transitively across multiple branches led to a red error page in the Method History view
  • Binary files were analyzed if they were mistakenly included in the connector patterns
  • Preprocessed if-statements without curly braces in C/C++ sometimes caused errors in the DataFlowFindingsSynchronizer
  • The Hide and Show settings in the architecture editor were not applied to collapsed components
  • The focus of a component in the architecture editor was lost on selecting a policy
  • False positives for Redundant parentheses check in Python
  • Creating a project via a service call without specifying the commit-analysis granularity was no longer possible
  • Architectures with spaces in their names could not be imported
  • Some dashboards could not be imported
  • Editing a task set its last updated timestamp to zero


  • The architecture editor's Exclude component option now has search-and-type functionality
  • The performance of regex validation in the architecture editor has been improved

Version 6.4.3

Download Teamscale v6.4.3 (ZIP)
8th December, 2020


  • Findings perspective could not be opened in some cases
  • Architecture analysis did not consider dynamic ES6 imports
  • Excluded component mappings were not updated after renaming architecture components
  • Excluded component entries were not sorted
  • Affected lines for architecture findings were not shown in the finding details view
  • An architecture-overlap warning was sometimes mistakenly displayed
  • Validation of architecture component names was overly restrictive
  • Architectures were not saved in case only a comment of a component was changed
  • Hide/Show state was inconsistent after switching to edit mode in the architecture editor
  • False positives in long method analysis in JavaScript
  • False positives for "C++ naming conventions" check for constructor declarations
  • Task status filter got stuck in an inactive state once all statuses were unchecked
  • LDAP group members were lost after a sync of the group.
  • CheckProcessor errors when analyzing ABAP code
  • Initial dashboards created while creating a project did not use the provided alias leading to errors
  • IntelliJ plug-in: The Project Mappings Settings page did not work due to an AssertionError
  • NetBeans plug-in did not show Teamscale's settings page in the properties of Gradle projects


  • IntelliJ and NetBeans plug-ins are now disabled for new projects by default to avoid redundant notifications

Version 6.4.2

Download Teamscale v6.4.2 (ZIP)
1st December, 2020


  • Repeated line comments for structure findings whose associated metric details had changed
  • Testwise coverage was not shown when opening a file via an architecture path
  • False positives for "Avoid using c-style arrays in C++" check flagging char[] used for string constants
  • False positives for "Avoid conditional expressions of the form if (true..." checks in case of complex expressions
  • Connector option Ignore Yellow Findings For Comments did not have any effect
  • Switching default branches in Git connectors could lead to unwanted side effects and missing commits
  • Creating an external upload session based on a Git revision failed in case of missing credentials
  • ESLintFindingsSynchronizer failed with ESLint could not find plugin message when using custom ESLint configuration
  • NullPointerException when parsing Simulink models with unsupported port types
  • Scheduled maintenance triggers were skipped when Teamscale was under high load


Version 6.4.1

Download Teamscale v6.4.1 (ZIP)
24th November, 2020


  • Rollbacks occurred due to write overlap
  • Trends in the Issues page started on January 1st 1970
  • Single Metric Trend Chart widgets showed no trend
  • False positives for "Statements in Conditional Expression are equal" check for C/C++ in case of macro expansions
  • Upload dates for external data changed in case of reanalyses or rollbacks
  • Changes to the field Finding Creation in the architecture editor were sometimes overwritten
  • The font size of block quotes in task descriptions was too big
  • User or group filter dropdowns in the Activity perspective were initially empty
  • Sorting the table in the Files page in the Test Gaps perspective did not work

Version 6.4.0

Download Teamscale v6.4.0 (ZIP)
17th November, 2020

Major Features

  • Analysis granularity configuration
  • Support for importing SonarQube Quality Profiles (Java, JavaScript, Kotlin and PHP)
  • Test Gaps perspective: New Unlinked Changes page showing changes with test gaps, which are not linked to any issue

Web UI

  • Code view: Line coverage can now be filtered by partitions
  • Activity perspective: New detail view for test coverage upload commits
  • Activity perspective: Commits can now be filtered using the text in commit messages
  • Baselines can now be added or edited directly from the widget settings dialog
  • New toggle to hide default or unused profiles in the Analysis Profiles page

Architecture Editor

  • Sub-components can now be collapsed
  • Ability to sort the mappings list either lexicographically or based on the number of matches

SAML Integration

  • Support for encrypted assertions and generating metadata XML for IdP
  • New option to specify SAML IdP metadata via URL
  • Improved error messages in case of SAML authentication issues

Languages and Tools

  • JavaScript/TypeScript analysis: Support for .jsx and .tsx file extensions
  • C/C++: Any preprocessor directives can now be used in the default-directives box in the analysis profile
  • Simulink Model Advisor: Findings are now generated for failed analyses from the report
  • Simulink Model Advisor: Support for some legacy checks
  • SAP integration: Coverage from SAP tests can now be retrieved per test

New Checks

  • "Comments should not contain nested comments" check (Objective-C & Python)


  • New analysis profile option allowing Clang-Tidy C++ checks to be executed for C code as well
  • Ability to export analysis profiles, project configurations, dashboards and threshold profiles in JSON format