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Teamscale Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

Teamscale Support

Unless agreed on otherwise, CQSE GmbH provides support for Teamscale according to the following terms:

  • Support requests are answered during business hours between 9am and 5pm (Central European Time).
  • The following support channels can be used:
  • We guarantee a response to any request within 1 work day.
  • Support services are provided in Germany and are hence subject to German holidays.
  • Support requests may be stated in either English or German language.

Cloud Instance Availability

For the cloud instances of Teamscale hosted by CQSE GmbH, we guarantee a Monthly Uptime Percentage of the web UI of at least 99% of the time in any calendar month.

The following definitions apply:

  • Downtime means that multiple different service end-points or sub-pages are not reachable anymore.
  • Monthly Uptime Percentage is measured as total number of minutes in a calendar month minus the number of minutes of Downtime suffered in a calendar month, divided by the total number of minutes in a calendar month.
  • Service end-points denotes any valid HTTP calls against the Teamscale instance.

Service Credits

Should the Monthly Uptime Percentage be lower than the guaranteed value, the customer obtains Service Credits according to the following table:

Monthly Uptime PercentageDays of Service added to the end of the Service term, at no charge to Customer
< 99% - >= 95%3
< 95% - >= 80%7
< 80%15

In order to receive any of the Service Credits described above, Customer must notify CQSE GmbH within thirty days from the time Customer becomes eligible to receive a Service Credit. Failure to comply with this requirement will forfeit Customer's right to receive a Service Credit. For Customers who ordered Services from a Reseller, Customer will receive applicable Service Credit from Reseller on behalf of CQSE.


The following cases are explicitly excluded from the calculation of the Monthly Uptime Percentage:

  • Maintenance windows that were communicated in advance
  • Downtime caused by factors described in the Force Majeure section of the Subscription Agreement
  • Downtime caused by misconfiguration or service misuse by the customer

The availability of the Teamscale instance also does not guarantee the latest analysis results to be available at any time, as history analysis, rollbacks and delays in the analysis may cause results to lag behind the current development status. If you are unsure about the status of your instance or need help to find a suitable configuration, please contact our support team.

Termination of Contract

In the unlikely event that CQSE GmbH fails to reach the guaranteed Monthly Uptime Percentage, as specified above, for three consecutive months, the customer has the right to cancel the license contract giving only one month's notice. The customer will still be required to pay for the service to the end of that specific month.

Escalation Path

In the unfortunate event that you are not happy with the performance of our support team, feel free to contact either your personal account manager or use the email address to give your cause even higher priority.