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Changelog for Teamscale 5.0

Newer Release Available

Our current release is available here

Changed System Requirements

  • As of Teamscale 4.9, a Java Runtime Environment with Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy is required. Updating your JRE may be necessary.

Update from Older Version

When updating from 4.9.x or earlier, a full re-analysis via backup is required.

Version 5.0.13

Download Teamscale v5.0.13 (ZIP)
16th July, 2019


  • False positives for "Missing type declaration" check for C++
  • Deleting issue queries with # in their names was not possible

Version 5.0.12

Download Teamscale v5.0.12 (ZIP)
9th July, 2019


  • Duplicate headers in Bitbucket commit vote led to bad requests to the Bitbucket API

Version 5.0.11

Download Teamscale v5.0.11 (ZIP)
25th June, 2019


  • Improved performance of treemap service
  • Option to skip the check for collaborators during the creation of projects using the GitHub connector

Version 5.0.10

Download Teamscale v5.0.10 (ZIP)
18th June, 2019


  • Missing Gerrit votes in rare cases
  • Duplicate comments for findings in Gerrit voting when using Artifactory imports


  • Improved performance of architecture overview page

Version 5.0.9

Download Teamscale v5.0.9 (ZIP)
11th June, 2019


  • Worker status occasionally disappeared from Execution Status view when deleting/re-analyzing projects
  • Artifactory connector could not read ZIP files larger than 1 GB
  • Clang parser crashed while parsing reports ending with a files section
  • Teamscale didn't include commits at the project's end timestamp in the analysis
  • Roslyn report parser caused errors for some rule IDs
  • False positives for "Missing interface comment" check in Python for Unicode multiline strings
  • False positives for "Missing authority" check for ABAP RFC Function modules


  • Improved performance of report parser
  • New option to disable automatic creation of webhooks for repository hosting services

Version 5.0.8

Download Teamscale v5.0.8 (ZIP)
4th June, 2019


  • False-positive for "multiple statements in same line" check on ABAP Kettensatz statements
  • Revision information was not correctly displayed in the timetravel dialog's repository selection subdialog

Version 5.0.7

Download Teamscale v5.0.7 (ZIP)
28th May, 2019


  • Missing coverage and execution data for ABAP's function group (FUGR) elements
  • Incorrect finding count metrics
  • Artifactory connector crashed if non-existing commit hashes were referenced from Artifactory
  • IllegalArgumentException when parsing JUnit reports containing slashes in the class-name field
  • NullPointerException when parsing JUnit reports not containing the elapsed time field
  • Entries in the finding export dropdown menu were hard to click
  • C# parser failed to handle interpolated C# verbatim strings that also include further strings
  • Off-center assessment indicator in resized pie chart widgets
  • Upward navigation in test perspective sometimes showed no data
  • False positives for "statements in conditional expression are equal" check with C macros
  • False positives for "multiple statements in same line" check for Cobol CASE statements
  • Service for adding custom descriptors for Roslyn findings crashed during permission check
  • Gitlab connector did not validate correctly
  • Tooltip of query-syntax instructions in issues perspective was hidden

Version 5.0.6

Download Teamscale v5.0.6 (ZIP)
21st May, 2019


  • Artifactory connector did not correctly resolve referenced connectors
  • Repository changes view in Delta Perspective did not show merged findings
  • Analysis progress message was duplicated in dashboard perspective
  • Eclipse-Plugin: Findings view did not show all findings
  • Error page when saving a project after editing it
  • Revision tool-tip in Code Compare view did not correctly display the revision date
  • External uploads after fork with non-code changes did not work (no matching files found)
  • NullPointerException in IntegrateImportedAnalysisResultsTrigger when uploading PCLint report with invalid findings
  • Configuring a TFS Authorization Server with a wrong account resulted in a NullPointerException
  • StackOverflowError in ContentIndexSynchronizer while parsing a JavaScript file
  • False positives for "Unused private methods" check
  • False positives for "Avoid using c-style casts" check

Version 5.0.5

Download Teamscale v5.0.5 (ZIP)
14th May, 2019


  • Issue Details Page link to Aggregate Code Changes was incorrect
  • Branch selector did not preserve casing of main branch name (always used lowercase)
  • IllegalStateException in FindingsTracker: Duplicate key...
  • Code snippet in findings detail view not large enough for long findings in Safari and Chrome
  • Code snippet in findings detail view did not expand
  • "Multiple statements in single line" finding was reported for enum literals
  • Assessments metrics were always green for Structured Text stored in XML files
  • AssertionError in CheckProcessor and CommentAnalysis: May not add entity to multiple parents
  • TGA treemap service created invalid JSON for C++ literal operators
  • Task-edit notification mail contained link that did not work for aliased project

Version 5.0.4

Download Teamscale v5.0.4 (ZIP)
7th May, 2019


  • Redundant literal analysis was enabled by default
  • Renaming a group didn't change the group's name and created a new group instead
  • Finding severity in analysis profile could not be set back to AUTO once it was changed to another value
  • Unclear wording of permission "Edit Exclusion for Red Findings"
  • Eclipse Plugin: Error log entries were logged for deleted files
  • Eclipse Plugin: Incompatibility with ABAP Development Tools with version 3.0.0 or newer
  • IntelliJ Plugin: NullPointerException when only unchanged files were selected for pre-commit upload

Version 5.0.3

Download Teamscale v5.0.3 (ZIP)
30th April, 2019


  • Some file deletions were missed in projects with path transformation and multiple repositories or external uploads
  • StackOverflowError when parsing template methods in TypeScript
  • Branch lines for fork commit in Activity perspective were rendered discontinuously
  • Enum literals in C were incorrectly marked as coverable
  • False positives in check for forbidden math functions from tgmath.h
  • Error in data-flow analyses on parameter types starting with the scope resolution operator (:😃
  • False positive in "implicit call to toString()" check in case of multiple method calls in one statement
  • Error in Java data-flow analysis on annotations in generics on method parameter
  • Fetching baselines in Eclipse plug-in failed for aliased projects
  • CSV export produced invalid CSV in case of multi-line finding messages
  • Kotlin coverage did not respect lambda-style method declarations
  • StackOverflowError in "Avoid ignoring method results of immutable BigDecimal and BigInteger methods" check
  • Could not delete code mapping from architecture component
  • Path link in dashboard widgets did not work
  • NumberFormatException when opening Simulink model in Metrics perspective
  • Stateflow chart icon on chart blocks now matches the MATLAB icon
  • Incorrect warning messages from ABAP taint analysis ("duplicate variable declaration")


  • New option to disable retrieval of ABAP modifications

Version 5.0.2

Download Teamscale v5.0.2 (ZIP)
23rd April, 2019


  • Possible NPE in scheduler if workers went down
  • RocksDB backend crashed under windows
  • Metric Table Widget: Metric descriptions in tooltips were incorrect
  • Incorrect method-based metric aggregation in case the code file contained lambdas
  • Empty block check produced false positive for empty byte array used in lambda
  • False positives in "Avoid usage of implicit int" check in C++ files
  • GitHub connector did not find all repositories for large organizations
  • Copy project action did not work directly for aliased projects

Version 5.0.1

Download Teamscale v5.0.1 (ZIP)
15th April, 2019


  • ConcurrentModificationException in cloud version
  • Backup export of single project failed
  • Simulink: LCONN and RCONN ports were not handled
  • On outdated ABAP coverage, a stalled SCOV is now restarted
  • Path-name filtering in UI elements (e.g., Test Gap Treemap widget) could not distinguish folder names sharing a prefix
  • Scaling issues in kiosk view of dashboard
  • Inconsistent layout in activity perspective


  • Visual Studio plugin is now compatible with Visual Studio 2019

Version 5.0.0

Download Teamscale v5.0.0 (ZIP)
9th April, 2019

Major Features

  • Design overhaul for Activity perspective
  • Cross-Annotation execution in Method History View
  • Branch classification in branch selector

Web Interface

  • Activity Perspective: Findings marked as tolerated or false positive are indicated in the commit details
  • Activity Perspective: Commits can be filtered by user groups
  • Architecture Perspective: Dependencies can be sorted by policies in Architecture Editor
  • Tests perspective: New issues filter to filter unchanged or uncovered issues
  • Code view: Ability to download an anonymized version of the code files
  • Compare view now supports case-insensitive languages

Findings Perspective

  • New 'Add All to Task'-Button adds the finding and all of its siblings to a task
  • CSV Findings export now contains the findings' type

Issues Perspective

  • Entries in the issue query auto completion are now sorted
  • New issue query syntax-help dialog

IDE Integration

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Pre-Commit Dialog now checks for violated upload limits
  • Eclipse plug-in: "Fetch Pre-Commit Results" toggle allows to freely switch between pre-commit and upstream findings


  • Support for SpotBugs reports (update of FindBugs report interface)
  • Ability to copy projects


  • Architecture analysis support for intermediary types in call chains (analysis-profile option)
  • Stalled SCOV process are now detected and logged as warnings

Built-in checks

  • C/C++
    • Check for MISRA rule 8.4: "A compatible declaration shall be visible with external linkage"
  • Java
    • Avoid calling "Thread.sleep" inside test methods check
    • Avoid insecure SHA-1 and Message-Digest hash algorithms check
    • Avoid creating SimpleDateFormat objects without specifying the Locale check
    • Avoid using threads for Java EE containers check
  • C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Rust & Swift
    • Avoid variable assignment to itself check