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Patch Releases for Teamscale 9.4

Version 9.4.14

Download Teamscale v9.4.14 (ZIP)
April 16th, 2024
sha256: 30b203a8785f5335fa6b877ebc8261e1539eaa38d8dcf103480b2e09248685fb


  • Triggers were sometimes scheduled while their read stores were still written by predecessor commit triggers
  • OutOfMemoryError in AnalysisReportPersister (also see the note regarding the new cache in the update notices)
  • Commit entries in the Merge Requests detail view showed wrong state while loading

Version 9.4.13

Download Teamscale v9.4.13 (ZIP)
April 9th, 2024
sha256: a61401fc76b5fb750e991e6854c975e4504efa374b32fea080a731176a95360f


  • False positives for "Unused parameter" check in C/C++ when using maybe_unused annotation after variables
  • False positives for "Null pointer dereference" check in C/C++ when using parentheses around identifier
  • High memory consumption of null pointer analysis for large functions
  • Issue TGA: "All partitions" did not include new partitions in some cases
  • NullPointerException in Simulink output data type extraction
  • Test Execution Report Parsing: Parsing failed with NullPointerException in some cases

Version 9.4.12

Download Teamscale v9.4.12 (ZIP)
April 2nd, 2024
sha256: 23521e0ae17c61723be35c00466f67c217c43efb57554cfeec6353dd09247ab1


  • Dashboard: Metric Scatter Plot widget failed to render when colors were defined in RGB format
  • Voting on Azure DevOps pull requests failed with ServiceCallException

Version 9.4.11

Download Teamscale v9.4.11 (ZIP)
March 26th, 2024
sha256: f87b863e05d05db57425fb3158eb2d40c5ed828472d3f08f63913f94b832b536


  • Backup import failed due to unknown internal project ID
  • Trend charts for test gaps and executions included trivial getters and setters
  • False negatives for "Multiple statements in same line" check for case blocks followed by break statements
  • Architecture Editor: Components loaded infinitely when moved for the first time

Version 9.4.10

Download Teamscale v9.4.10 (ZIP)
March 19th, 2024
sha256: 2723d6dbf419316f2672e78bd84fe73976177fd9d331e1a61192397d79c4408a


  • False positives for "Multiple statements in same line" check in C/C++ when using Windows data types with const
  • Simulink finding tooltips showed "\n" on block names with line breaks
  • False positives for "Unused variable or parameter" check in C when using pointer aliasing
  • Scrolling did not work in the "Projects using analysis profile" dialog
  • False positives for "Null pointer dereference" check when null assertion had parentheses around the identifier


  • Backup import now considers the project's public ID to determine if the project already exists
  • Improved processing speed of C/C++ preprocessor directives from analysis profile

Version 9.4.9

Download Teamscale v9.4.9 (ZIP)
March 12th, 2024
sha256: 69d22ee4df8a6e3c221e0305555cee9de48d258ca79d195ef0eebf8617eb6449


  • Python: match and case methods were not parsed correctly
  • Subversion: Initial commit of a branch was sometimes not detected as a fork commit
  • Visual Studio plugin: Setting Enable Automatic Pre-Commit Analyses did not persist through restarts
  • Specification Items tab on details view was not visible for "No empty required fields" check
  • False negatives for "Hard-coded password" check for variable paswd
  • Swift: do and catch keywords were not parsed correctly
  • Objective-C++ parser erroneously parsed code starting with [[ as C++ annotations
  • ABAP parser erroneously reported backslashes as illegal characters


  • Additional documentation for several issue trackers (Jazz, Azure DevOps, GitHub (non-app))

Version 9.4.8

Download Teamscale v9.4.8 (ZIP)
March 5th, 2024
sha256: 3c5032370bc8ece29c58e78ab22f16db37f7e0113cce54eec29f0cf560b44d3d


  • Incremental Artifactory scans were handled like full scans
  • Test Selection view: Updating the test budget via the slider did not update the respective text input field
  • Merge Requests view: Exception when trying to sort merge requests by number of findings
  • Project Configuration view: Unhelpful icon was shown for initial analysis
  • Merge requests details view sometimes only displayed a null error while the project was analyzing
  • Line comments were not added to GitHub pull requests if the Enable Voting for Findings option was enabled in the project
  • Authentication via access key was case sensitive

Version 9.4.7

Download Teamscale v9.4.7 (ZIP)
February 27th, 2024
sha256: 76351971eef2983c464d6ba3e62bdadbd5095ee1d9a207af87f482eb4ef7b174


  • Reporting: "All" partition selection was not correctly restored for Test Gap Treemap slides
  • declare module in TypeScript was considered coverable
  • False positives for "Avoid using ternary operator" check for ternary operators generated by macros
  • Pre-commits during a rollback could lead to no further pre-commits being processed
  • Simulink: Data type logical was not handled correctly
  • NullPointerException in RepositoryLogListingService
  • JiraIssueUpdatePostAnalysisTrigger failed with 400 Bad Request
  • No alerts were created for inconsistent modification of cross-component clones
  • External uploads of projects were dropped during backup import in some cases, even for projects that were not imported
  • C/C++: AssertionError when Clang could not parse inc/inl files

Version 9.4.6

Download Teamscale v9.4.6 (ZIP)
February 20th, 2024
sha256: 314ecc2ae2fa45960870caad31fbef734952508014408387c11aa705369f88be


  • JavaScript error in Findings Churn view when using filter toggles
  • Backup import failed with Class name not allowed during deserialization after rename: org.conqat.engine.index.shared.ProjectIdBase
  • Metrics view sometimes showed outdated data when navigating back from the Test Detail view
  • Reporting: Issue bar chart showed unexpected chart controls
  • Segmentation fault when executing SwiftLint
  • NullPointerException in ObjcComparisonAssertionCheck
  • Delta view: Some compare links did not work as expected
  • Content of the time picker dialog overflowed its boundaries
  • Eclipse plugin: NullPointerException when fetching findings while debugging ABAP code
  • Eclipse plugin: Multiple ABAP object types were not supported
  • Codebeamer: Enhanced configuration of tracker item types
  • Check Explorer: Languages and tools could not be filtered without removing them from the analysis profile at the same time
  • Reporting: Slides with bar and trend charts were rendered too small in the Presenter mode
  • False positives in "Interface comment completeness" check in Swift when using override
  • False positives in "Interface comment completeness" check in Swift when using annotations with parameters
  • False positives in "Null pointer dereference" check for C#
  • False positives in "empty_structure" check from ABAPLint
  • False negatives for "Unused variable or parameter" check
  • Analysis Profile editor: Clicking on checks did not automatically select the analysis group
  • Merge Requests view: Findings which are excluded from voting (via project option Vote Exclude Patterns) could not be distinguished from other findings in the UI
  • Superfluous errors about overly long finding messages in ClangTidySynchronizer
  • VotingException for GitLab merge request target branches that were vote-excluded


  • New "Avoid negative formulations" check for specification items
  • Added documentation for the Git Automatic Garbage Collection server setting

Version 9.4.5

Download Teamscale v9.4.5 (ZIP)
February 13th, 2024
sha256: d9421cee82e4f0d283bb66b327446fdac38fc5876f6035a1c619a4c3535794c3


  • False positives for "Division by zero" check when defining regex with literal slash syntax for Swift
  • IntelliJ Plugin: Teamscale menu entry was missing
  • Available Tests view: Duration field lost focus when typing
  • System perspective: Loading indicator was not shown when fetching worker logs
  • SwiftLint's line length configuration was ignored
  • NullPointerException when using the files or branches preview button for GitHub or Bitbucket Cloud connectors
  • Method compare view: Code selection was not scrolled into view
  • Test Gaps > Files view did not load more than 500 entries
  • Pagination in Metrics perspective was broken


  • Improved Check Explorer performance
  • Extended error message with resolution steps, when Jira returns empty project list

Version 9.4.4

Download Teamscale v9.4.4 (ZIP)
February 6th, 2024
sha256: ccbcb0de90502a26f509c1a3409765d72e25aeef3790abf881b21de839ddfc23


  • ClassNotFoundException when reading ProjectNotificationRuleIndex
  • Polarion connector was not able to verify "Space" names if they were empty
  • Analysis profile view name in Version Compare View was now shown
  • Task edit view did not show the assignee after selecting them
  • Architecture Editor showed an error when the user who created the architecture no longer existed
  • JetBrains IDEs, Eclipse plugin: No findings were shown if the user switched too quickly between different files
  • Example labels in Instance Comparison view were wrong
  • NullPointerException in MergedRevisionFilter
  • Quality Control Reports could not be edited or used as template in rare cases
  • "Long File" findings were generated for specification items
  • False positives for "No write access to SAP standard tables" check for ABAP
  • Branch chooser was visible in the simple search, even though it had no effect


  • Improved performance for retrieving specification item metrics
  • New "Avoid Indefinite Temporal Dependencies" check for specification items

Version 9.4.3

Download Teamscale v9.4.3 (ZIP)
January 30th, 2024
sha256: 84e40753f45a1ed3a65f4bd7c1ad228382e4f5a8dbb848acecf64e736e53b10f


  • codebeamer: Descriptions of specification items were not formatted correctly
  • Duplicated findings for "Entry versus propagation of signal labels" check for branched signals for Simulink
  • Visual Studio Code plugin: "Teamscale: Open in Web UI" raised error if executed via the command palette
  • Instance Comparison: Example redirection failed if the other snapshot was an external upload with a custom name
  • Issues: "All partitions" did not include new partitions in some cases
  • Some constructs and variables were turning bold and green when hovering over them in the code view
  • Swift attributes with direct assignments were not considered as coverable
  • Test gap analysis for Swift did not consider/display/show all relevant methods
  • Pre-commits during a rollback could lead to no further pre-commits being processed
  • False positives for "Assignment of a variable to itself" check for Objective-C
  • Some problems arising in triggers due to "[...] could not find actual commit" were categorized as FATAL instead of as ERROR
  • Partial merges in SVN were not handled correctly
  • False negatives for "Control flow depending on system variable (SY-...)" check for ABAP
  • Specification item checks: Some finding messages were inconsistent or contained redundant information


  • Performance improvements for Architecture Editor
  • Analysis Profiles list: Removed superfluous button for unused analysis profiles
  • New "Avoid Vague Pronouns" check for Natural Language Requirements

Version 9.4.2

Download Teamscale v9.4.2 (ZIP)
January 23rd, 2024
sha256: 20c7d8d407aa415ae96d42cf2f63a993c56b5db9d4b2655b6d154f4b53cb6b64


  • Statuses of imported Jira issues were incorrect in some cases
  • Bullseye Coverage Reports: Coverage for if-statement branches was not added from the reports in some cases
  • Affected file change type was displayed incorrectly when integrating external coverage data from Artifactory/S3
  • Possible rollback loop when using S3 connector
  • Worker Log: Fatal and errors log level filter had misleading label "Errors"
  • Debug dumps could not be created when using branch transformations
  • False positives for "Abstract types should not have constructors" check for non-public constructors for C#
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException in data flow analyses when if-body ended with pragma for C/C++
  • Ambiguous mappings between test implementations and test executions were not handled correctly
  • Instance Comparison: Upload of external snapshots were failing with some non-code connectors
  • Using Xodus with very large stores could make the UI become temporarily inconsistent
  • Missing metrics in the Check Explorer
  • Re-importing a deleted project did not work with Xodus
  • Creation and update of Bitbucket Server webhooks did not work
  • Check Explorer: For some check options, Unknown was shown instead of the option's value
  • Check Explorer: Input fields were not interactable and did not reveal their full content in read-only mode
  • False positives for "No write to standard tables" check when using MODIFY ENTITY short form in ABAP EMF
  • Analysis profile list table overflowed in Safari for long project names
  • Admin > Users: Import button of users/groups failed with JavaScript error
  • NullPointerException in SwiftLintRunner
  • "Quality Goal Settings" filter was not changeable after switching between perspectives


  • FindingsTracker: Improved performance
  • Reporting: Improved performance of loading report list
  • Project Configuration > External Findings: Improved performance for loading the view

Version 9.4.1

Download Teamscale v9.4.1 (ZIP)
January 16th, 2024
sha256: 4bed446bbacf6af8929be983b056626b119023622fb988cebc4e5ae612e60475


  • Test Selection view: Ranking did not yield a result when tests were selected from multiple partitions
  • Metrics > Tests view: In some cases an invalid path was chosen when switching between basic filter and query language
  • Finding tooltips in code view did not show line numbers
  • Eclipse plugin: Updating findings did not work for ABAP code
  • Metrics perspective showed "N/A" for some metric values of specification items
  • Teamscale used .gitconfig files from the user directory and system profile, leading to unexpected behavior in some cases


  • If a project has role assignments from alternative project IDs, those are now displayed in a separate table
  • Improved findings tracking
  • "Legacy string concatenation" check for ABAP now allows && for multiline strings

Version 9.4.0

Bug Fixes
  • 9.4.0 contains all fixes from previous versions released on and before January 9th, 2024
  • For brevity, only new features are included in the changelog
Download Teamscale v9.4.0 (ZIP)
January 9th, 2024
sha256: 1b7f53cdd8f1bef10c39f3431075274aae3ea1b2edd86493adb14224267ac086