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Uploading Test Coverage to Teamscale

In order to use the Test Gap analysis, you’ll need to upload test coverage to Teamscale. There are multiple options on how to upload the test coverage depending on the use case. Under the hood they all use the same set of REST APIs.

Our list of recommended test coverage tools is a good starting point for selecting a tool that best fits your particular needs.

For Java, Javascript and C# we have more detailed instructions under "Setting Up Test Coverage Profiling".

Manual upload

For most coverage profilers (e.g. JaCoCo, gcov, dotCover, IstanbulJS or, the resulting coverage files can simply be uploaded via Teamscale's Web UI. We recommend doing so to inspect the results before automating the upload. See Manual Report Upload for how to do this.

Uploading from Scripts and CI pipelines

In a production setup you will want to automatically upload the coverage from within your CI pipeline. For most use-cases the easiest solution is to simply upload the coverage reports via our command line utility.

Uploading from Jenkins

For Jenkins users we also have a plugin that provides an "after build step" to do the upload. For detailed instructions please see the Jenkins plugin page.